Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy 4th Blogiversary

Although I didn't blog much for the last few months, but I haven't abandon this space of mine yet. Today (25.4.2009) marks my weblog's 4th birthday. Time really flies. I have get to know many of you all out there throughout the year, and quite a number has become my friends in real life, not only virtual acquaintances. Although quite a majority of people that i know of via blogging have stopped blogging as time goes, but I think I won't join their bandwagon yet. With this 4th blogiversary, I'm planning to revive this weblog again.

Happy 4th Blogiversary to aka A Journey Called Life... Should i give it a new home? I meant getting a new domain?

And last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for spending your valuable time on this little humble space of mine. Terima Kasih Banyak-Banyak :)


rainbow angeles said...

kunghei kunghei sang yat fai lok!

day-dreamer said...

Happy 4th Birthday to A Journey Called LIFE... many more anniversaries to come!

Yuuuuuuuuuuuum seng!

13th Panda said...


ehon said...

happy blogniversary! :P 4 years edi eh! and i've been following you for like 3 years!

Chen said...

TQ TQ. Hehehe, sang yat fai lok sounds it's like my birthday lidat. Kkkkk, too bad no special celebration for blogiversary huh?
But i did go jalan-jalan today, act like tourist in Penang :P

day dreamer,
TQ TQ. Cheers with iced coconut water (since the weather is extremely hot today, and coconut water is cooling :D )

13th panda,
Must buy cake liao to celebrate :D

Thanks Ehon.
Err, I think not that long lah..
I think 2 years lidat kua? :)

dobbs said...

Happy Bloganniversary Chen! Have fun reviving your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! Gee! Mine's just slightly over a year old! Thanks for dropping by and do come again...often! LOL!! I've linked you in my blog roll.

mistipurple said...

celebrations are in order!
*do lion dance*
ah boy's blog younger hor? haha.

kat said...

Eh.. why now black-black di? Or has it always been black ah?? I remember you manyak suka hitam wan.. :D

Since you are reviving this blog, dun forget to twit oso ah.. :D

Any plans to come to KL around July/Aug?

Chen said...

Thanks Dobbs :)

Talking about reviving my blog, reminds me that i have neglected my fluff pet for long... And also pack rat, since they changed the rule. Is the game still the same? :)

Oopss... :P

Thanks Suituapui.

Heard about u several time from nyonya pg in the past. Too bad nowadays she seldom blog liao.. :(

Chen said...

Thanks Misti.

Kkekeke, got fireworks or fire crackers or not?

Ah Boy hasn't update his blog for more than a year already. He is such a busy doggy. :D

LOL, likely u haven't drop by for quite a while already. I have changed the template background colour to black for quite some time already, I think since end of last year?

I malas to twit lah, but i do update my FB status frequently. :)

U coming back to KL around July/August? So far no plan yet, but see how things go :)

TZ said...

way to go Chen... happy 4th birthday to A Journey Called LIFE... keep on with the good job :) Looking forward to celebrate with you on the 5th anniversary.... :)

fibrate said...

Keep on blogging, Chen. I've learnt a lot of interesting and quirky things here :D said...


keeyit said...

Maybe a new domain for it?

Chen said...

Thanks tz. Seems like i have written blogs for ages but it's just only 4 years. :)

Thanks Fibrate.
All the ocipala stuff including eating lice, huh?

TQ Yenjai.
Ada birthday cake tak? :)

Thanks Keeyit.
That's what in my mind too.
I'm thinking of what to use as domain name too :)

ck lam said...

Happy 4th Anniversary to your blog. You did shared with us a lot and I really hope to see it going.

Would be nice to it in a new template...:)

Chen said...

ck lam,
Thanks Ck lam :)
I'm considering getting a new domain.
Thinking of what name to use :)

_butt said...

a very happy 4th blogiversary to you doc chen! :-D