Friday, September 29, 2006

Cherry Tomato

Besides strawberries, another product to look out for in Cameron Highlands is the Cherry Tomatoes (my favourite) ..

I love the cherry tomatoes from Cameron Highlands. The little red coloured, ripe cherry tomatoes (in various sizes and shapes) are sweet and delicious, unlike the one found in the local market in "lowland"(which are sour). That's why I only buy cherry tomatoes in Cameron Highlands and not elsewhere :)

Is this the so called "Grape Tomato"? (refering to the elongated, oblong-shaped cherry tomato).

Dried Cherry Tomatoes. This is the first time I see such product. Never thought there are such things called dried or preserved tomato. Hahhahha.... might be I sua ku loh..

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Winn said...

CHUP this is my FAVOURITE!! so happy to see them here:)

Red Sponge said...


Red Sponge said...

cute tomato...ya looks like grape!!

angel said...

wah piang! now tomato attack! i dun like tis cherry tomato ler... very masam liuliu!
i prefer the cherry :D

Chen said...

kekekke.. i remember u like tomatoes :D I still remember u talked about tomato ice cream in the past :D

Liucas eat tomato? I feed cherry tomato to Ah Boy yesterday night and he makan :D

red sponge,
yahoo... yeah yeah.. and the size is exactly like the size of grapes too :P so the liuliu :D

cameron highlands one not sour leh, they are sweet leh.. the local one in the market are sour :P

L B said...

Is this the Vegetarian Bakuteh?!!!!!! LOLOLOL, *laff till pants drop, and have to walk like crab again* Throws a peanut at your mouth!

may said...

oh me oh my... I love cherry tomatoes, especially in my salad! mmmm... *picks one off the pack*

Chen said...

what lah u..
ini cherry tomato lah, bukan vegeterian BKT :P

really there are vegetarian BKT leh.. I saw in Klang previously, but never tried..
keekek.. please wear back your pants, so the liuliu :P

oops... didn't manage to catch the peanut.. :P

pick one enough liao meh?
take lah twenty or thirty tomato :D
they are nice to eat even on their own... very sweet :)

mistipurple said...

i like sweet fruits. little sour i will keep in my mouth and it will stay there till it ferment. liuliuliu.
your tomatoes very nice. how come sound abit crude huh? :P

L B said...

LOLOLOLL... ok, so there's vegetarian BKT, but is it nice? *alamak, crude tomatoes?*

a^ben said...

so fast already so many ppl comment one` ai yer yer yer yer yer yer`!

*io ka chng till keluar asap`* hahahahahah

Chen said...

eee.. sour one u keep in mouth till ferment?
not cepat-cepat spit out ah?
so liuliu :D

bahagian mana yang crude?
cepat-cepat bring out my magnifying glass :D
see-see look-look

dunno ah.. never try the vegetarian BKT. BKT supposed to have meat & bone mah.. hence the name bak kut teh... kkekkeke.. without meat & bone defeat the purpose of BKT liao :P

dunno wat is that crude tomato..
*scratch head*

Chen said...

ah ben,
ppl here all sleep very late one..
all are night owls :P

io ka chng can io till keluar asap ah?
u have special tactic? i only know ppl can marah till keluar asap from the head leh.. :P So the liuliu..

Anonymous said...

I really like tomato jucie with some pepper on it ... yummy

mistipurple said...

my ear can oso keluar asap. but the most powerful asap is from my ka chng if i pat-tor-tiar.
ah yo, why tonight everything i say sound so crude wan?!!

L B said...

waaaa, all that asap!!!!

Chen said...

tomato juice with pepper?
something new I learn today..
Never try that before :)

wah.. misti must be having a busy day & night & feel tired leh. Pass Misti one glass of honey green tea :) Stay cool... Jangan keluar asap :) U wanna eat the liuliu sweet cherry tomatoes?

today is asap day :)

mistipurple said...

*puts mask on LB*
*quickly vacuums all the asap from loctor's blog*
*grabs some cherry sweet tomatoes from loctor's kitchen table*
i so liuliu rude hor? :P

Cynthia said...

my favorite fruit =) they sell alot here! =)

Kenny Ng said...

now tomato pula... got liulian or not? kekekeke....

Chen said...

