Monday, August 21, 2006

Kampung Benuk (Bidayuh Village)

Kampung Benuk is a Bidayuh Village located in Penrissen area, Kuching; approximately 15 minutes drive from Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. We dropped by Semenggoh Wildlife Centre earlier on to check out the Orang Utan but since the feeding time was at 3 pm, so we proceed to the nearby Kampung Bidayuh instead. There is another Kampung Bidayuh located further away - the Anna Rais Bidayuh Village.

The friendly dog welcomed us to the Bidayuh Longhouse in Kampung Benuk.

The Bidayuh (Land Dayaks) Longhouse - One of the well-preserved traditional bamboo longhouse.

The narrow staircase. Mmmm.. I guess... this is not suitable for visitors wearing high heels ;)

The Bidayuh use bamboo as building material for their homes.

The raw latex

Rubber sheets being dried to perfection under the hot sun.

More rubber sheets..

Sarawak Pepper

One of the groceries store inside the village located next to the Paka Mini Museum. We stopped here for a drink. We were pretty dehydrated cos of the hot weather (walking under the hot sun at 12 noon) :P

Last but not least, the cemeteries in Kampung Benuk.. This is not the end of the tour in Kampung Benuk yet. :)


fred said...

hope none of the rubber sheet is gone... ;)

ah nel said...

lokter :how kam few post got dog but no recipe of dog mia???lol...

tat panjang house seem lyk to Annah Rais hot spring mia road ler...

zeroimpact said...

I want pepper
I love pepper
Lucky this time a bit far from the cemetary... not so takut

a^ben said...

hee hee~~ cemetary lagik` ai ai ai`

Chen said...

Hahhaha.. How come I never think of that? :P But hoh.. if the rubber sheet is gone, then most likely tak boleh keluar dari Kampung Benuk liao.. kkakaka..

ah nel,
For civilised people like us, dogs are not mean to be eaten :P

Might be loh.. since only one main road there to the location :D But I guess Annah Rais Hot Spring or Annah Rais Longhouse are much further away..

Black pepper? ;)
I love black pepper crabs :D

apa pasal u all takut pasal cemetery woh.. nothing scary mah :P

why not? ;) Hehhe.. this is the 4th time I post cemetery photo hoh :P

_butt said...

aiya.. another cemetery..

zeroimpact said...

I like everything with pepper
Yum yum yum

carcar said...

very beautiful series of photo, pepper, rubber, bamboo, stairs...

i like..


Chen said...

aiya, got so many other photos also mah..

pepper sweet?
pepper cookies?
pepper perfume? ;)

u forget to mention cemeteries leh. :P
Glad u like the photos...
How about visiting Sarawak?
wanna, wanna, wanna?

U walked accross bamboo bridge before? I will post that up soon :)

Pink Cotton said...


I very takut the staircase...

last time when im little...i visited my fren's grandma's kampung n i really wanto cry when see the staircase...


okliao...byebye liao

gnite!!! *waves*

angel said...

interesting pics... except for the last one :(

angel said...

i just saw your msg. thanks. i'm feeling better now. already accepted the fact, earlier couldn't accept.

btw, dyk where is the wellesley church in pg?

Cynthia said...

long house...really long

dun latex smell funny?

Chen said...

pink cotton,
yeah loh.. some of the staircase in the kampung manyak tinggi one woh.. something like 30 or 40 or more steps.. I see liao also sked :P If not careful can easily lost balance, then jialat loh... This one still okie lah.. cos few steps only..

good night :P

Good to know you are feeling better now. *hugs* yeah i know.. it's hard to accept the fact that someone who is dear to us is no longer around... :(

Wellesley church is in Burmah Road. I know the location of the church.

This is not the typical very long longhouse. I have seen much longer longhouse :)

Those latex, not really lah smell funny :)

Daniel Yiek said...

I love this post as I love such cultural adventures. I want to go there next time. I hv only been to Sea Dayak (Iban) longhouse.

