Thursday, September 28, 2006

Strawberry Attack

I went to Cameron Highlands last weekend and visited the KHM Strawberry Farm. We bought one box of fresh strawberries, few packets of dried strawberries, two bottles of homemade strawberry jam back home and not forgetting to feast ourselves with the yummy babelicious strawberry milkshake :)

Huge juicy red strawberries... Wanna wanna? I like this shot.

Strawberry flower with budding little strawberry..

The "hairy" strawberry.. Do u notice the little tiny "hair" on the strawberry? I never realised strawberry is "hairy" in the past :P

The yummy babelicious pink coloured thick strawberry milk shake.. errr.. pink colour somehow reminds me of someone ;) Who else? You know who you are, right? (Cham loh.. nowadays, whenever I see pink-coloured stuff, I will think of her liao... liuliu)

Dried strawberries (from KHM Strawberries Farm)

Strawberries with fresh cream... (I had this in Starview Restaurant near Kea Farm).

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may said...

waaaaa!!! I love those strawberries, making my mouth water! gotta have them dipped in chocolate sauce too, chocolate coated strawberries are best... mmmmm... *lick lips*

L B said...


Pink Cotton said...


yeeee never knew strawberries got flower wan..!!!

hehehe..u think of me whenever u see pink le? i m so touched..sob sob sob :P

btw..the dried strawberries look like bak kua..hohoho

Cynthia said...

i had my 5th punnet this week. =)

Chen said...

wah.. dipped in chocolate sauce ah?
so sinful..
my sister in law planned to do that do with the strawberries I give her :D

hugs LBliu Singh Khan San :D

pink cotton,
now u know loh.. SB ada bunga one :D

yeah loh. nowadays cham loh.. everytime see pink coloured stuff, I will think of u liao.. :P

LOL about the bak kua dried SB :P
wanna wanna?
but too bad I can't post it to u, later the ants will makan the letter before it reach your hand :P

5th punnet?
how many strawberries are there in a punnet? ;)

Kenny Ng said...

can i ask something? y most of the gals like strawberry so much ah?

zeroimpact said...

I like strawberry
I want strawberry

Chen said...

issit so ah? I dunno about that, so I can't answer your question :)
Strawberry is not my favourite leh.. But since going to Cameron Highlands, and strawberries are so cheap, why not? ;)

Offer boiboi strawberry ice cream :D

moggie said...

love the shots of the strawberries. makes me wanna have some right now!

nice photography work, chen.

Winn said...

i remembered i had strawberry ( NO milk shake;p) in vietnam last month. So nice so nice i love strawberry strawberry strawberry strawberry strawberrystrawberrystrawberrystrawberrystrawberrystrawberrystrawberrystrawberry strawberrystrawberrystrawberry . i use straw to suck the berries::)

nyonyapenang said...

never seen dried strawberries before. at first, mistaken those on your pics to be fried tee-kueh. :O

Chen said...

thanks, moogie :)

really strawberry attack loh..
so liuliu :D

wah.. suck the berries with straw?
suck suck suck suck suck:D

nyonya pg,
hehehe.. the first time I saw dried strawberries was during my previous trip to Cameron Highlands a year ago.

mistipurple said...

HUGS CHEN SAN! there is a hug campaign going on! hehe. check out my link at my blog. HUGS HUGS LB-San, Pink Cotton San, May San, WINN-San, all the Sans here! xxx

mistipurple said...

*leave one HUG for Angeliu when she comes in later*

plink said...


Wah, very United Nation here lar. Everybody -sankaurkhansingh wan.... ^.^

Red Sponge said...


u din go to rose garden?


slurp! said...

i like cameroon highlands for their floral & tea plantation more. nice cool respite away from the cities.

did you drove up thru the usual route? (i.e tapah) or the new route (via ipoh?) I haven't tried the new route, hope there aren't as much turns as the old route.

Simple American said...

Step aside Chen. I will protect you from those vicious strawberries.

Looks so good. How are the dried strawberries. I have never tried before.

hehe. I associate pink with the same person. ;)

sengkor said...

the dried strawberries look like... look like... nolah, not that. i wanna say look like not delicious only..

angel said...

*collects Setobelly Hug from misti*
mmm... sweet...

Waaa! Realli Setobelly Attack! Nice pics! I wan order a bowl of setobelly prease? TQ!

*leaves Setobelly Hugs & Spoons*

carcar said...

lovely! i like strawberry too. but only the sweet one lah.

Chen said...

hugs misti san, and hugs everyone too
kkekekee... yeah, i saw liao LB Khan hugs everyone there :D
ooops... how come i become mountain pulak over there..
err.. san = mountain in chinese & canto, hoh? :P

wah.. multi lingua pulak here --> refering to 1111oneoneyatsatu :D

kekeke... besides sankaurkhansingh, got china summore, but not china pek lah.. LOL

red sponge,
wahlao... I didn't go to Rose Valley this time cos I visited the place liao last year :P I visited the Cactus Valley and all the three tea plantation too last year (Bharat, Boh and Sg Phalas tea plantation). So this time I didn't visit those places loh..

Chen said...

Yeah, I love the cool refreshing atmosphere in Cameron Highlands. They have nice floral there cos of the cool weather.. I love the "Bird of Paradise" and "Hydrangea" in Cameron Highlands.

