Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kiasu Drink

This is the weird, kiasu drink - 5 Layer Teh C Peng. I used to have Teh C when I had my meal in Kuching. I came across the 3 layer Teh C Peng last year. (brown sugar/palm sugar + evaporated milk + tea). And now they came up with something new, which sounds more canggih - 5 Layer Teh C Peng which comprises Brown/Palm sugar, Wheat grass syrup, Evaporated Milk, Cincau and Tea. Errr... Weird taste. I definitely won't order this drink again in the future. This will be the First as well as the Last time :) I still prefer the normal Teh C (tea with evaporated milk & sugar). Simple is good, and Simple is still the Best ...

Luckily the mouth watering popiah saved my day. I love the popiah (from one of the food stalls in the Lao Han Jia Food Court (老行家) or Expert Foodcourt in Jalan Song, Kuching). This popiah tasted much (x5) better than the ones I had in Penang. Love the crunchy little chucks of peanut inside the popiah. Love the taste. Finger Chopstick licking good.. Tasted superb when dipped with the accompanied sweet sauce. RM 1.70 per popiah but definitely worth the money.

Pssst.. Pink Cotton, I won't piak you with this yummy, mouth watering popiah :P Cos it is wasteful to do so. I will piak u with other cheaper not so delicious popiahs. LOL


angel said...

waa! Chuppp!!!
*sniggers @ pink cotton*

the kiasu drink looks liuuuu!

_butt said...

Chup second!!

Walau.. with sugar and syrup, evaporated milk sumore.. the kiasu drink looks more like a hazard drink to me leh. does it taste very the sweet?

One inch of glance at the popiah and I go hungry edey.. haven't dinner yet.. :P

Chen said...

Nowadays i not only piak people with sotong, I piak people with popiah & yew char kueh as well.. :P

I can't remember liao I wanna piak her with popiah earlier on.. let me recall
*think think*

*shudder* at the kiasu drink :P

I only remember it tasted weird..
hahhaa.. I won't order it again in the future..

I wanna eat the popiah again, but need to wait till my next balik kampung trip leh.. :(

Pink Cotton said...


wanto piak me with cheaper stuff... :(

anyway, i've ever tried the silly drink...ya i agree...NOT NICE

blechs 'x'

3 layer tcp better! ^_^

they really kei liao la...y wanto put so many layer of unnecessary stuff into good ol' tcp

Pink Cotton said...


u see u see...angel laugh at me liao :((

sikui chen

er err *look around*


*piak you with mineral water botut*


Chen said...

pink cotton,
at least i don't piak u with rotten stuff *blek* I still need to pay for the popiah I gonna piak u with woh, remember? :D

I prefer the traditional teh C :P
yeah loh TCP is good liao..
no need to add in weird stuff..
simple is good hoh? :D

sikui? mana ada..

piak me with mineral water botut?
teruk lah u..
piak me with something better lah..
or something edible..
at least i can still consume it after u piak me :P

sengkor said...

the 5 layer teh c ping looks more like... all leftover pour in together.. drink oredi got lausai onot?

zeroimpact said...

More food
Heh heh heh
Must go eat soon
Must go eat soon
But I like drinks kosong
Can ask for teh kosong ah

Simple American said...

Is piak tease?

I likes tea. But no sugar in mine please.

Simple American said...
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may said...

it's 1.30 a.m. and I'm suddenly thirsting for a Teh C Peng!! and that popiah... reminds me of the one in Ipoh... oooooh... I could just remember the crunchy bits, yumyummmm...

Cocka Doodle said...

Don't stir the 5 layered drink.
Drink it straight...and see whether you pee in5 different colors anot?

Selba said...

Oh.. we don't have kiasu drink nor popiah in Indonesia.

My colleague just look your popiah picture and said,"That's really GOOD". Should try it someday :)

ah nel said...

i heard 3 layer d sked apa lagi 5 layer...who ever wana laosai o kencing manis can go try...

jln song...i eveli nite thre eat steam peanut o not???the kueh chup at expert got try o not???

