Monday, April 27, 2009

Chicken Market

After bidding farewell to the wrapped chicken & ducks in the market, now we continue our "chicken talk", by paying a visit to the nearby chicken market.

Hundreds of hen available here in the market. I will refer them as chicken instead, although these are "grown up chicken" :P Most of the chicken here are awaiting to be slaughtered few meters ahead. And the poor chicken have to witness the slaughtering of their own kinds. So traumatizing for the poor kokokai..

I won't include in the bloody scene of slitting the chicken throat. Too scary bloody to be included here. Anyone knows what is this black cylindrical container with a wider white container underneath for? Yeah, the slaughtered chicken will be placed here, and the narrow black container will prevent the chicken from moving around prevent the headless chicken from running around hence thrasing the blood all over the place. The white container underneath collects the drained blood.

This scene is not suitable for those who are phobic of blood as well as phobia of chicken. Notice the pool of blood on the floor? And the blood stained chicken feathers were all over the place.

I haven't see such scene for quite some time already. Reminiscing the days seeing my parents slitting the chicken's throats, draining the blood and plucking and removing the chicken feathers in the backyard in the 80's. I believe kids in big cities won't have the opportunities to witness such scenes.

Cleaning the chicken after plucking and removing the feathers.

Notice the slit mark at the chicken's throat with clotted blood stain?

Uncle is cleaning the chicken and plucking the remaining fur with scapula prior to marketing selling the "manually processed" chicken.


Pink Cotton said...

when i see such scenes it makes me wanna turn vegetarian...hehehe

see no evil 'x'

kat said...

I've always wondered why some people in this world die such violent deaths (kena slashed lah, raped and murdered lah, etc..). Maybe it's karma.. because in their past life they used to do this??

Do you think fish and prawn get killed in more humane ways??

Wyn said...

i hate to this part of the market lor...

very kejam lor seeing dat...but still, we eat chicken...haiz...

Chen said...

pink cotton,
If someone give me a chicken, i won't dare to slaughter it too. Likely i will keep it as pet or set it free. Kekeke.... I dare to kill crabs or sea related products etc but not mammals or birds. Too geli.

I don't believe those who kena violent death has anything to do with karma leh. Some people are just too pyscho. Only this sort of pyscho beings has the heart to traumatise others in an unhumane ways.

Killing fish and prawn, we won't "feel geli" cos there's no gushing of blood. :P

*see no evil*

Most of the time, I prefer eating vegetable than meat, but I still eat seafood lah. Seafood is just too delicious to give up :D

mistipurple said...

so kesian.
head more pain after seeing, lol.
ya, i used to go market with all these slaughtering going on.

suituapui said...

Ya...come to think of it, some city kids may not have seen a live chicken before - just chicken parts in the supermarket! I saw in NZ, at the egg section, there was a button for the kids to press to hear the sounds of chicken crowing...and they got so excited by that! LOL!!! said...

Is it possible for not writing such wut tat post?

Chen said...

No more "bloody" post after this.
hehe, hopefully no more headache after reading. :)

Nowadays does Singapore still has such markets? I meant open slaughtering of the chicken?

I do agree most city kids have not seen a live chicken or ducks. I guess some of them might never see grasshopper, snail or frogs before too lei. Just like kampung kids never see some high tech computer games. :D

Wat tat meh?
U see all these already when u r small time mah :P

psss... At least i didn't take any slaughtering photo. That one definitely will be geli kaw kaw.. :P

mistipurple said...

no more open slaughtering here. cleaner. but no more essence in that way. but last time no complicated diseases. no swine flu. no monkey disease. so changes must happen.

tieroflife said...

how about duck?

keeyit said...

yeah.. start to think whether I should switch to vegetarin or not.. since recently already eat vege already.

miracle8 said...

When I was studying in penang and ipoh more than 10 years ago, I used to stay with a family who sold ducks in the market for a living.
It was quite an experience seeing the lovely couple (of cos lar, they took good care of me)slitting throats of ducks, draining the blood and getting rid of the feathers. It was gruelling the first time I saw it, but after sitting down at the market looking at them doing it for the whole afternoon, I kinda got used to it.
The couple always told me to work hard in school and get good grades, etc... so that I won't have to work so hard like them in the market. It was pretty enlightening to say the least.

Chen said...

I wanna visit Singapore again.
Oops.. I have been talking about that for 2 years already. Hah.. :P

So far I haven't see any open slaughtering of ducks in the market. Might be got but done in small scale?

I eat more vege than meat too. I can give up meat but not seafood lei. Seafood is just too yummy. :)

Oh.. I didn't know u study in Penang & Ipoh before. Do u still keep in touch with them? :)

zmm said...

*splatter my vomit every where and leave*

Chen said...

Hahaha, who will clean up the mess? :D