Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Bamboo Bridge (Kampung Benuk)

Another highlight of the Bidayuh village in Kampung Benuk is the Bamboo Bridge. Reminds me of the Canopy Walk. This is more challenging and more interesting than the Canopy Walk ;)

The initial part of the Bamboo Bridge. Still looks pretty okie ...

Underneath the bamboo bridge is the river..

Half way crossing the bridge, I noticed one white dog crossing the river below the bridge.. So, I pointed my camera at the doggy. Upon seeing this, the dog stopped and looked at me instead. (I guess the doggy was thinking.. "Apalah ni, tak pernah tengok anjing melintas sungai keh?")

This is the challenging part, located halfway of the bridge.. The narrow bamboo bridge..
*Hold Deep Breath.. Don't panic.. Stay Calm... * And most importantly, secure the camera :P If the camera drop down inside the river, then really jialat loh...

Anyone interested to take the challenge?
Winn Winn, did you run across this bamboo bridge in the past?
Carcar, are you interested?
It was fun though..


Pink Cotton said...


no 1! 'x'

chen oh..i think this is main tipu ler..u msg me in msn when u post up new posts...LOL

i haven read ur post kok ah...nvm..i come back n read after i finish typing my post k k k k ??? kuai kuai ah *pat pat*

Pink Cotton said...


u went to fear factor challenge isit?how come din ajak me?

LOL...everyday climb scary staircases and bridges ..tsk tsk tsk

if u brot me there..i think u will hv to carry me on ur shoulders to cross the bridge...WAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

*carcar pretend faint-ed*

carcar said...

oops! *carcar wake up*

the anon was me!!

angel said...

wah lau... chi keik neh?
i dare take the challenge! i dare! i dare! LOL...

Dragon City said...

is it secure?? hehe

a^ben said...

*io piku on the bridge~~* wahhahahahaha!!!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
kkakaka... only today mah.. LOLOL

we went to settle some other things in the first place. Later found out still got time, then only we decide go jalan-jalan loh.. :P

carry u accross the bridge ah?
later both of us drop down into the river, then how? LOLOL

this carcar manyak cheeky woh..
pretend fainted pulak..
i pretend tak nampak dia fainted..

use the magic skunk to wake up sesiapa yang pengsan... (good hoh the skunk, indeed very useful)

carcar interested to take the challenge? ;)

Chen said...

angel angel,
good good..
we ajak pink cotton, winn winn & carcar as well :) The more, the merrier mah.. But I guess u need to carry pink cotton on your shoulders leh.. LOL

I guess so :P

yao piku there?
on the shaky bamboo bridge????
guarantee u will jatuh..

Pink Cotton said...

ish...really feel like throwing ben into the river!

_butt said...

Aik.. a white dog crossed a river out of nowhere? Not a common sight wor..

Wah.. that bamboo bridge stable or not wan? Can use for Fear Factor challenge leh.. *LOL*

Fredy said...

*yawn* that is a walk in the park ;)
you better try my dusun durian fear factor... hehehe....

Simple American said...

You want big fat me to cross that? *pengsan*

I'm sked I break it. Then I have to build them a new one. :(

slurp! said...

the creaking sounds from bamboo probably send shivers down one spine. too bad, there is no fast flowing rivers, it's will enhanced your excitment :)

Loong said...

You know it would look more exciting if there was a raging river underneath.

zeroimpact said...

I like canopy walk
I want to walk the bamboo
I will be so much fun
Let's all walk the bamboo

may said...

the bridge looks cool... at the most, I'll just fall into the river and get wet, have a bath while I'm at it... haha!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
throw, throw, throw..
u remember?
that night in Sharing Planet..
we wanted to throw him inside the lake too, right? ;)

that dog belongs to on the bidayuh family inside the village :) There are few bidayuh guys swimming there too ...

stable or not ah? as long as one is not in the heavyweight category, I guess alright kua...

*proceed at own risk*

Hahahha, u must take a photo of your dusun durian fear factor for us to have a look liao :D

Chen said...

if that is the case, then you can stand aside and take video shots of those who are crossing the bridge.. Who knows, you might be lucky to take shots of someone who falls inside the river cos he shaking butts halfway on the bridge (refering to Ben).. LOL

wah.. tat is too chi kek liao.. Must look in front instead of looking down when crossing the bamboo bridge :D

yeah.... made the adrenaline level in the blood surge even higher :P

Chen said...