Robin said...

haha.. tot only sg has kiasu drink..


kyels said...

The popiah looks good to me!


cooknengr said...

Whatsup Doc, that's the best Pok Pia in Kuching.

Winn said...

im craving for popiah nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

where to find!!!

day-dreamer said...

Wah... the popiah sure does look nice!

But I've eaten more expensive popiahs. RM2.00 per piece... and boy, weren't they nice!

Chen said...

Hahhaa, should rename this drink as Leftover Drink? :P Still alive & kicking after drinking the weird thing.. LOL

Teh kosong ? can.. no problem..
Air kosong also can..
Roti kosong pun boleh…
Tak ada masalah… LOL
Semua pun boleh..

piak is not tease..
u know.. when we hit someone hard, u can hear the sound “piak”?
that is the meaning of piak :P

One glass of Chinese Tea for SA :)

Chen said...

Hehhe, I thought you are a coffee person :) One kaw Teh C Peng for MayMay.

The popiah were so delicious that I went back there another time for 2nd round. I will go back there for more next time (hope the stall is still around)

My itchy hands asked me to stir the drink woh… still liao what to do? No time machine to go back to the past :D

If can pee in 5 colours, then can made into the World Guiness Record liao.. LOL

There are several popiah stalls here in Malaysia but most of them taste so-so only :) There are popiah stalls behind my working place too.

Chen said...

ah nel,
The 2 layer one is still the best, that’s why I say simple is good :D

Every night go there yum char? U stay nearby that area meh? Apa pasal go there so frequent? Might be we passed by before in the past, hahahha.. cos I went there two or three times in the night during my last trip :P

Didn’t try the steam peanut but tasted the kueh chap there previously.

Kiasu is not confined to Singapore… It is now a widespread “disease” :D

it looks good, and it tastes good too. Two thumbs up.

Chen said...

One of the best popiah I ever tasted :P Love it..

How about a virtual popiah? Feast your eyes temporarily :P
I also wanna eat popiah now.. but I guess I have to put my thoughts behind and eat economy rice instead :(

day dreamer,
The RM2 popiah I guess it must be nice too :D Must be Ipoh punya popiah I presume? ;)

L B said...

*i want*

Simple American said...

Aiyah. Then piak is dangerous. 0.0

plink said...

O.O @ popiah


Aiyah, my list of thingstodo/placestogo/foodtomakan is getting so long!

plink said...

SA: BTW, skunks are safer.... :D

ah nel said...

no lar i stay quite far away from thre...tat place nice to yum cha...can cuci place oso veli kool...

hehe...tat kueh chup a lot of spare part ho???

Chen said...

I know u makan popiah liao in Ipoh, I also want :P

piak is not only dangerous, but contagious too..
Now so many orang running around piaking ppl
U wanna join in the crowd?
The more, the merrier :P

It will get longer and longer.. like energizer loh..
Can stretch long long one..

ah nel,
stay quite far but go there every night?
Good lah u… hahhahah… So free ah to go there every night? :P

The kueh chap portion is very huge.. I cannot finish makan

ah nel said...

bo pien mar as tat place nice to sit around limteh n can buy dvd drama

hehe..i nvr eat but owes order for my fren but he eat cheng mia no kueh so its little bit nia lor...i just kiap some of spart part from his

Chen said...

ah nel,
Those dvds drama series are from China one, right? I heard not clear leh :P

ah nel said...

must noe which brand n how to buy mar???hiak hiak...if not clear can change wan...
shhh....i change few times ledi coz drama not nice i say tis n tat n they let me

my collegue mum n bro from JB cum visit here bought drama til over rm100...

Chen said...

ah nel,
Wah.. u are indeed a regular customer :P

ah nel said...

me eveli nite b4 slp must watch drama...hehe...sissy

Chen said...

ah nel,
Wah.. so watching drama is your "sleeping pills"? :P

ah nel said...

yup...kind of as used to it ledi... ;D