Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Exotic !!

Grilled chicken head & neck. Dare to eat this? Fear Factor foodstuff. No way. I will give this a miss. Too gross :P

Wah.. This is even more interesting. Piggy head. Btw, this has nothing to do with Swine Flu.

Good to see, but I won't eat it too. Too exotic to be consumed. :)

*Photos taken at the Night Market (or Pasar Malam) in Sibu, Sarawak.


Kenny Ng said...

Still got pork? Not banned in Malaysia meh? Here UAE Banned kaw kaw.

Chen said...

Pork is not banned in Malaysia. As long as the pork is cook properly, it is safe to consume. :)

Btw, the photo here was taken more than a month ago, prior to the Swine Flu period. :)

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I do sincerely think that grilled pig head is very nice and a traditional treat. But when vendors raise their prices for such food items because of the "demand" I really feel sorry about the desire to "profit".

In Ipoh most pig heads are thrown out into the rubbish tip as unconsumeable. And poor students in the UK used to be given one or two by the friendly butchers (if and when they have made friends.)

Today in Miri a pig head is worth its weight in gold - twenty five ringgit..love it or leave it.

My favourite recipe is still Pak Lo Pig Head with lots of Lo Eggs(to be taken two days later.)
thanks for the pictures....

Wilson said...


I like chicken, but when look at that grill chicken head & neck, too gross....

post something yummy :P

Pink Cotton said...

yerr sibu got so ulu meh?
how come i nvr see one?
i only see kong pia n kam pua 'x'

[SK] said...

well, all these are not that scary actually.. i have eaten deep fried chicken neck before - don't like it because there's no meat!!

ÅnGe|e said...

I usually eat chicken and sometimes pork but definitely not those parts I've just seen here! Hahaha!

Doreen said...

I definitely will not touch all these!

yenjai.net said...

I ... I ... thought ... it is a scene from Fear Factor :P

mistipurple said...

hehe, safe to see these pics when hungwee. :p

suituapui said...

Eyew...not for me, but I hear they sell like hot cakes. Very popular!

Chen said...

Wow... I have never eat pig head before. Too exotic for my taste...

I dunno what's the price for those pig heads in Sibu. I didn't ask cos I didn't plan to buy any. :D

Heheh... Besides the chicken head & neck, I also don't consume chicken butts aka bishop nose. But to some, those exotic part are delicacies. ;)

Okie, will post up some yummy photos next. :)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
why ulu???
Selling this exotic foodstuff is not equivalent to ulu lah.

*piak u*

U never see this cos u never look out for it mah. Hahaha... It's a common scene at the Sibu pasar malam lei :P

Eating those chicken neck is akin to eating skin and chewing on the bones. LOL

So, we will just admire those exotic parts instead. Btw, how about the chicken butt or bishop nose? Do u consume it? :)

Chen said...

We will eat the siew mai and kompia stuffed with meat instead, hoh? :)

To those of us who don't consume those body parts, it's akin to Fear Factor. To those who loves it, this is delicacies. Hehehe..

So, at least u won't feel hungwee after seeing these pict huh? Safe to review even at midnight. :P

I'm surprised lei u don't eat these foodstuff too. Thought most Sibu lang will eat those exotic parts :)

Bengbeng said...

this Sibu lang will run away from such exotic stuff :)

actually i am very conservative when it comes to food. i am too chicken i guess :)

ÅnGe|e said...

Chicken butt? :O :O
No wayyyy!

*excuse me but I think I'm going to throw up*


Hahahah :D Nah seriously I wouldn't even dare to taste that. But I know a few people who actually enjoy bishop nose!

Nelson said...

the best thing is that Ibans, Chinese and Malays open their stalls SIDE BY SIDE @ this Sibu Night Market.

Chen said...

Haha, I believe many people are in your shoes too. I will still try out some exotic stuff, as long as it's not cockroaches. :D

Yeah, just as when I bought some belachan fried chicken wings and drumstick from a roadside stall, I saw someone buying a big packet of deep fried bishop nose.

*roll eyes*

That's true. How nice if this can happen in other states in Malaysia too. :)