Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sarikei Jetty

Many might just ignore those small "insignificant" details in life, but I don't. I love to observe the happenings and little details around me, unless if I'm rushing for time.

This was taken at the Sarikei jetty in Sarawak three weeks back.

The wooden plank or footbridge.

Watch out your steps. Look at the "holes" or missing wood in between the plank.

If you step wrongly on the plank, u might drop into the river instead. By the way, what is the girl doing here?

The filial girl is waiting for her granny. Her granny's boat had finally arrived.

Granny or Nenek walking bare feet on the boat toward the connecting wooden bridge, which is a piece of wood.

Granny started to walk on the little wooden bridge.

Granny passing her slippers to her grand daughter.

Scary lah seeing how the granny cross the bridge. I don't know whether I dare to do that or not as I scared I might lost balance and fell into the river. :P

Granny managed to cross the bridge, safe and sound. :)


day-dreamer said...

Wah, Dr Chen can change become paparazzi liao! The grandma never noticed you took so many picture? Haha.

Jun said...

i guess sarikei is so laid back that u have lots of time to observe and take sequential pics of the granny crossing the plank hor? ;p

fibrate said...

Seriously, I'd be terrified to walk that plank. It's amazing she didn't fall into the river!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Holiday mah, hence can afford doing those "eat full nothing to do" stuff :P

I'm standing quite a distance away from the grandma leh. I don't think she noticed i was taking photo. :P

Sarikei is a small and quiet town in Sarawak, and used to be very peaceful till recently. A place where I grew up, had my primary and secondary education. Life there are not hectic, and slower pace. And most importantly, things there are cheap, but might be boring to many lah :)

To the natives or locals there, it's just a piece of cake leh walking on those plank. They are so used to it already... :D

But.. I don't want to take the "risk" lah. I've stayed in the city for too long :P

mistipurple said...

wah so excited watching the sequel. my heart pok pok pok leh.
bless nenek so clever.
i like old town feeling but don't know if i can take it. too long in city and used to having amenities nearby. if i very healthy i will definitely opt for old town like these. definitely. said...

I don't think that even at my age, I dare to challenge such risky undertaking :P

Chen said...

Very chi kek for us but it's a norm & no big deal for nenek. :)

Yeah, we have get used to staying in the big town or cities for too long. Folk from big cities such as KL sure cannot stay there wan, cos too quiet. Life will be boring to them. :P

Do u agree with me we become more "timid" (or in a nicer word, becoming more "careful") as we grow older? Things that we dared to do in the past, we might pause and think a while before carrying out, cos now we will think of the consequences :D

mistipurple said...

i come and sit here and talk again. :P
i think i won't be bored. i have been longing for a simple life in a simple place for a very long time. if only i am healthier.
but who knows, maybe in a simple place i will actually become healthier. i don't know how i can migrate in the future though.

keeyit said...

Scary to climb over man~ I don't dare to do so.. the nenek so brave le said...

There is another way to look at it:
Maybe after we had gone through so much of hardship, we don't want to lose it all with a small reckless mistake?

Sing Song Girl said...

You have captured something so heart breaking! I cried thinking of my own granny who had lived like this too.
What are men out there doing? Shouting from under the BN flags? Just a lot of empty noise. After so many years our grannies are just given planks.

EastCoastLife said...

This place looks great for exploring! But i would probably fall through the planks. haha...

Chen said...

Most importantly, as long as there r internet connection (preferably broadband) then we won't feel bored, right? :D

Internet has influenced our lives so much. Can't imagine life without internet. But we had lived and went through that phase before in the past. :)

Ya loh, I won't dare to do so too.
Scared of falling into the river :P

And bear in mind also, we won't be able to discover new ocean unless we dare to lose sight of the shore. :)

Chen said...

sing song girl,
Thanks for dropping by, Sing Song girl. I lup my state but not the gahmen. Too much corruption out there and many of the poor citizens are being taken advantage of. :(

That is my hometown, a small and quiet town, with it's own charm. :)

Too bad there's no other way for nenek to reach the jetty. For me, I will think twice, or thrice or several times before crossing the planks :)

sarawakiana said...

My heart bleeds looking at granny struggling to walk up the planks.


Must send photos to YB DT.

Chen said...

The poor rakyat..

Talking abt the state gahmen, they have taken several lands from the local citizens for years but yet to pay the compensation money, with the same excuse for years... no money.

Wilson said...

seeing the ah Mah crossing the bridge, *sigh* the gov should build a proper jetty for the public la! is too danger for the to cross it like that.

zmm said...

Did you clap after the granny safely reached the other end?

Btw, long time no 'see' you since LB has stopped blogging. ha.

Chen said...

Hopefully the govt will really look into the welfare of the citizens. The rakyat have suffered for long time...

No lah, I'm so far away. The granny and the grand daughter didn't even notice i snap their photos. :)

Err.. what's the connection between LB stopped blogging and not seeing me? U meant seeing me online or? I don't get it. :D