Friday, August 25, 2006


Redsponge told me she wanted to participate in this "28888 contest" in the past but couldn't manage to do so. So I decided to put this up again (for the 38888th visitor) for her sake just for fun... Should I announce the pressie for the 38888th visitor here ? The prize is fabulous !!! ---> None other than a kiss from our Pink Lady, Pink Cotton.. (I get "permission" from Pink Cotton liao (paksa-rela permission, not sukarela LOL) .. However she hopes she can become the 38888th visitor, so that she doesn't have to kiss anyone can kiss herself :P

The counter is located at the bottom of the page for those who want to participate. By the way, 38888 = 生发发发发 or 生發發發發 and definitely not 三八八八八 :P

p/s: Pink Cotton, please don't piak me again with mineral water bottle, okie ?

Pink Cotton was pretty sad excited yesterday night, thinking she can save her kiss, but who knows.... This morning Sengkor gives us a "surprise".. Presenting Sengkor, the 38888th visitor with his screenshot below.

Sengkor, you can claim your "prize" from Pink Cotton. Hope you enjoy the prize :D


Red Sponge said...

hahahahahaah hey it's 38811 now!!!

pinkcotton, wish u luck and wish me luck!

Pink Cotton said...

wo hen ke lian~~~~


quick quick 38888! i wanto get this over n done with

*put on red red lipstick*


Chen said...

red sponge,
kaakakkak... I think pink cotton is very kin teoh now leh...

pink cotton,
ni hen ke ai leh..

wah.. don't put on so much lipstick leh. errr.. how come u put on red lipstick instead of pink lipstick? :P

may said...

aiyak, quite close... 38824...

ah nel said...

dowan kiss can kar???i wana save it for my future wife not chin chin cai cai mia

sengkor said...

now is 38826, i only need to click refresh for 62 times.. warming up now..

Pink Cotton said...

*tick tock tick tick*

38814 now ... oh!..every second seems like hour to me now..LOL!!

kinteo...dono who i hv to kiss :(

HEY! this is like arranged marriage lei!!..chen ah!!!boohoohoo

Chen said...

aiyak, quite close, but quite far away also..
err.. apa saya cakap ni???

ah nel,
can, of course can..

but hoh.. is this you or someone else log in with your user name?
doesn’t sound like you at all leh..

don’t refresh too many times till your keyboard merajuk :P

pink cotton,
38814? U sure boh?
Sengkor who commented before u sudah dapat nombor 38826 :P U must be too kin teoh till eye blur blur, see wrongly liao..
Don’t panic :P Stay calm.. stay calm

Cynthia said...

have to royal member to score that number.

wah lau!!

angel said...

harr?? again???
psst psst... my 8888 cuming oso :D

L B said...

This reminded me of the madness we all went thru getting that 28888!!!!! Where's my Pressie ah?!!!

L B said...


L B said...

*stuck* *TILT*

Chen said...

38 is good number leh.. kkakaka, cos i have that figure in my mobile phone # :P

redsponge wanna participate mah :)
yours coming?
I will get ready to spam when the time arrive :P

kakkaka...yeah yeah, that seems so long ago but it's just 2 months back :P YOur pressie ah? yeah hoh.. awaiting for you to claim in Penang loh.. All the lormaikai, but I guess u can only claim it during your next balik kampung trip liao :P

carcar said...

that day i participate on my own blog competition, (by myself) hahaha..

i screen shot the 7777th counter! hahahaha...

angel said...

wa lang tag lu liao... kekeke... :P

Pink Cotton said...


*slap head*

still haven reach mer???

i m so kinteo lar chen...quickly come n chk ur blog as soon as i reached home...aiyoyo...*cold sweat*

Pink Cotton said...

la la la la

bring chair and with plain water to wait for 38888...oh! and also pink n red lipstick in hand..which ever color the winner wants lo :(

tick tock tick tock ...

Chen said...

wah.. solo participation ah?
I wanna become the 8888th visitor of your blog and angel's blog too..
wa manyak tamak loh..

I pergi luar makan dinner, come back kena tagged pulak..
perlu tulis pantun merdeka pulak..
ini tag manyak susah lah..
garu-garu kepala sampai rambut gugur :(

kakkakka, tonight is Flyday night mah.. semua orang keluar pergi wi wi wet wet..
apa pasal u kat rumah pulak?
tak pergi hang kai kai?

plain water only ah?
don't piak me with the water bottle, okie?
i sked liao...

_butt said...

38873 now!! *muahaha*

mistipurple said...

i come visit liu first, and then when i reach home, 38888 sure come out oredy lor.

Chen said...

little bit only
tick tock tick tock :D

hehhee, btw I hope u can finish your work soon & balik home to rest :)
Hope u don't zzzz on your desk, but on your cosy bed instead :D

13th Panda said...

when i come in oredi 38889, but if i am 38888, also dun want kenak kiss..LOL!

Pink Cotton said...

im safe!!!

no one knows who is 38888


Chen said...

13th panda,
muahhahhaa... apa pasal u dowan PC to kiss u :P
Geli ah?

pink cotton,
hahhaa, chicken run pulak.. really chao kai..
I should refresh just now when I'm the 38885 :P
Then u gonna kiss me liao

Red Sponge said...

boohooohoooo...i am here finally!
cis!!! sian ah..lousy streamyx!

