Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kea Farm (Cameron Highlands)

Pink Cotton asked me yesterday night, regarding why I didn't post any photos from Cameron Highlands. Aiks.. Can I post photos taken from the market called Kea Farm? Wanna join me for a quick tour in Kea Farm in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands?

The colourful Cherry Tomatoes (again?) - You can see cherry tomatoes everywhere in Cameron Highlands :P

Sweet Corn/Jagung. The jagung is indeed very sweet and juicy. Yeah, it's juicy.. Even the raw jagung taste sweet. One of the must buy products !!

Honey Sweet Potatoes

Strawberries again, the gigantic tua pui strawberry. (Strawberries and Cherry Tomatoes are two common products in Cameron Highland). Pusing sini, pusing sana, jalan sini, jalan sana.. nampak aje Cherry Tomato dan Strawberi.

Dried Strawberries

Strawberry dipped in sugary syrup. Look at the size of the strawberries.. Manyak besar :D

Strawberry keychains, strawberry balloon, strawberry cushion, strawberry plush toys and other liuliu products..

Fresh Beetroots. Planned to buy some earlier on (since I have never tasted the fresh beetroots. I had eaten the preserved beetroots several times).. But too bad I lupa after my photography tour :(

The colourful cauliflower and cabbage. White and green-coloured cauliflower. I have seen purple coloured cauliflower too in the past but didn't manage to see it this time. And not forgetting the purple carbage. Good to throw at people, kekeke....

Honey oranges and Cameron Apples. The Cameron apples taste like honey dew :)

More Cameron Highland products.. Cameron Apples, Love Fruit/爱情果 (or is it called Lover's Fruit?) and Cherry Tomatoes.

And not forgetting the flowers stalls...Not my cup of tea :) Is this paradise for flower lovers? Flowers here are cheap.

So colourful (dunno what liuliu dye dia orang guna)... See liao also sakit mata :P


L B said...

Faan Sieeh!!! Vegetarian BKT today!!

nyonyapenang said...

i like baked sweet potatoes and beetroot jiuce. ;)

Chen said...

good mah eating vegetables :)
very healthy..
how's your vegetarian BKT?
wat u dump inside the BKT?
cherry tomatoes?

nyonya pg,
yeah, I like their baked sweet potatoes too.. purple, orange & yellow colour :) I have never drink beetroot juice, I presume it's nice since u like it :)

L B said...

Ok, like this:
Cherry Tomatoes!!
Big Red & Orange Pepper!!
Ikan Bilis!!

But I haven't made it yet! All in theory only.. Wahahahahahahaha!!!

Kenny Ng said...

why no liulian 1? LOL... eh, got blue colour punya flower ah? cool leh...

may said...

very colourful photos! I think I went to the same farm ages ago when I was there, too long ago to remember liao. incidentally had vegetarian pasta today, errr... very the bland ler. back to sweet meat tomorrow!

mistipurple said...

so pretty and fresh and sweet and big, every fruit and flower there! i went Cameron many many years ago, and remembered staying in a house on a cliff. very fun, but too bad no photos. down there bathing also must time, the auntie must on the pump. liuliuliu.

Chen said...

wah.. u wanna add in ikan bilis ah?
then hoh, it's no longer vegetarian BKT liao :P

i saw someone selling liulian somewhere on the way up to Cameron Highlands :)
Didn't stop by there :)

hehhee.. got all sort of colours :D
too colourful liao :)

I had Laksa Siam & Apom Balik plus little bit of char koay teow (sharing with others) for lunch.. Then tapao Roti Jala from the Ramadhan Bazaar.. eat so much :P

yeah loh.. the vegetables there are fresh and nice, and cheap too !

Wah... must on pump to pump water up ah? so liuliu.. those really were the days hoh? :) Now there are new routes up to Cameron Highlands liao, via Simpang Pulai route (safer than the previous Tapah route)

Pink Cotton said...

hmmm ok lets see...such a long post ..i need to refer back to ur post while i type this comment..muahahaha

woo ok...not funny...

2.WAH!RAW jagung also taste sweet???? amazing!!! u really eat the raw jagung ka?kekeke

3.ewww the tua pui SB not nice de...look very err...tua pui :P

4.WAHH so many sb products! i have one sb keychain from cameron too! ^_^

oops i think better stop this b4 i kena throw by the purple cabbage 'x'

Pink Cotton said...

mwehehehe at the cheap nice flowers...
i m sure red sponge would buy the whole pail of flowers back...giggle

Chen said...

pink cotton,
wah... this sounds familiar, like what I used to tell u in the past leh.. mmmmm... u pijak me back ah? :P kakaakakkka...

Bak chang pulak..
u no good leh...
made me lau nuah liao..
cos i haven't eat bak chang for long time liao...

yeah.. the raw jagong is also sweet.. I tasted the raw jagong. So liuliu sweet :P I can't believe that. The steamed jagong & jagong in the cup is very delicious :)

tua pui SB cute mah..
cannot look down on tua pui SB lah :P

I don't have SB keychain woh...
how leh?

I won't throw purple cabbage at u lah.. tak sampai hati throwing at u ah...

red sponge suka sangat tu bunga ah?
one pail enough liao meh?
i thought she will buy 2 or 3 pails?

zeroimpact said...

I want the strawberry plush toys
They look so nice

Winn said...

tomato again!!!
my tomato outta stock liao. tmrw must go replenish!!!!!:)

but cameron highland so far...

