Saturday, October 21, 2006

Good Old Times - Old Good Times - Old Times Good

I called Carcar on her mobile phone on Thursday night for a short chat but at the end we ended up chatting in ym for one & half hours. Might be cos of Sotong Mind Thinks Alike, that's why we can have endless interesting topics when chatting, including the good old days and several other topics. She said I'm one of the pioneers in Ctinthecity woh.. Carcar even suggested a project on "Good Old Times, Old Good Times & Old Times Good". Sounds interesting, so I decided to participate and my post is finally up :)

Come to think about it, I know Carcar for one year already - through blogging. How I get to know her? One bright sunny day, on 15th October 2005, I saw from my sitemeter, the "visitors referring URL" showed her blog address. So I itchy hand and clicked on her blog and the first post I read in Ctinthecity was Cherish Our Relationship. And from there on, we finally manage to get to know each other and become friends... I still remember that lengthy post till today and not forgetting the first few pictures (including the wooden-handicapped-chair) that she posted during that period of time ;) I just told her during those early days, I mistaken her as a Singaporean cos her location profile in the past was in KiasuLand. Carcar has the ability is to turn peanut into sausage, LOL. Psssss.. Don't stand next to her cos she is so talllllll. You can either sit or squat or lie down or sleep next to her, but don't stand next to her... Carcar, when is our next sotong session? ;)

Winn is the other great person that I know of for a year too. Yeah, I started reading her blog on 13th October 2005. I can't remember how I came across her blog but I can still remember the first post that I read from Sapturn. The first post that caught my attention was Thief followed by My Pop Idols, cos of the cute doggies photo. All these posts were related to Lucas. Shhhhhh... The first time when I read her blog, I was sort of confused by her gender, hahahhaa, cos of the caption she wrote below the My Pop Idols post :
Oh my god! I knew it. I knew Lucas's gay! And so's Max. Shame on you . But I still love you Lucas. Shame on you Max, you give in so easily!! But OK lah . No big deal. I'm 40% gay myself. Testified by Gay-O-Meter. Winn, Waiting for the chit-chat & makan session with you next week. We will have ROJAK, assam laksa, chen-dol, char koay teow, hokkien mee, curry mee, oh chean & what else? (Wah.. can finish meh? ordering so much?)

Cynthia, another great buddy of mine whom I get to know of since September 2005 when she left a comment in my White Coat post. Our friendship continue from there. She said I sound "motherly" on the phone.. *pengsan* Mmmmm... *Scratch head*. Cynthia, I'm waiting to have a bowl of famous Penang Assam Laksa together with you (at the Air Itam Market next to the longkang) when you balik kampung. Cynthia loves Penang food :P

There are many other bloggers that I get to know of during the early days but many have already retired or semi-retired... Too bad my crappy KSL/契细佬 Jellyfish has retired. Remembering those crappy moments in the early days with Jellyfish, Day Dreamer, Cynthia, Winn & Carcar. During those days, these bunch of great people have already start fighting to become the first commentor (just for fun & for that syiok feeling) - The First-To-Comment Syndrome (FTCS). I can't remember who actually started the trend.. issit Jellyfish? or Carcar? or DayDreamer??? Carcar, can you recall? And not forgetting all the Perasan, Pengsan, Cabut & Piakking sessions... Hahha, I started piakking others with sotong & other seafood since 2004 ( in one of the forum that I participated earlier on) .

Luckily my memories didn't fail me. It is nice to recall back those sweet memories. Carcar, my post is up. Looking forward to reading your version of Good Old Times - Old Good Times - Old Times Good :)


may said...

LIULIULIU!!! I'm having the "The First-To-Comment Syndrome (FTCS)" here now, similar to our CHUP-ping for T H E H U G H U G C L U B™!! wakakakaka!

good old times indeed. and old good times.

Cheers to all those wonderful memories! *clink clink*

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Liuliuliu Chup To Second Comment Sybdrome?

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Wahhh I did get 2nd hehe.
how nostaglic the good old days can be. Good times yeah!

Cynthia said...

this is something money cannot buy--good old times.


*im waiting for that jelly to come back.*

he got infected by 'perasan' was damn contagious too!! hahah

Chen said...

Hahhaha, I can start to compile the all the syndromes that we created on this blogsphere soon :D

cheers & *clink*,
with... Earl Grey tea?

another new syndrome !!
STCS (Second to Comment Syndrome)

Yeah, it's good to recall back the good old days.

Yeah, PRICELESS is the word :D

That jellyfish spread the perasan illness to quite a number of people leh in the past..
Perasan is indeed a contagious :D

Mr. Goober said...

from the seem like you really cherish every moments eh chen?

lol..everyone seem like a pioneer already on blogging :)) if only i'd started 2 years ago.. sob sob!!

_butt said...

Don't worry mr goober, I'm still new too!! albeit one year older.. heheh

Amazing how Internet brought the wonders the friendship.. may it last the lifetime for you guys, Chen.. blessed! :D

Chen said...

mr goober,
yeah, we must cherish & treasure every moments we have :) Time really flies, goober. Soon, your blog will be celebrating his first year birthday :)
(With peanut butter cupcake as birthday cake) :P

YEah, internet really do wonders :)
Great to know u too, Butt :)

carcar said...

ah hah! finally is up! woohoo! im still struggeling to put up mine!erm, still amending and filtering! hahaha...

ah car says: im thinking to get all of us, winn, cynthia, and myself do something like this.. hahaha.
Chen says: kakkakka
Chen says: good idea
Chen says: made it into a big project
ah car says: lol
Chen says: brilliant idea
Chen says: i sked winn might ask liucas to write on her behalf

*ah car FAINTED*

i think we 'kao tai hoi' this project!!~ hahaha....

