Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chicken & Duck Talk

Is this something new to u? Why all the chicken being tied up? Did they do something wrong, hence being punished? :)

These are common scenes seen in Sarawak Market. The chicken & ducks are rolled and tied up with newspaper and raffia string for sales.

Some sellers even write the weight and the price on the wrapping newspaper, as in the photo above.

Duckie praying.. "Anyone wanna bring me back home? But please bring me back as a pet duck, and please don't cook/eat me" :P


day-dreamer said...


燕仔 said...

reallllly kelian

mistipurple said...

very mang chang staying in that position for long.
i wouldn't have the heart to kill it at home. cannot rear as pets too because they poot poot shit everywhere. how i know? because long time ago, there is an aunty who used to collect 'poon' (left over food) from our house to feed her ducks and chickens. then every year she brings a chicken or two with eggs and all as a thank you. my mom had the task of killing the chicken. i think she couldn't of cos and brought it to the market. meantime, my kitchen got all the poot poot lor.
those were the days, haha.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Imaging ducks and chicken with cramped legs cos being tied up and stay in the same position for hours. Too bad they r not able to complaint..

Wanna call u little swallow liao :P

Being forced to stay still for so long is really torturing. And furthermore being tied up.. Kesian..

Ya, imaging oneself in their shoe or position.

I don't have the heart to kill the duck or the chicken too. Previously it's quite a norm for household to buy live chicken or duck or kill them at home. I remember seeing my parents seeing it.. Geli lah, I will never able to do that myself... :(

kyh said...

manyak kesian... *pet pet*

Bengbeng said...

but these ducks are very nutricious not like the West Malaysian ducks n much more expensive here.

[SK] said...

OMG this is so cruel to the animals, why do they wrap them in newspaper?? what's wrong just keep them in cage, at least they are free to move??

Kenny Ng said...

Really pity to those chickens & ducks, sure NGO organisation will complaint about it on sellers if they saw this post.

alexander said...

Interesting. I've never seen this before. Thanks for sharing.

Have a nice weekend.

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rainbow angeles said...

oh noooo!!!

i knw my grandma used to 'murder' the chicken liddat.. @_@

*i hope one day i can turn into a vegetarian*

Chen said...

Hehe, I try to imagine the scene of u petting the chicken and the duck's head :)

beng beng,
Is it? I never check the price of ducks here, except the roasted duck meat. The whole roasted duck was sold for RM 32 in Penang, and few ringgit cheaper in Lunas (a small town famous for roasted duck). :)

I have no idea why they do so?
Might be for the ease of customer to choose which chicken or duck to buy? This has been going on for long in Sarawak, I meant how the chicken or duck was sold in the market. There are chickens which are being kept in the cage too, but less, and most of these cases are for slaughtering later on.

Chen said...

Yeah, kesian those kokokai & duckie being tied up for so long..

The NGO organisation will be surprised this is a common scene in Sarawak. And further more, sometimes u can see the exotic meat being sold openly in the market...


Ya, I believe many haven't see this before. Frankly speaking, I think they should abolish this method of selling ducks/chicken as it's kinda tortuoring to the livestocks.

Err... U meant your grandma tied up the chicken prior to slaughtering?

I can give up eating meat, but not seafood leh, seafood is just too delicious :)