Chen said...

u wanna wanna?
too bad I didn't buy any..
or else I can give u liao..
u can then add SB plush toys into your plush toys collection kat belakang kereta :D

tomato attack ensues following strawberry attack mah :D
You really like tomatoes very much hoh? I used to drink tomato juice during my university days. So the liuliu yummy :)

ask Liucas to go Cameron Highlands and buy few kilos for u :)
I know he can :)

mistipurple said...

thankliu for lemonT.
*quickly shoo loctor to bed*
must get beauty sleep, like Angeliu!

sengkor said...

cherry tomatoes: handy, just pop it into ur mouth. yummy!

angel said...

very nice pictures! u not flower person arr? aiyak! how can?? u not gurl arr? :P

btw, dyk that i failed to d/l the peanut video?! nxt time i see u, u burn on CD for me, can? *blink blink*

mistiliu, i no pweety oledi... :(

Chen said...

glad u like the lemonT :)
your shoo really works..
I zzzz soundly yesterday night leh ;)

handy and healthy snacks :)
I guess little kids will like it too, since they are so cute,
& not only that, they are sweet too

Thanks :)
Kkekeeke, put it this way :)
I'm not a flower-lover and I don't fancy flower, but I do like to take snapshots of flowers.

aiyak, u didn't manage to download the flying peanut video clip ah? Ok ok.. I will burn into CD for u. How about the liuliu eating crab video clip ah? Did u manage to download that?

our dear Princess Anjali, apa pasal u jadi not pweety woh? must be u zzzz manyak lambat yesterday night leh? :P

ah nel said...

wuahhh...somani vege i like...tomato,potatoes,kariflawer,garbage,haney olen,apper,

mistipurple said...

i sing sing so well after your honeylemonT. want to hear? hahhaha. thick skin hor?

Cynthia said...

I had my second punnet of grape cheery yesterday. It is very veru sweet. I finished the wholelot even I can remember to take pictures. But anyway, I will grab more from Coles next week..make it 3rd, 4th, 5th ...punnet. And i hope i dont forget to take picture. =)

may said...

still no meat yet... just toast with butter and kaya, and a good cuppa this morning.

roti jala nice liao! had some at Pangkor, long time no eat. I haven't visited any ramadhan bazaars yet, maybe I should soon... too much temptation! aaarggghhh!

L B said...

I sing the Body electrik.....

Chen said...

ah nel,
wah.. u eat garbage?

sure sure..
I wanna listen :)
take a chair & sit down..

wow... so syiok :)
punnets of grape cherry :)
what other fruits u have there?
remember to take pict next time, okie? ;)

I have meatless day today too..
till this hour lah..
later I will go & sabo some meat :D

Must visit Ramadhan Bazaar :D

oops.. am I chanting? :P

so lammmm :P

_butt said...

Wahh.. all the things in Cameron besar besar punya eh? lol a bit sua ku la me, nvr been to Cameron.. can you believe it? hahha

Strawbeery fans sure always go to Cameron wan.. berries everywhere!!

and the flowers.. so colorful and preeety!! too bad dyed punya.. :(

Chen said...

never been ah? never mind lah.. u can always visit Cam Highlands one of these days :) Might be can tangkap few of your friends there for outing and short tour in CH ;)

Most of the flowers there are fresh "ori" flowers at very affordable price... or... should I say cheap? :P

L B said...

I celebrate the me yet to come

Red Sponge said...

Muuu...only 2 took 2 photos for flowers kar??? ;p

Chen said...

aiyaya... now I'm confused...
*makan cherry tomatoes*
continue dengar lagu :)

red sponge,
I took more than that lah.. but I didn't post up all... or else this post will be flooded with photos liao :D I took more flower photos last year when I visited the Cactus Valley & Rose Valley)

L B said...

I sing the body electric
I glory in the glow of rebirth
Creating my own tomorrow
When I shall embody the earth

*singing for shredded coconut*

Chen said...

that old song very liuliu lengthy. Alright, I give u one whole packet of white & pink karer shredded coconut. Can tukar lagu and sing another song ah? :)

angel said...

Dua-dua pun tarak download... sei mou?? aisay...

i zzzzz manyak lambat everyday! please chant for me to zzzzz earlier? please please pleaseeee!! :P

ah nel said...

yeah... ;P

l y n n w e i said...

wow, i've never seen dried strawberries before..wonder how they taste like~

babe_kl said...

fresh beetroots best eaten steamed or boiled in ABC soup :p

Chen said...

dua-dua pun tarak ah?
never mind loh...
can "bakar" for u next time :P

okie okie

hope my chanting works :P

ah nel,
ah nel makan sampah... wooo...
but... come to think about it..
junk food = sampah too, right?
so we all eat sampah as well :P

they are sweet, cos of the added sugar :)

regret now, cos I forget to buy the fresh beetroot..
I only remember after I see the photos, but then too late liao..
Aiks :(

Simple American said...

Very lovely photos. You really caught the colors nicely. Now I wanna catch some strawberries.

ah nel said...

now u get wat i mean...LOL

Chen said...

Thanks :) I like the colours too.
Strawberries? I wanna some. I had eaten all the strawberries I bought in Cameron Highlands

ah nel,
u really think like that earlier on meh? or now u saja-saja cakap after seeing what i write? :P

JustAnotherTragedy said...

Shit I've not had those sugar coated strawberries for so long.. I wanntttt themmm!! :(

Anonymous said...

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