Poor misti must be very tired today :) so kesian... Hope u can have a good rest soon. How's the cherry tomatoes? sweet leh? Want summore? :D

wooo... I guess the one in Perth is very sweet too :)

kekkeke... i saw liulian on the way loh but didn't stop by to buy... got cameron sweet corn, sweet potatoes etc etc :D

ah nel said...

tomato i like...expecially the sour...big o small all i can eat as they say big tomato not nice to eat raw...dont think so ler... ;)

Pink Cotton said...

ewww...never seen dried tomatoes as well :) looks ugry le..wahahaah

Pink Cotton said...

looks like raisins

yup yup yup :P

mistipurple said...

very sweet. thankew.
i ta-pau some more go work hor. they will keep me thoroughly happy at my desk!
enjoy your weekend, loctor Chen!

Chen said...

ah nel,
hoh? u like to eat sour tomato? :P
I like to eat raw tomatoes too :)
Or can made into simple tomato "salad" with onion, chillies and soy sauce :)

pink cotton,
the fresh one is cute hoh?
dried one kecut liao mah..
that's why hodoh :P
hahha.. gigantic "raisin" then :)

tapao one packet of nescafe susu kaw kaw for u too :)
Enjoy your weekend :)

lynnx01 said...

Waiseh, I feel like gulping down all the tomatoes!! So nice! Eh, seems like everything has a dried version of its own. Lol.

Winn said...

我现在要喝tomato juice now:D

good morning chennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

zeroimpact said...

Next time we go there and eat from the farm ah doc
Bloggers meet in Cameron... makan tomato

ah nel said...

my whole family likes sour thing maybe coz from my dad gene...LOL

exchange the mayonaise to yoghurt in to docter mia salad...uhhhuuu...healthy...i like salad... ;)

Cocka Doodle said...

I once bought a kilo and ate them all while watching TV. Next day I berak, the color also like tomato so red! LOL

_butt said...

is the dried cherry tomatoes are as sweet too? they looked umm.. 'sour' to me.. heheh

greenpasture said...

Hi, Chen. Greeting.
The tomatoes look really delicious. I prefer to eat this type of tomatoes fresh, like eating an apple, or as part of salad bowl, and they are good to be part of sandwiches fillings too.

nyonyapenang said...

read in lil'joy's earlier post - cherry tomatoes stuffed with chopped prunes. sedap loh. ;)

Chen said...

gulp down all the tomatoes? that's a lot leh... but it's indeed nice to munch (or gulp?) the cherry tomatoes..

yeah.. we even have freeze-dried durian too :D

Good evening Winnliuliu :)
Ah Winn 要喝tomato juice?
可以.. 没问题 :)

Bloggers meet in Cameron...
Makan tomato & Setobeli,
eat herbal steamboat
syiok :)

ah nel,
i know there are people who likes sweet stuff or hot & spicy stuff..
but liking sour stuff..
first time I heard loh :D

I presume u like the assam stuff too? :)

Chen said...

wah wah.. I can imagine that..
eating one kilo of cherry tomatoes :P
but the cherry tomatoes are indeed nice to eat :D

The dried cherry tomatoes ah.. they add in sugar woh, like the other dried/preserved fruits --> so definitely will be sweeter than the fresh cherry tomatoes :)

I like to eat it fresh too.. Can taste the original sweet taste of the tomatoes :)

nyonya pg,
yeah, after u mentioned, now I remember :)
Liljoy stuffed the chopped prunes inside the cherry tomatoes :D
Another excellent way of eating the tomatoes :)

ah nel said...

i like hot,spicy and sour... ;)

asam boi count onot?

Winn said...

cocka so disgusting!!

so i did made tomato juice with orange jus now! was sooooo good! then i made a lot of timun juice in the fridge nw..coz they are getting rosak real soon..

Chen said...

ah nel,
I guess u like assam dishes then :D
assam boi counted.. why not?
sour mah...

kekeke.. can throw cherry tomatoes at him or not?

Tomato juice with orange juice ah? so nice.. I want satu gelas, boleh tak? I had only drank cucumber juice once - in Kajang while makan Sate Kajang from Hj Samuri's stall in Kajang :)

ah nel said...

those assam must had cilipadi to it or anything spicy... ;)

Chen said...

ah nel,
sure... makanan yang tak pedas tu, tak sedap.. tak ada urmmph :P

ah nel said...

docter seem like can eat a lot of pedas thingy ho? ;)

Simple American said...

I loves cherry tomatoes in my salad. Makes me feel like a giant when I chomp down on one and feel it squish in my mouth. Aw. Blissful.

Chen said...

ah nel,
yes, I love hot & spicy stuff :)

woo.. never think of that earlier on..
okie okie.. tonight I will imagine myself as a giant when I chomp the helpless little cherry tomato :P