Chen said...

red sponge,
your streamyx connection really like kura-kura leh... very frustrating hoh?

mistipurple said...

who win the kiss huh?
pink or red lipstick wor?

Chen said...

some mysterious visitor :P
dunno who ah...
so pink cotton manage to save her kiss tonight.. but hoh, she still owes me 10 kisses :P

mistipurple said...

tonight blogger acting a bit siow. or my computer laggy. anyway, just like my brain. slowwww.

Winn said...

sampat sampat sampat - 383838!


u missed out sampat laaaaa

sengkor said...

dr, i got it..

sorry pink cotton.. I won.. after refreshing the screen for 60 times.. lol

angel said...

kakakakakakakaka! liu ah!

pink cotton kena kiss sengkor already!
this i die-die must see!

*sits on the sofa*
*leaves a space for mistiliu*

AceOne said...

aisey !! i missed the boat!!

plink said...

38925! Too late!

Pink Cotton kiss AhSengKor? Must see!

*sits with angel on sofa, save mistiliu's space*

mistipurple said...

quickly cum and sit with angeliu and plink..
wait for show to start. hahaa ah yo x-rated lor, sengkor starring with pink cotton wor!! :P
loctor can xray gun want to cut scene or not?

Chen said...

blogger yesterday night a bit sot-sot, I faced the same problem too.. cos Friday night kua...
everything also slow down :P

Hhahahha... 三八三八三八. Aiyak, how come I didn't think of that earlier on? Knock my own head with mineral water bottle :P

muahahahhaa.... u are the "winner" or the 38888th? Congrats :D U can claim the kiss from Pink Cotton liao.. u want her to put on red lipstick or pink lipstick? :P

Chen said...

Pink Cotton kissing Sengkor woh... I die-die or alive-alive also must see !!

Searching for empty space on sofa.. Bringing out popcorn & coke :P

Yeah loh, u missed the boat liao :P
Too bad :D

counting.. Space for angel, mistiliu & plink on d sofa.. still got space for me to sit or not? If none, I don't mind sitting on the floor :P

Kakkaa, no need to censor anything here, nobody below 18 y.o right? :P

Oops, salah cakap nanti pink cotton sure piak me with her mineral water bottle again..

ah nel said...

lokter i wana tag u mia last nite but im in hurry leaving ofiz so no one i tag...hmmm...

sengkor :do u wan me to deliver the kiss???lol...i can get it from her 1st then u can hv it if u wan???lol...

Chen said...

ah nel,
Hmmmm... now menyesal liao cos didn't tag anyone? :P

u wanna pok mong ah? how can u receive the kiss on behalf of Sengkor? :P

baru saja cakap bukan chin chin cai cai punya person, sekarang serigala sudah tunjuk ekor :P kakkakaa..

sengkor said...

haha.. these few days better do mask.. put more lip balm 1st.. and wait patiently..

ah nel: thanks for ur kindness, but NO THANKS!!

ah nel said...

nvm gua bolih tag u

whre got pok mong as me lugi lor... :P

which serigala no ekor mia ha???lol...

sengkor :halimau balm lebih

Pink Cotton said...


long enuf or not my face???

OKLA...i m very the sporting one *coughcough*

chen...which leng zhai???

sengkor ya??chen i don k ah!..u r the one behind all these u must formally intro us 2 first...ah bo i really cannot give a good kiss lei!...WAHSEH!

lai lai for sale..who wanna see the kissing ceremony??? 'x'

Chen said...

excited leh?
time to take off your mask liao :D

ah nel,
ini serigala menyamar sebagai kambing biri-biri :D

pink cotton,
don't pull your face so long long leh.. later get dislocated jaw then susah, kakkakaka...

Sengkor is the leng chai who always wear a mask :P That is his identity loh..

Bila tu kissing ceremony? Perlu beli tiket ah? I tot it's free show? :P

ah nel said...

opsssss...gua mia identiti

sengkor :aft kissing selemoni show us the pic ya???lol

Pink Cotton said...

ohh like that..hey sengkor!how to kiss with ur mask on?? WAKAKAKAKA

Chen said...

ah nel,
your saham jatuh liao ah, after identiti bocor? :P

Err..those pictures are not for public view lah.. :D

pink cotton,
More Urmphhh... Kiss with the mask on. You never try that before, right? ;)

sengkor said...

pink cotton.. when u r ready, i m ready to remove my mask too... just lemme know. heheh..

plink said...

*get very excited*

Look, look! sengkor removing mask oredi!! *pointpoint*

*spill CoCka Ckola*

Pink Cotton said...

WAHSEH..when hor??

*twirling my hair round n round my finger*



Chen said...

wah.. sengkor finally agrees to remove his mask liao..
*take a peep*

yeah.. the moment that we have been awaiting for ages :P

pink cotton,
i dunno ah..
only u know when is the time leh..
u nervous, kita orang excited leh..

Simple American said...

I am too late. Pink Cotton wanted me to win, cuz I am too too far away. hehe

Chen we must have a picture to document this occasion.

Chen said...

sengkor wearing a mask & pink cotton wearing a vizor during the kissing ceremony..
That will be interesting..