Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cats/Kittens for Adoption

(Photo courtesy of Robin)

If you are a meow-meow aka Cat lover and if you are in Singapore or somewhere nearby and you know someone who would love to have a pet kitten or a pet cat/or more, please visit Robin's post - Cats for U. All donations in the form of food, kitty litter, toys, shampoo and medicine are mostly welcomed. No cash donations please....


_butt said...

aiyoo.. so cuute!

Pink Cotton said...


i need a cat since my cat died lei!!

got provide export service??LOL LOL

Chen said...

wanna wanna?
please pass the news around :)

pink cotton,
Robin drops by Kuching on & off quite frequently.. But i dunno whether he can brings over the cat to u or not :)

may said...

meowr... not quite a cat person, but felines are still cool with me. much prefer woofs! :)

_butt said...

wana wana but mom wud definitely not gona not.. :(

okie dokie.. will pass the news around.. :)

Robin said...

Thanks doc,

we will name a cat after you.

will choose a doctor looking one who likes food.

L B said...

pussies!!! yahhh, I wanna wanna too!!! *oops*

Chen said...

I prefer canines too, but nevertheless, these cats are cute..

your mummy doesn't allow u to keep cats ah? too bad loh... :(

Do spread the news around :)

Hhaha, I guess all cats love food and the same goes to human beings too (except those with bulimia nervosa or psychological eating disorder) :P

errr... the real pussy cats or ??