Monday, October 02, 2006

Mooncake Attack

Mid Autumn Festival (中秋节/Zhong Chiu Jie) is just around the corner.. Mmmm... so many different names for the same festival.. Mooncake festival lah... Lantern Festival lah.. whatever lah.. all refering to the same festival (is this confusing? Hope not..)

Mooncake festival mana boleh tak makan mooncake? I know, i know.. mooncakes have 1000+ evil calories hidden inside their sinful bodies.. So devilish..

The liuliu mouth watering Kam Lun Tai Lotus Paste with salted yoke Mooncake. Each small mouthful bite is equivalent to how many calories? Who wanna take out calcultor to calculate?? Or just makan aje? Eat first, worried later? No no.... that is not the way :P

The pink coloured Snowskin mooncake with berry paste (the supposed blueberry and strawberry paste)... Seeing this mooncake reminds me of Pink Cotton and Misti Purple. Pink & Purple.. what to expect? Must correlate with them.

Pink + Purple = sweet + sweet = very lammmmm... = dental caries too (oops)


ah nel said...


mistipurple said...

eat me eat me! i vely sweeeeet!!
hahahaaha i neber bathe today yet! :P

angel said...

ewwwww @ mistiliu! so liuliu ask ppl to eat a dirty cat/pig :P

gimme liulian wannnn!!!

L B said...

Ahhhh, so that's Zhong Chiu Jie!! Say lah!!! How you expect me to know everything? I am only familiar with Sotong Festival (somewhere in June), and LongBlek Festival (somewhere in September)..

I got one last double yoke Pandan mooncake (bought from Tesco at Damansara) saved for Zhong Chiu Jie! October 6th, yes? I will save till that day, and then wallop in one swallow! Can synchronize watches now yet?

Pink Cotton said...


i lurve lurve the pink and purple moon cake!!!...

Kenny Ng said...

hehe... this weekend i balik penang eat the moon cake! has been miss it few years coz lazy to buy... LOL

mistipurple said...

Angel, okie lah, i color myself purple oredy. just like that mooncake. now want to eat me or not?

Chen said...

ah nel,
wuaahhhhh, why u so "big reaction" geh? U haven't eat any mooncake this year or u makan too much liao? till u beh tahan tengok mooncake? :P

eeeeee... where got people asking others to eat them one?
I know u r very sweet lah..
abuthen, u tak mandi woh?
how to makan u?
liuliu loh...

yeah loh... we both eeeewwww at misti :P

u really like liulian very much hoh?
I didn't buy liulian mooncake woh..
but I have liulian candies..
u wanna? ;)

Chen said...

yes, this is zhong chiu jie... :P
i say liao mah...
so u learn something new today?
zhong chiu jie is not thanksgiving day, but it's mooncake festival :P

Yeah hoh.. the Sotong festival !!
Must celebrate it next year
Eat sotong the whole week :)
so the liuliu
can't remember when is the actual date liao..

Yeah, Zhong Chiu Jie falls on 6th October, this coming Friday :)

save the best for the last?
good good :)
bite & swallow the whole mooncake one mouthful,
but make sure u don't get choked..
cos Liucas not around to do CPR for u.
Liucas nowadays very busy..

mistipurple said...

i mandi later, play with purple dyes first. today i want to be dirty gal.

Chen said...

pink cotton,
i know i know
i know u like pink karer mooncake :)
wanna make your own mooncake?
I heard your jie jie that day asked u wanna joint venture make mooncake boh.. :P

balik kampung :)
enjoy your balik kampung trip & makan-ing mooncake trip..
nowadays, there are so many different varieties available..

This coming weekend I'm not in town, if not I can meet up with u :)

but u haven't mandi yet...
go go go mandi..
use lavender bath foam :)
then we will decide either we wanna chiak u or not :P

_butt said...

got strawberry attack, now mooncake attack!!

when it comes to good food, no need calculate calories la.. makan aje!! *hehehe*

pink and purple.. lovely color!!

kat said...

So the berry paste one taste good? I always prefer the traditional flavours like red bean and lotus paste instead of the new flavours like chocolate, coffee, raspberry cheese, etc. Have you tried the double yolks ones?? Eat already heart also can stop!!! But a little bitty 1/8 piece should be okay, right?? heehee..

kat said...