I'm sure you will like it :)
The last time I went for canopy walk was several years back in Penang Hill. I dunno whether the place was still available or not.. Didn't go there for ages already..

Talking about bamboo reminds me of bamboo chicken ;) The traditional way of cooking the manok inside the bamboo..

Hahahhaha... kill 2 birds with one stone hoh? and at the same time, we can take beautiful shots of you mandi inside there... might be u can mandi together with the dog(s) too ;)

cooknengr said...

whatsup doc ? Shouldn't the dog be saying " Apuh! bayuh nampok sigek asuk.... ?"

ah nel said...

lokter...i reli outdated mia ler...how kam got so mani nice places gua duno mia???apuuu...

aiksss...got food crossing the river...lol

zeroimpact said...

Wah got food some more
I want to go
I want to go

Chen said...

blur blur here.. I only understand half of your sentence :P

ah nel,
u should really go out & explore loh..

btw, there was no food across the river lah.. The bamboo chicken I had it somewhere else.. cooked by my uncle :D

zero impact,
aiyak.. misunderstanding liao..
the bamboo chicken hoh.. was cooked by my uncle in his house in Sarikei, not there lah.. I cakap "reminds me of mah.." :P

L B said...

Come back! Come back!! Hurry.. hurry.. Miss you too! Fai tit lah!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

I wanna go I wanna go
errr the doggy not scared got crocodiles meh?

Chen said...

Aiyak, I wish I can do so too.. :P

put this on your "places to visit" list on your next trip back? ;)

Ini sungai tarak crocodile :)

ah nel said...

the matter is i duno those type of places exist...lol

i mean i saw food crossing the river not across... :P

bamboo ciken???hmmm...i think i eat b4 n its reli nice... :)

Robin said...

wah u are good...

So narrow still can take photo.

I will hold tight tight to my camera, in case it drop and the ropes, in case I drop.

Robin said...

Meow, I've got cats for u at my blog!

Chen said...

ah nel,
I get what you mean :)

Hah? U see food crossing the bridge?
Are u hallucinating? ;)

Bamboo Chicken with rice wine, superb & finger licking good :)

I took the photo when I was still on the wood plank bridge prior to stepping on the bamboo portion of the bridge ;)

okie, I will put up a link (regarding the cute meow meow) in my blog soon..

Simple American said...

Ewww! Did anyone fall in when you are there?

ah nel said...

hehe...since u wana keh keh beh cai...hmmm...tat white food crossing d river mia...lol

Chen said...

No other tourists around at that moment – only my hubby and me, but there are few locals swimming in the river underneath the bamboo bridge.

ah nel,
Cheh… that cute white one is not food :P The dog bites u then u know… LOL

ah nel said...

b4 it bite me i bite him 1st...lol...*bLuEk*

Chen said...

ah nel,
I will wait & see who kena gigit first :P

ah nel said...

tat u mean hv to show me whre then if i gigit him then u help me cook it k???lol...muahahaha...

Chen said...

ah nel,
I see no evil,
hear no evil,
and do no evil..

All evil things u can do yourself :D

ah nel said...


u see no evil coz u cook it wit hand,
hear no evil coz only hot oil sound,
u do no evil coz u cook food for hungry don...lol

gigit dog count evil kar???lol

Chen said...

ah nel,
wah.. twist & turn macam ini..

gigit dog is considered as super evil,
unless the dog bites u earlier on,
then different story :D

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

This looks like great fun!

ah nel said...

i can pretend tat he wana bite me then later i bite it...lol

Chen said...

challenging and interesting for us but it's norm for the locals there :)

ah nel,
then i wish u good luck.
Later betul-betul kena gigit anjing then padan muka :P

ah nel said...

before he gigit me i ledi gigit him...lol...
if i kena gigit anytime can go find lokter chen... :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
don't meddle with dogs :D

ah nel said...

no lar i lyk dogs n onli 2 type nia caught my attention n i wil rear it later when got maney...chihuahua n rottweiler... ;)

Chen said...

rottweiler very fierce leh..

ah nel said...

rare dog wana find those type sissy mia mer???those type bikin house kotor nia just poo poo n pee pee here n thre...lol

Chen said...

dog mana ada sissy?
apa lah u :P

ah nel said...

the type tat c ppl kam oso sked mia...u "buhhh" 1 time duno it ran til whre ledi...lol