Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sibu Night Market

Besides the piggy head and chicken head and neck exotic foodstuff in the Sibu pasar malam @ night market, there are several other yummy mouth watering foodstuff at cheap affordable price.

Setting up and preparing their stalls for the night market.

Wow... they even sell pre-packed economy rice or chap fan. If you are not a fan of those exotic foodstuff, u can buy whole grilled chicken or chicken thigh/drumstick here too. :)

Gigantic meat roll. Frankly speaking, this is the first time I see such gigantic and fat meat roll. Looks yummy though.. I should have buy one lah that day. *Regret*.

Colourful pao or steamed bun. :)

Soya bean drinks and other drinks refilled inside mineral water bottle. Not only that, the mineral drink labels not yet removed are still intact.

The most yummy foodstuff in town... Siew Mai. :)

Deep fried bread or roti goreng daging.

The meat-stuffed kompia, also known as the "chinese burger". Good stuff. Only 40 cents per piece or 5 for RM 2.00 :)

The mouth watering siew mai again. The siew mai here are gigantic with different shape, enable more fillings. :)

Everything is huge here... including the steamed cake. :)

And last but not least... wanna some?


moz monster said...

Nice ... but everything they sell is food, or did you just concentrate on food instead ? :P

Also ... how come it's called a night market but it looks like the sun's still out ?

Chen said...

I only went to the food section as we were leaving back home to Sarikei after that. Some of the stalls are not set up yet.

This was taken in the late evening around 6 pm when the hawkers just only set up the stalls for biz. Hence u can see the tray of food r still full. We were the first few customers at the pasar malam. :)

VampireM said...

aiyo... hungry la, and i see all these pics.

Pink Cotton said...

wow nice!

i nvr go visit the market when i go :P

Anonymous said...

so nice the food! Im hungry already..

Doreen said...

Oh mine, I could see myself stuffing the food at each stall. What's the food in your last pic?

Bengbeng said...

ah, the things we take for granted...i pass them every time n never noticed they would look interesting visually. Benghui spent rM4.50 here to buy a mother's day meal for Mrs BB

Chen said...

not only u..
I myself feels hungry too looking at the yummy-licious food picture.

pink cotton,
How come geh?

U went to Sibu so many times liao and never go to the Sibu pasar malam. Next time hoh if u visit Sibu again, must drop by the pasar malam. :)

Ya, the food r yummy.
I should have buy more siew mai, kompia, big pao etc at that time. :)

Chen said...

I think that's the kuih kacang with sticky gluey brown sugar ladened with sesame seed on top. I didn't buy any as too busy looking around and taking photo (till lupa). :)

beng beng,
Ya, many times things that we encountered frequently (or daily), we will take it for granted or won't pay any particular attention to it.

That's very sweet of your son. What did benghui buy for his mum? Some yummy kuih or the siew mai and kompia?

day-dreamer said...

Yummy! *hungry* said...

the stalls are so different from those around here

papercrazy said... long din visit blogs liaw...

Sibu really have all sorts of interesting food....the small paus very nice wor but have to buy from the correct stalls..

Anonymous said...

Wow - Chen, you have an interesting blog! I'm going to feed it to my Google Reader!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I'm hungry too, and it's now 12 am. :)

This is the uniqueness of the pasar malam in Sibu, the Foochow town. :)

I didn't buy the small pao. Only buy the big tua pao, siew mai, kompia and one bottle of tao chui or soya bean milk. :)

james wong,
Thanks James. :)

zmm said...

I love markets!! It's a good way to see what people eat in the town..

This place, definitely for meat eaters.


suituapui said...

Your photos are very deceiving! Everything looks so yummy...but I think generally, the pasar malam food isn't nice at all...

Chen said...

Sibu is the town for pork lovers. U can find all sort of pork related foodstuff there. :D

Haha, might be different people has different taste buds. Many of my Sarawakian friends love the food sold in the Sibu pasar malam.