Simple American said...

It seems to me the bamboo streets would be difficult for heels too.

Interesting buildings. Neat seeing rubber like that. And I thought rubber was black. :P Ya know like a car tire.

Post more. But done pressured (I so slow at posting pics).

ah nel said...

ya lor me r uncivilised so can post those

hmmm...isit nest to a bridge ledi?if so then its to the hotspring...

Winn said...

i like the narrow staircase. when i went there earlier this yr, i couldnt help but kept playing with them. hehe

slurp! said...

not entirely made of bamboo ler but its still very nice.

this also called long house huh? i always thought sarawak long house are those with very unique arch roofs.

ohhh famous sarawak pepper. i tried green, black pepper sauce with pretty distinct taste.

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

*makes note to visit long house on next trip back*
ahhhh the smell of drying rubber, do I remember that well since they were all laid out in my grandfather's backyard, what nice fragrance.....
your ah boy looking very cheesed off at u leh...:P

Chen said...

I would like to visit the Anna Rais Bidayuh Longhouse too if I have time – this one is located on the hillslope with beautiful surroundings, in Padawan, near the Indonesia border.

That’s true. I guess those who wear high heels need to walk bare feet during the visitation? ;)

The smoked rubber sheet is darker in colour, but not to the extend of black ;) More pictures on the way… :P

ah nel,
I know we crossed one small wodden bridge.. I can’t remember whether we crossed any other bridge or not..
Didn’t really look around :)

Chen said...

I can imagine Winn Winn climbing up and down the staircase, like what the little kids used to do..

Err.. Did u run across to and fro on the Bamboo Bridge too?
I sked leh if u do that..
I will post the bamboo bridge pictures soon..

The longhouse now are more modernized already..
Different tribes will have different long house architectures, I still remember seeing a heap of skulls hanging on the ceilings during one of my previous longhouse visit way back in year 1999 .. Too bad I didn’t have any digital cameras during those days..

yeah yeah.. that is a must :)
spend few days in Sarawak, the Land of Hornbills :D

I took several pictures of dogs on the street during my last balik kampong trip. And most of those dogs have white fur :D

ah nel said...

if aft the bridges the road are rock mia then it is liao tar road to hotspring... :)

zeroimpact said...

Pepper drink

Chen said...

ah nel,
nope.. different place..
I guess u r referring to the Ana Rais Longhouse :)

pepper drink?
reminds me of pepper spray pulak :D

may said...

I like the pepper picture the best!

ah nel said...

13th Panda said...


hmm..cemetery AGAIN

Chen said...

We have pepper perfume and pepper chocolate too :) Wide range of pepper related products :D

ah nel,
oops.. pretend didn't see loh... :P

13th panda,
why everyone so scared of cemetery woh? Don't worry.. next post guarantee no cemetery pict liao :D

Robin said...

wah, the big cross must be the chief's or rather ex-chief's.

Chen said...

I guess so too.. Their ketua kampung just passed away few years back.

Eel Wind said...

HI...I just came back from Kuching and went to the village too. But we only visited long house. didn't see raw latex and pepper too. you seemed to have enjoyed more :)

Suliani said...

Hi.. Is there an entrance fee that you need to pay before entering the village? And odo you need a guide to go with you or is it ok for you to walk around on your own?

Chen said...


Ya, we had to pay entrance fee before entering the village, but just a small amount. I can't remember the exact figure as I went there in 2006.

We were given a map and we walked around by ourselves. Nope, u don't need a guide to bring u around the place. It is safe for us to move around by ourselves.

However I went there 5 years back. I don't how are things now or whether they do any changes or renovation to the place or not.

Evangelist Ayron said...

Greetings and thank you Chen for another blog post about my village.

I want to say that I am proud when people can saw my village through this blog post.

Keep the good work and do come again next time.

God bless.

Evangelist Ayron
Founder of Year Of Glory Ministries
Pastor at Bidayuh House Of Prayer (Bidayuh HOPE)