Chen said...

Since u give me the idea yesterday, must write fast-fast before I forget :P I scared later I might become lazy liao to scribble the details :D

True mah.. last time Winn ask Liucas to answer the LOVE tag.. This time she might asks Liucas to write for her too :P

L B said...

*light sigh* It's great ~ friendships cemented over the net, bringing people closer together (or sometimes dragging them further away).. Good times are meant to be cherished. And this post proves there is good after all. Congrats!!! Now, where is my muruku?

mistipurple said...

*sniff... so sentimental this post*
liu cherish friendship alot. i respect. and also all the good friends you made here. you all are so worthy. *bows to everybody*

Chen said...

I understand your sigh..
Yeah, there's always more good points than bad points.. and it depends on how we perceive it too :)

I guess the muruku all fly away liao..
remember the FLYING MURUKU?
They are now flying here & there :P

*Kleenex* again..
don't blow nose using my sleeve, okie? :P

Great to know u too, Misti :)

ah nel said...

u stil remember me_no

mistipurple said...

*blows nose on LoBak's sleeves then* :P

thank liu for accepting me.

Chen said...

ah nel,
of course we remember u lah..
u are ah nel..
summore today is Deepavali,
more reason to remember ah nel :P
(u know what i mean, right? :D )

Thanks for curi-ing the flying muruku for us too :)

I just finish spamming in Winn's post.. Ooops
I manage to get #88 as well as #100 leh.. Thanks to Ah Boy & Liucas for their helps.. :D
kek tiok LB, till his ice cream melt & become milk shake..

Pink Cotton said...

this chen can still remember the exact date when u first visited them!!!

tsk tsk tsk

i must remember not to do anything wrong...later u also remember FOREVER!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
feel so tired today..
but i manage to get #88, #100, #188 and #200 :P

as long as u rememeber the month & the post can liao.. can always click back on the post to have a peep at the date u post the comment mah :P

wah.. have u done anything wrong so far?
No, right?
I know u r good girl :D

mistipurple said...

i oso good gal. *waves waves hand*

sengkor said...

time flies.. next year remember to remember me, okeh?

Chen said...

yeah yeah..
and thanks for the flying muruku :)
it arrived safe & sound in front of my doorstep :)

time flies..
i do hope i can cut off time's wings so that time cannot fly hour (how i wish..)

okay, I will write down in my pda in the Things To Do list..
Remember to remember Sengkor next year :)

mistipurple said...

so liuliu quiet today..
earlier blogger lag.

zeroimpact said...

The good old times are great
I have short term memories
So don't even remember a lot of things

ah nel said...

imnot inlian ler!how kam wil rmbr me on dipabali?

Chen said...

everyone in hol or festive mood :P

those good old times :)
u have short term memories?
No lah...
But at least u remember Winn :P
your cyber fren for almost a decade?

ah nel,
cos your name is ah nel..
u know right, most ppl usually associate ah neh with indian :P

angel said...

I got this LTCS... Last-To-Comment-Syndrome... how? No injeksyen prease... :P

*runs to lokter and lick her*

Chen said...

yeah hoh, wu tao wu bui..
no need injection wan..
a big hug will do the trick :D

lick me?

Winn said...

wah wah wah delicated post ar!!!!!!!!

is this a tag?
if u remember correctly jellyfish swam to my site first before u came. cant remember....
must go korek history and let u know ok. hahaha..........

but now canot. no connection. summore i m locked in my dad;s office with no key no card no carkey!! haha

ok i call u after i go back and bath first k,........smelly ....

Winn said...

i mean, ah boy smelly....

Red Sponge said...


are they the first few friends u make through blogging?

One thing, come on la, one year only..not old yet ;p

There would be 10 years, 20 years and more to come!

Chen said...

Nice meeting with u just now leh..

This is not meant to be a tag earlier on but somehow.. Carcar requested u & cynthia to write a post on similar topic too. Cynthia is halfway writing hers... Can u? :P

might be loh..
jellyfish likes to swim around..
maklum lah.. dia tu kan jellyfish..
if he doesn't swim, we can't expect him to fly or run :P

Ah Boy mengamuk just now :P

Red sponge,
I get to know few others before them but most of them have either stop blogging completedly or only blog once in a blue moon. These are few of the blogger friends that have now become my close friends :)

Even though we only know each other for one year, but it seems like we have know each other for ages. The friendship bond that has been built .. :)

13th Panda said...

WAH!u have a v good memory la..can remember dates memang doctor..i am having hard time to remember things...AIZ..can only remember anniversaries..LOL! I think i am better off as a man. :-p

Chen said...

13th panda,
I can remember the month.
Can always refer back to the respective post in the archives for the actual date since I remember which is the first post I read :D

Besides anniversaries , you remember birthdays too, right? ;)

jellyfish said...

harttttttttttt chewwwwww.....

my name was mentioned several times kekekeke....

Chen said...

tat's why u cough & sneeze non stop leh during raya time :P