Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Nostalgic Shredded Coconut Snack

Thanks, Papercrazy for the nice gift and the lovely homemade card. The handmade card is indeed very unique, with very lammmm wordings :) What is the occasion? Cos I "spammed" her blog at the correct time and this was my reward. *wink*

She mentioned "expect the unexpected", but I couldn't get what she mean earlier on ... :)

And much to my surprise.. Wow.. One packet of white and pink-coloured shredded coconut coated with sugar was enclosed together with the pressie & the card. This is indeed a surprise :) She posted one post on Childhood Food Reminiscence recently and one of the items she mentioned was this shredded coconut coated with sugar. That was something that I used to savour during my childhood time (primary school time). Thinking about it, I haven't eat this snack for at least 2 decades. I have totally forgotten about this snack till I read her post recently. This is indeed something nostalgic, don't you agree? ;)

Once again, thanks for the lovely gifts, Papercrazy :)


L B said...

Today I would have gotten gold, but you aint got no HUGHUGCLUB franchise.. *cry* *weep*
Now, gimme coconut!

L B said...

I just realized I would have gotten Gold yesterday too! *double cry* *double weep*...

Yeah, I forgot about those candy coconut chunks too... mmmm, mmmmm.... When I was in Ipoh, we bought a lot of old-time sweets, including the boiled coconut candy, wrapped in red paper!!! I wonder what happened to all of them!

Chen said...

I'm lazy to fill in the application form :P
aiyak.. don't cry..
okie okie, give u one whole pandan coconut :)
(don't throw the coconut back at me)

still crying ah?
okie okie..
pandan coconut with coconut candies then :P

boiled coconut candies?
wah.. I haven't have that for ages too... someone must have eaten them loh..

Cynthia said...

wow! Thats very nice =)

L B said...

Hmm, I must try and see if I have any pictures of those coconut sweets!! *throws coconut husk back at Chen.. and misses*

Chen said...

yeah :) I love collecting cards, especially those handmade cards.. I still have the cards given to me during my university days :) The wed anniversary card u made for me in the past was in good hand :P

Go, go.. Dig out all the photos :)
Sure u can find the picture..
Err.. I hope u don't have thousands of picture to search for..

lucking the coconut husk tak kena kepala :P Last time, lotsa people get confused between kelapa & kepala.

_butt said...

awwww... so sweeet!!

psst.. LB quite 'emotional' today eh? *hehe*

may said...

shredded coconut ah... I'm not a fan of it much, but have it on occasion when there's nothing else to munch on lah! prefer just drinking coconut juice, mmmm... so very the leong!

Kenny Ng said...

oh... coconut snack! Still got meh? I just remember got coconut sweet, really long time never eat it.

mistipurple said...

foood i want fooood!! (if only i can eat off the blog pics)

Chen said...

yeah.. indeed very sweet :)
and the shredded coconut snack is sweet too ;)
sweet + sweet = double sweet :)

I guess LB just habis watching a sad movie kua? Might be the sad Hindi Bollywood movie? that's why he is so emotional? ;)

cannot munch too much too.. or else will have a sore gum.. Good excercise for the facial muscle :D

Did someone just mentioned Coconut Juice? That's my favourite drink !!
Especially during the hot weather..
so refreshing..

yeah loh.. till I totally forgotten about this snack :) Thanks to Papercrazy once again for bringing back my childhood memories & let me taste once again the childhood snack :)

Misti wants some too?
pssss... Don't lick the monitor nor drop saliva on the keyboard, okie?

zeroimpact said...

So laaammmm
She is so sweet
You are so sweet
I am not sweet enough...

mistipurple said...

LB emo ah? maybe hormone imbalance liao cos we ate his LoBak and his Bola.

Chen said...

hehhehe... why u say u r not sweet woh?
Don't worry.. I can made u sweet..

*Pouring the sweet condensed milk on Zeroimpact's head*
See? Now u become sweet liao..
Not only sweet, but veli veli sweet :P
Ants will like u too

shhhh.. don't talk so loud

mistipurple said...

hahahaaa ah yo Loctor! DKY zero was recently bitten by red ants. he may even be scratching the effects right now!

and shhh about the LoBak and stewed bola hah? ok ok.. shhh...

Chen said...

lidat ah?
someone pour condensed milk on him earlier on ah?
poor boiboi kena bitten by red ant..
notti red ant..
must piak them kaw kaw..

Yeah.. shhhhhh on the lobak thing...
nanti dia sedih :P

Red Sponge said...

U R THE ONE! 'x'!!!! sweet! I mean the shredded coconut snack is soooo sweet! ;p

angel said...

How sweet!

Pleasant surprises do make our day, don't it? I love surprises too (only pleasant ones, of cos!) and I'm beginning to like giving surprises too :) it gives us a nice feeling, doesn't it?