Eh, Dr Chen. Have something to consult you. I just sprained my lower back and bought a corset-like lumbar support. Is it advisable to wear it to sleep? And if I apply analgesic cream, can I wear the support after applying?

Chen said...

hehhehe.. might be later got sio tu bak or roast pork attack too :P Watch out, hahahhaha

makan aje, then worried later hoh ;)
eat first... worried later :P

i prefer the traditional ones too..
traditional one is still the best.
I bought this berry paste out of curiosity, and I ended up feeding part of it to my dog :P

Yeah, I tried the double yolks one several times,
and it's indeed very sinful :)
Luckily mooncke festival is only once a year :)

u can wear the corset when u sleep time as well as wearing it after applying analgesic cream.

carcar said...

thanks for the beautiful mooncake photo here...

mooncake festival is just round the corner..

erm, i have one with me here.. not so fancy... my landlady gave me, who want?

is kum loon tai..

King's wife said...

Are the 'exotic' ones nice? I have never tried any. I still prefer the traditional flavours...simple lotus paste. I wish they didnt make them so sweet though.

Chen said...

Thanks, glad u like the picture :)
this coming Friday :)
very fast hoh?
For the past few years.. I'm in different place each year during mooncake festival :) This time I won't be in town too ....

Mine is Kam Lun Tai too :)

King's Wife,
I still prefer the traditional ones. Pssss... I give a portion of the exotic mooncake to my dog :P

U didn't buy the low sugar mooncake?
The one I post in the photo (lotus paste with salted yolk) is the low sugar mooncake - not as sweet as the "normal" mooncake :)

may said...

those are mighty good pix of mooncakes leh! hmmm... I have some cute photos too, my post sometime... soon... I think! ;)

nyonyapenang said...

nowadays hor, eat mooncakes macam eating gold lidat - so expensive. sometimes, i suspect the packaging costs more than the mooncakes.

Chen said...

Thanks :)

oops.. i'm chanting again :P
u gonna post soon?
must get ready to chup chup :)
but how leh? I feel sleepy liao....

never mind..
I will ask Ah Boy to standby :D
*bully my little doggy*

nyonya pg,
mooncakes becoming more & more expensive year by year :(

However, we can still get cheap mooncakes from the lorong or pasar malam... still taste good, but with normal appearance without the nice packaging & without advertisement.

Red Sponge said... eat...dun worry...

I prefer mooncake cap amway and "sea out sky" -- translate it into chinese secara bulat bulat.

*yum yum*

Chen said...

red sponge,


don't blame me for eating mooncake..
blame redsponge
she chanted me to eat mooncake :P

LOL at the "sea out sky" mooncake
i know what u mean, 海外天 right?
really direct translation ...
translate bulat-bulat :P

never tried Amway mooncake woh..
nice ah? :)

mistipurple said...

got low sugar mooncake ah? good leh.

plink said...

Plain mooncake for me, please.


Just thinking about it makes my fingers twitch again.

Plain mooncake with lotus paste and kuaci.

Cynthia said...

i have the 'normal' one, without the yolks too. =)
Malaysia has all the fancy fancy one. so cute! I would like to take picture of it, but i dont think i will really eat them. =)
The high like poison? Hahah.. or ROSE? nice to see, but better dont touch. once touch..bleeeeeeeeed. Hahahha

Chen said...

yeah.. The general population are more health conscious nowadays. Low sugar mooncakes are available for lotus paste with yolk, white lotus with yolk etc etc.. The one I bought is from Kam Lun Tai.

plain mooncake means....
baked mooncake skin without paste? :P okie okie.. plain mooncake with kuaci & lotus paste. You dowan the one with yolk? Taste nicer, although sinful ;)

aiyak.. u also dowan yolk?
u can give the yolk to me then :)

Yeah, nowadays all sort of weird weird mooncake flavour is available in the market.. including whisky, cheese, tiramisu.. You name it, they have it :)

can see but cannot touch..
or can touch but cannot eat ;)

Kenny Ng said...

ahh... u in penang meh? soli ah i dunno... :P

mistipurple said...