We use the Simpang Pulai route. Good drive, the road is much better than Tapah route.

hehhehe.. thanks, SA for letting me hiding behind u, so that I can hide from the vicious flying strawberries :D

The dried strawberries are sweet, cos they preserved it with sugar. I bought some dried cheryl tomatoes too, besides the fresh cheryl tomatoes :) This is the first time I see dried tomatoes.. Something interesting :D

That pink lady.. ooops.. I mean pink cotton is so famous liao hoh.. :P

Chen said...

i know what your wanna say, kakkaka.... look like "itu benda" only mah, but taste wise is different mah :P LOL

wah wah.. now got Setobelly Hug summore.. I also want :D
Can leave behind the multi tentacles Sotong Hug at the meantime liao ;)

Thank you, thank you.
One bowl of Setobelly with lotsa fresh fresh cream & cornflakes for angeliu :D

Yeah, yeah.. sweet strawberry is the best but hoh, the Malaysian strawberries are not that sweet loh.. I love the strawberries I had in China.. so sweet and taste superb.

Pink Cotton said...

i know i know! i know why gals like SB so much :)

bcos they r RED in color =))))
red is girly color ma..kekeek

papercrazy said...

Nice strawberries....somehow or rather it only looks good but doesn't taste as good as it looks unless u soak them in syrup or eat with ice cream....

Again, the flower is as nice looking as the berries....

Eh, u got see tulips or not?? I'm looking for fresh tulips lah and ppl told me Cameron got

*start logging in to MAS website to check price for Cameron Highlands*

Fell down from the chair after seeing the airfare....and pengsan

ah nel said...

ohhh...straw they plant grapes thre as in kuching we had... :)

Anonymous said...

Strawberries everywhere .... wah ... I din know that there are so many ways to eat strawberries

Chen said...

pink cotton,
errr… what an explanation :P
btw, I prefer darker colour leh
Black is my favourite colour :P

paper crazy,
Most of the Msia strawberries are not sweet. I have eaten the sweet strawberries once in China and the taste was superb :D

I showed few strawberries flower pict including the unripe SB to Pink Cotton yesterday night and she said the "unripe" fruit was "ugly", hahhaa..

I didn’t specifically look out for flowers leh.. but I took some shots of flowers from the flower stalls..
If I didn’t remember wrongly… I think I didn’t see any tulips

Hahha, how much is the air fare?

ah nel,
Yeah.. I saw grapes and mini vine yards there too.. and not forgetting the apples :)

SB coated with chocolate? ;)

Cocka Doodle said...

The last time I went there, after touring the strawberry farm, I decided not to eat the fruit.
They sprayed it with so much pesticides! Gosh!

velverse said...

wah wah wah... sitobeli attack! mmmm... I like the one with whipped cream.. or izzit ice klim! Very very nice ar~

babe_kl said...

*sobs* we susah payah went carik this place, in the end they werent open dat weekend!!!!

lynnx01 said...

Nice strawberries! And yes, I totally agree. The strawberries we find here are usually not sweet. That's why at first I had quite a bad impression on strawberries.

ah nel said...

did u saw how we made red wine?pressing our feet like how me make belacan...LOL

im planning to plant pear and lokam now...

cooknengr said...

Whats up Doc, I only got 5 strawberries from my kebunthis summer...out of my $30 investment!

_butt said...

Strawberries!!!!! I dun mind being *piaked* by strawberries.. hahaha

papercrazy said...

Don't know how much the airfare lah...that was just my exaggerated expressions nia

But i guess must be quite costly considering how extensive a kuchingite has to travel...kch/kl/taxi to Cameron...

would really love to go if given the opportunity

Anonymous said...

when u go to cameron highlands that time, cant u c me standing by the road side waiting for u to say hi?? :p


L B said...

one more hug

Chen said...

which strawberry farm u visited? :)

yeah yeah, nice to eat with whipped cream :D

so sad, did u go to other strawberry farm at the end? :( We went there last year, so, we can still sort of remembering the location of this KHM strawberry farm, which is located at Kampung Taman Sedia in Tanah Rata, (inside the small village).

Chen said...

At least the strawberries in KHM Farm taste sweeter than the strawberries from other places :) The sweetest strawberries I tasted was during my last trip to Szechuan in winter early this year, which were very sweet and juicy :)

ah nel,
I know that's the traditional way of making wine. But do they still practise things that way currently?

wah? u wanna plant pear & lokam?
where u wanna plant? :D

At least there are still 5 strawberries (which is better than none). I had one chiku tree in the backyard of my house in Sarikei which never bear fruits :( I'm now trying to recall back what else u planted inside your kebun :)

Chen said...

wah.. got someone volunteer here to being piaked with setorberi :D Abuthen, being piaked with strawberries is very messy leh.. and the liuliu red coloured strawberries "juice" :P

Hehhehe.. I guess so liao. But hoh, nowadays the flight ticket to KL (using AA loh) is much cheaper liao compared with using MAS in the past. There are bus service available leh from Pudu to Cameron Highlands :)

is this Dino? Kekekke... Might be I zzzz kua that time :P

*Strawberry hug*

_butt said...

ya hor.. kinda messy leh.. but sweeet!!

btw, did you get the strawberry tarts there? my friend went a couple of months ago and bought some.. it looks yummylicious!! that also in the pics oni because my so-called friend 'forgot' to 'tapau' for me lol.

Chen said...

kekeke.. then u can lick your hands and your leg hoh for the strawberry juice, cos it's sweet.. kekkekkee...

I ate the strawberry tart last time, during my previous visit to CH last year, but not this time loh.. tat one nothing special loh :P

ah nel said...

sure some of them still practice...if i go and snap some picture how they made belacan i sure no one dare to eat ledi...LOL

yeah...i wana invest into this business...plant behind my hose 1st... :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
i know how they made belachan..
same thing too with the process of drying the cocoa seeds (many might dowan to eat chocolate liao after they see the process) and salted fish :P

kekke... u wanna plant behind your "hose" or your house? :P

ah nel said...

aiksss...typo error...LOL

dino said...

chen so clever...
always forget to change name :p