Saturday, April 11, 2009

Poor Cat :(

I took this photo while walking on the street in Sibu, Sarawak.

What u see in this photo?
Electric pole?
A huge flower pot with green plant?
An old tree trunk?
or A kitty cat?

Yeah, a poor kitty cat being TIED UP to the electric pole. This is the first time I see a cat being tied up leh. Poor meow meow. Why your owner tied u up? :(


angel said...



sarawakiana said...

Some pet shops/SPCA should send their detectives around to check this cat out. Poor cat.

I would suggest that whoever did this should pay a fine for illegal parking.

Emily said...

This is the first time I am watching cats being tied up too. But I think they deserve to be, I hate cats. They're nice to look at but they are irritating.

ÅnGe|e said...

ohh poor cat :(

Was the owner around when you took that picture? Maybe you could have untied the kitty and taken it with you :P

I love cats and it's a shame to see how some owners treat their pets.

Chen said...

aiyak, apa tu teru??
*scratching head* :D

Yeah, this cat (who was tied up in front of a shop) was being "tortured" by the owner. Totally lost of freedom... :(

Hehe, although i'm not a fan of cats, but i don't like to see animals being bullied or tortured. I dunno wat's the reason why this cat was tied up, but i think the owner scared to lose the cat? :)

This poor cat was tied outside a shop. I presume the owner of the cat is the owner of the shop or working at that shop? Anyway, I don't think the owner noticed me snapping photo of the cat.

fibrate said... on a leash. Poor kitty

kyh said...

really first time seeing meow meows tied up... cos normally is woof woof ma. pity it... said...

the owner 人有三急
去 shee shee 了

mistipurple said...

ya hor, unusual to see a cat on a leash.
now i thinking of how many owners walk their cats. and maybe this cat can play catch and bring back balls. haha. :P

Chen said...

The cat must be confused now, thinking that he is a dog :P

Yeah loh, might be the owner "sayang" the cat too much that he/she sked the cat might run away or being kidnapped :P

go shee shee can bring the cat along also mah, so that the cat can also shee shee at the same time :P

Haha, it's funny but my sister in law told me her neighbour put his cat on a leash and bring him out for walk. Hehe :P

rainbow angeles said...

woei.. teru is liucat's brother... ;-)

Chen said...

Hahaha, now i "remember" the story...
No wonder the word teru sounds so familiar when i first read it.