*tip toes in*
checks Piggy Chen's perfumed pig pen. places piggy toys in hay stack. sneaks out..

izso said...

"Da food blog"

"A journey called life" just doesn't cut it anymore XD

Simple American said...

I'm eating misti. *slurps*

I'm eating PC *slurps*

Who's next Chen? I still hungwy!!!

ah nel said...

i havent eat any till money to buy...just can see and smell only... ;)

zeroimpact said...

Long time no eat liao
I remember last time got the rainbow colour one
So nice
So sweet
But I don't like the yolk
Want to try the ice cream one

kat said...

Thank you very much, Dr Chen!

agree with plink-y about kuaci...plain lotus paste with lots of kuaci (not the flat kuaci, the plump one..what's that? olive kernels??)

Wahh..I saw the ones by Haagen Dazs...sooo chocolatey..sooo yummy!!

What about in East Mal? Mooncakes there same as here? Are they very popular?

babe_kl said...

oooo it's very sweet leh... wat's most upsetting is we were charged extra 50sen or rm1 for the lesser sugar type

FH2O said...

Nice mooncakes pics!

BTW my blog's URL is now changed to

Same old blog but different address!

velverse said...

I used to like mooncake alot.. But I don't know why~ This year I just dun feel like having any :( Been walking around and yet nothing interests me :(

lynnx01 said...

i love snowskin!

Kristopher said...

nice moonckaes....

papercrazy said...

Cannot Joint venture buat mooncake cos all DIY shops no more selling the flour and the filling lor...

So irritating


Bought the Overseas Cherry Blossom..Hopefully it is good..cannot eat yet cos not time yet.

Chen said...

yeah I’m now in Penang (since 2000 )

LOL at the piggy toys :P
I will show u my piggy toys next time ;)
Pigs are cute

cos your eyes only see food & focus on food :P
There are so many other posts around
anyway… we can’t live without food :)

Misti the Oink didn’t bath yesterday.. so did u taste anything funny when u eat Misti? :P
Pink Cotton had been pigging & rolling on her bed too yesterday..

So… two "yummy" piglets :P

Chen said...

rainbow colour one I never see before leh..
reminds me of carebear…

ice cream mooncake ah?
Sold the Haagen Daaz chocolate ice cream mooncake that day..
So expensive..
Can see see look look only :)

u r mostly welcomed 
seldom see kuaci liao nowadays in mooncakes, not like those days :)
plump kuaci? Ahaha, dunno what’s the name of that kuaci, but I know what u r talking about.

U tried the Haagen Daaz choc mooncake? I see only, didn’t buy.

Mooncakes are very popular in Sarawak too.. Cheaper versions are available too.. those wrapped with paper without fancy packaging but taste good as well.

Chen said...

For sunshine card members, we get discounts for mooncakes.. range from 10% to 40% discounts :)
I would love to try the whisky mooncake, but haven’t see any in Penang yet

thanks, unker :)
I will update my link to your new site soon…

Somehow our tastebuds change with time ..I have the similar feelings in some other things too..

Chen said...

Last year, my colleague gave me one small homemade snowskin mooncake lotus paste with yolk, when I was on call in Maternity Hospital Her mum made the mooncake. Very sweet of her :)

Thanks. Have u had your share of mooncake this year?

Aiyak, so sad… :(
Wah.. u are so “disciplined”.. wait till the actual date before u sapu the mooncake?
Normally we don’t eat mooncake on the actual date, cos sudah habis sapu all by then, hahahha :P

Winn said...

i wan alcoholic miniature mooncake..cute hor?

chocolate oso got alcohol filings oredi..why not mooncake?

Chen said...

yeah.. I read from BabeKL's post regarding the Single Malt Whisky Truffle Mini Snowskin Mooncake, Pink Champagne Truffle Mini Snow Skin etc from Bakerzin.

Mmmm... Whisky & Champagne mooncake :)
I feel like taking a bite on those mooncake :P

mistipurple said...

i bathe liao.

Chen said...

hehhehe.. the piggy finally take bath liao.. I tried to imagine u as the cute piggies in my previous post ;)