Thursday, October 26, 2006


Let's continue with the forgotten Brunei-Sarawak-Brunei-Sarawak-Sabah story :D

The route requires several border crossing with several check points for custom and passport and immigration check. Our passports are very "colourful" at the end of the day. "Chop-chop" here and there. Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei) --> Kuala Lurah(Sarawak) --> Limbang --> Kampung Puni (Sarawak) --> Bangar (Brunei) --> Temburong.

There are two rivers along the route, and the only way to cross the rivers is via ferry rides. The first ferry ride was at Kampung Puni, located between the border of Sarawak and Brunei.
This is the shortest ferry ride I ever had !! Look at the distance. And the fare is not cheap. RM8 for such a short distance ferry ride. Really feel like kenak ripped off :P

After crossing the river via ferry at Puni. We were now back in Brunei again - in Bangar, Temburong District.

This is the second ferry ride was in Trusan, located in between Labu, Temburong district (Brunei) and Trusan (Sarawak). The second ferry ride costed us RM 10.

We continued with our journey from Labu(Brunei) to Trusan(Sarawak) --> Lawas --> Merapok(Sarawak) --> Sindumin(Sabah) --> Sipitang --> Beaufort --> Papar --> Kota Kinabalu.

This is summary of the route we took and the town we stopped or passed by throughout the whole journey. Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei) --> Kuala Lurah(Sarawak) --> Limbang --> Kampung Puni (Sarawak) --> Bangar (Brunei, Temburong District) --> Labu(Brunei) --> Trusan(Sarawak) --> Lawas --> Merapok(Sarawak) --> Sindumin(Sabah) --> Sipitang --> Beaufort --> Papar --> Kota Kinabalu.


Cocka Doodle said...

first ! first ! Uno! pertama! Numero Uno!

Kenny Ng said...

the roads seems so adventure... if riding with a dirt bike how nice!

Cocka Doodle said...

Yat! satu! Oona! Eet!

Cocka Doodle said...

Oh shit, Kenny! !@#$%^)(*&^

may said...

Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei) --> Kuala Lurah(Sarawak) --> Limbang --> Kampung Puni (Sarawak) --> Bangar (Brunei, Temburong District) --> Labu(Brunei) --> Trusan(Sarawak) --> Lawas --> Merapok(Sarawak) --> Sindumin(Sabah) --> Sipitang --> Beaufort --> Papar --> Kota Kinabalu

That... reminds me of some bus route I see on a board in the Pudu Bus Station!! I think you can take over their business liao!! *pengsan*

Chen said...

congrats congrats...
give u one piece of ayam goreng.
u want drumstick or chicken wing or bishop nose? :P

tiring loh riding with bike :D
From what I observed, the road condition in Sabah is much better than the roads in Sarawak.

kaakkaa.. mana tau u half way spamming, ini Kenny datang kaw kaw cheng?

kakakka... u can see from there how many places we need to stop for immigration & custom check :P
8 immigration & custom check points !! Up and down... phew...

a^ben said...

like reading what bas route like that` hahahaha :X

angel said...

wah lao... i read your route oso pening liao... but the ferry very liuliu kui!!

chup for carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib! i amaze myself sometimes when i spell out that long liuliu co. name! :P

Chen said...

bus route also not so detail leh.. :P

I go count-count just now.
Altogether there are 8 immigration & custom checkpoints. Wah.. have to stop 8 times throughout the journey. So the liuliu leceh :P

At first, I also pening with the long alphabet company. Now with regular and constant practice... since we chup for the co most of the time (sometime lupa mah..) I can sort of utter the name spontaneously liao. Syiok hoh? :P

Errr.. u forget to chup for Liucas & Ah Boy leh.. kekkekeek...

mistipurple said...

chupp ahhh! ah ya so late donna chup wat. btw, my pet fish says nite nite to liu.

Pink Cotton said...

really really short la the ferry route!!!
and sumore need to pay?!!?

last time the ferry between kuching n lundu is FREE wo :P

Winn said...

wah u can remember all the names wan!

my memory is so bad that i cant remember things like this. i mean names and stuff.....

Kristopher said...

wow!!!! headahche.....

Chen said...

chup for char koay teow?
hi hi pet fish :)
still thinking of ikan goreng :P

pink cotton,
yeah loh.. need to pay cos this is the only way to cross the river :(
They really know how to make money (squeeze money actually..)