*totally konpiused about the LoBak Saga*

Chen said...

red sponge,
kekkee.. I'm the one loh..
lammmmm wordings + sweet shredded coconut snack = double lammmmm...
so sweeeeet hoh? :P

yeah yeah.. a small surprise is sufficient liao to make our day :)
Can give us those nice liuliu sweet feelings :)

confused about the LoBak Saga ah..
visit Misti's punya rumah & u will know the story loh..
very liuliu... kkeekke

mistipurple said...

hahahaa, actually i think LoBak stori started at Princess A's cbox!! liuliuliu! but anyway we all started eating it cos it's so tasty. :P

Chen said...

hahhaa.. now i remember.. long long time ago, it all started with LoBak singh at Princess A's place.. but then somehow, u started cooking lobak soup or stew lobak or... BBQ lobak? can't remember liao :P I guess my mind not working properly liao cos now I start feeling sleepy..
Time to zzzzz :)
Good night

mistipurple said...

nite nite loctor! *ask angels give loctor sweet dreams*
*tiptoes out of loctor's blog*

Cocka Doodle said...

Are those pinkish coconut pieces colored or are they genetically modified?

L B said...

*who am I? how did I get here?*

Winn said...

got such thing meh? er.didnt ring a bell....

maybe liucas will know . can borrow for him to sniff sniff a bit?

papercrazy said...

U r most welcome....awwww

So shy lah, u posted the, the card looked quite nice hoh from this angle or perhaps it's your professional skills of arranging and snapping the camera...

Sorry just managed to send u so little....I actually bought 100grammes but bila want to masuk the bubble envelopes, aiyak, envelope too small so I threw away half of it lor...

Shud have given Redsponge the other half hoh??

blink blink phai seh eyes until fake eyebrows fell off*

ah nel said...

the red colour more nice to eat... ;)

Chen said...

haha, indeed I have a good night sleep yesterday night..
Till I lazy to wake up this morning :P

wah… ini cocka manyak berfikir..
this one ah… they taruh artificial colouring ..
Mmmm…. I would like to know how a genetically modified coco-nuke taste like too..
And I hope the genetically modified coconut has a soft husk  easier to open

Poor LB having amnesia & lost his way. Don’t worry, I can bring u to the mata station (police station loh).. They can help u to identify & locate your way back home :)

Chen said...

*ring ring*
Yeah, might be Liucas the genious dog will know :P
Might be hoh.. he ate up all the shredded coconut snack in the past,
That’s why u didn’t get to try it when u small time :P

Liucas is such a notti boi :D

paper crazy,
The card itself is nice at the first place mah.. TQ TQ
U r indeed very creative :)

Wah.. I tarak professional skill lah… kakkaka.. u talk lidat, later I might float float up to Cloud 9 :P
Kekee… I like to take photos from different angle – different feel mah :D

Throw away half of it ah?
U should feed the other half to Red sponge or your little mei-mei instead :P

ah nel,
got difference meh?
The pink coloured one look nicer only lah..
Still taste the same woh : D

mistipurple said...

*licks computer screen*
wishes tis is star trek time. can simulate food and instant can get.

ah nel said...

the pink 1 more sweet... ;)

nyonyapenang said...

ya, those 'sugar-high' childhood snacks. ho chiak!

velverse said...

wah!!! really nice and how sweer of her :) Hehehe

Cocka Doodle said...

Dr. Jekyll, those thai coconuts you find in the restaurant are GM mya. They also spliced it with pandan plant genes to give it that pandan flavor.

I read that some places in japan, they even splice the genes of cold water fish into tomatoes so that they can grow in colder weather.

Chen said...

hahaha.... I hope your computer screen is clean then... I worried u might lick all the dust and watever germs on the monitor leh.. :P

Give misti a handful of shredded coconut snack :)

ah nel,
i prefer the thinner shredded coconut snack - taste better compared the thicker one :)

when small time.. all sweet stuff are nice stuff (not like nowadays loh..) kekkeke.. another example is the cotton candy :P

yeah, very sweet of her :)
I didn't expect she will send me that :)

I see..
Thanks for the info.
I dunno about that :)

Pink Cotton said...

yalo "YOU R THE ONE"

sounds like a card given to bf or gf larr...ewww


better cabut first...


Chen said...

pink cotton,
that's why I say very laammmm loh :)
so sweettttt :)

Simple American said...

That looks really nice. I bet someone obsessed with pink likes how that looks too.

papercrazy said...

HAHAHAHAHAH I know, I know, the card really sounded lam but I kep quiet until PC pointed it out but too late to re-do a new one (Have to send quickly because the coconut expires lor)

Can't blame me mah, never make card for this kind of purpose wan lor....

Chen said...

that someone who is obsessed with pink doesn’t like the snack…
well.. this is the yesteryear snacks
Kids nowadays are spoilt with too much varieties liao.. hehee..

paper crazy,
sounds very very lammmmm and very sweet :D
no need to re-do lah.. this one is very nice already…
I like the card :)