The ferry ride on the route from Sarikei to Sibu is free too :)

Shhh.. I can't remember all the names lah..
I can only remember few names.
I have map with me mah..
The Sarawak & Sabah map & road routes.
Can always refer back to the map for the names :P

Is this called cheating?
Nah.. this is not exam.
Can open book wan, right? :P

u want panadol? :P

JoeC said...

ahh, thats a cute ferry boat there, never been to east m'sia. Tell me, whats a good beach resot to go to? which place or city good with shopping? Might plan to go over during CNY :) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

i don't like cocka doodle. so disturbing. now i am trying to look at the keyboard when i type. avoiding the screen. hmm.. anyway, it's really good to travel that route if you want your passport to look full. my passport has expired.. i think only used up 2 or 3 pages out of the 32 pages.

Chen said...

We have Damai Beach with Bako National Park nearby in Kuching. And nearby Damai Beach is the famous Sarawak Cultural Village.

Shopping.. depends on what u want to buy. If u wanna shop for clothes, KL is still the best place :) unless u wanna shop for souveneirs, handicrafts, antiques or some local products etc.. I can’t tell u much about Sabah cos this is just a short trip there and this was my first time to Sabah too :)

hehhee… cool down :)
Cocka is just playing around here..

My passport is very empty too in the late 90’s. Soon your passport will be colourful too, in few years time…

L B said...

Ok, ok, I promise you when you make that trip to San Giovanni, you won't have to pay $8 for the ferry ride!

L B said...

Maybe €8?

_butt said...

aiyohhhh.. miss the post!! something wrong with my browser.. LOL

ferry rides!! toot toot!! oops.. mistaken it for train heheh

Chen said...

I thought I can ride flying carpet in San Giovanni instead of ferry..

€8? Oopss...
Taking out calculator..
Oh no.. I don't have calculator
Luckily I have pda (got built-in calculator there mah..)

I presume u r using Firefox?
Firefox on & off is lidat wan :P
Have to refresh the browser then only can see the new post :P
so d liuliu :D

Toot toot, chugga chugga, toot-toot
u confused me too :P
I tot I'm riding train pulak :P

_butt said...

yalohh.. hmmph! I'm gona switch to Opera soon..

hahaha.. toooot!! Chen kena influence liao!

Chen said...

browser hopping ah? :P

no more toot, okie?
we are NOT riding ferry... err.. NOT riding train..
hahahah :D

Mr.Goober said... who says we only get ripped off in the city?? i thought you were joking about the distance of the ferry...they should just build a bridge..or swim across next time :P

Chen said...

mr goober,
they are clever, that's why they don't wanna build the bridge. Can earn good $$$ with the ferry cos so many vehicles passing by a day... If build bridge.. then cannot make money liao ... :P

slurp! said...

*faintz* how long is the drive??!!
is it expensive to fly there?

build bridge also can make money wat?
can charge toll fees mah ... next time rent a amphibian vehicle, no need to use ferry hahahahaha ....

Chen said...

hey, u are back :)
Normally, the drive takes 5 to 6 hours
But since so many immigration and custom check points and we stopped by in few places, so we took 6 hours plus to reach KK.
Most people will choose to fly there (since it’s more convenient)
But it’s more convenient (and easier) to go around with own transport :)

There is no highway in Sabah or Sarawak, and we don’t have nice roads as in Peninsular in East Malaysia...
So.. the road conditions there doesn’t warrant them to charge toll fees :D
It’s weird to pay toll fee if u can reach the other end within seconds :D

At least with ferry… the time taken to cross the river is longer..
Waiting time for the ferry.. Driving into ferry… etc etc…
Takes few minutes..

joel11 said...

Gday (from a Malaysian in Auckland)

Hi, I wonder do you know how long does it take to travel from Brunei airport to KK by bus? We are currently on a waiting list for our airline ticket :P Need to get there to be able to see my brother-in-Christ before he goes back to UK!

Other flights suggestions please inform too, cheers!

Thank GOD I crashed into your page, should rely on HIM instead of my own understanding ...


Chen said...

Hi Joel,
I traveled with our own transport from Brunei to KK and took us 6 hours plus to reach KK. We stopped for a short duration of time in few places and for lunch in between.

I dunno about the flight duration. Most people will opt to take flight (easier and faster).

Hope u able to meet up with your brother in Christ :)