Sunday, May 04, 2008

Parking Lot No

Normally how u guys remember where u park your car? Especially in a huge multi storey carpark.

My method is very simple. I will take a snap of the parking lot no with my handphone.. It will safe the trouble trying to recall the exact location or searching for the car later on.

Few years back, before I own any cameraphone, I used to jot down the carpark lot no inside my PDA. If I didn't bring my PDA together with me, I will type the number and save it inside the SMS draft of my handphone.

A Community Service brought to u all by yours truly...


angeles said...

kkkk.. sometimes i do that too.. but sometimes too lazy.. i just memorise it and take mental pic of the place :p

day-dreamer said...

Eh, good idea leh!

L B said...

I have lost so many cars this way.. and now with the iPhone, there will be no more excuses!!!

L B said...


spinosum said...

Yeah! I have been doing this too!! If PDA, i will use "Diddle Bug" to jot down; nowadays using Treo, i just snap a photo of the car with the parking lot number - so much easier to locate my car after some 6-hour lepaking at the shopping mall! ;) said...

I think one of the thing that we train our kid since young, if they are growing up in the city, is to memorize such thing, LOL

I always quiz my son: where is daddy's car?

TZ said...

Awesome idea!... For me i usually will remember the entrance that i go into the mall or building, then all i need to remember is at which floor :->

mistipurple said...

lb's carpark ah? kkkk

eve said...

Erm..I can always remember where I park my car one wor..unless kalau the place is new la...then a bit susah.. Then I just have to remember from which staircase I come out from...hehe..

Chen said...

i do that ALL the time! wah! we must be related!

_butt said...

use to type it in draft sms too. but snapping a pic of it seems easier. hehe

kyh said...

yup this is one way to remember it...

Leonard said...

what a way to remember where you parked your car!!

most of the time, i remember which exit to the shopping mall i took and used back the same exit to the carpark!!

Doreen said...

Oh, good idea! Why didn't I think of that? I normally just used my brain though it is not very reliable. Time to overhaul I guess. Hehehe

may said...

even better solution is...

take the bus. or train. you'll never need to wonder where your car is. kekekeke :P

Chev said...

Wah, cannot be lazy lah..
After u jalan-jalan, window shopping, sampat-ing, ocipala-ing, makan-ing and all the huh-hah for several hours inside the shopping mall, u won't forget where u park your car meh?

Take mental pict pulak?
Angeles very keng :D

day dreamer,
Very good idea hoh?
Good things must share-share mah :D

Wah.. how many cars have u lost ah?
Toy cars or Banana Cars or Peanut Cars? :P

iPhone very good hoh?
My friend's hubby is using iPhone too :)

iPhone in Malay = Telefon Saya?
No See Ghost :P

Chev said...

None apa?
I catch no balls liao..
only manage to catch flying stars :P

That's great.
Great Minds Think Alike, huh? :D
Yeah, it made life much more easier searching for the car especially after spending hours inside the shopping mall :)

Walao, Yenjai bully his girl girl and boy boy.. Asking them to remember his parking lot no for him. LOL

Nowadays with the advancement of technology, we don't have to exercise our brain cells so frequently liao.. How many of us bother to remember the phone number? Most of us just key in inside the handphone only without memorising the number :)

Chev said...

I have no problem in remembering the entrance, but following that u need to remember whether it's left side or right side of the entrance etc etc.. Hehehehe...

LB's car park reminds me of the scene underneath his bed in one of his post recently. Really resembles an empty car park leh. Till I also almost kena tipu liao...

Wah, Eve has very good memory woh, can always remember where she parks her car. Even if u remember which staircase u come out from, u still need to remember whether turning right, turning left, going straight etc and all the other ocipala stuff. Not so easy also leh :P

Chev said...

Hahahaha, Great Minds do think alike.

We are related in a way...
Well, we share the same surname,
and we work in medical field,
and we have great minds.

Yeah, snapping a pict save the trouble. Summore can see the colour from pict. Useful especially in parking lot which divide the parking zones according to colour. Made life much more easier :)

The easiest and most user friendly way, without hurting our brain cells. Hehehhe

Chev said...

Hehe, u can use it the next time u park your car inside a shopping mall.
Hence no worry of not able to locate the car after spending hours inside the shopping mall :)

Blogging is very educational hoh?
U learn something very useful today.

Remember to snap a photo of the parking lot no the next time u go shopping ;)

Wah.. if taking bus or train, then cannot shop till drop and buying/carrying big packets and small packets of goodies liao.. :P

Cocka Doodle said...

I normally used changgih technology GPS to locate my car.
But sometimes, I have to use another GPS to locate the earlier GPS that can locate my car.

Jason Chan said...

i did that too... chen and chan also related ma.... so clever hor!!!

Chev said...

Cocka has very canggih tools & gadgets hoh?
But Ocipala lah u..
Piak u with GPS :P

Hahaha, another Great Mind here..
Also from Chen/Chan Family..
So clever hoh? :P
(I presume we share the same surname in chinese character?)

Later orang cakap kita ni perasan :P

L B said...

Really none...

L B said...

No Ghost..

L B said...

No peanut..

Brenda said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Trinity said...

hahaha... here in Bandung I rarely forget where my car is.. but happened to me once or twice.. hehehe.. next time I will do it when I park in a complicated parking lot, may be out of town.. hehehe said...

bahahahaha. i only rely on my memory. :D

Chev said...

no ghost...
no peanut...
but at least got sashimi... :P

Thanks for dropping by.
Glad u find the method useful :)

Hehe, it's useful especially when parking in a huge multistorey car park :)

cos u r still young mah :D

Pink Cotton said...

wahlau auntie...
can laugh or not??


u shud bring me shopping nxt time...i m an expert in remembering parking lot no!..ngek...esp in spring :P

Chev said...

pink cotton,
siu mui mui, I know u r Spring kaki lah.. cos u visit there so frequently... They give u any special visitor pass or not? :P

Got visit your jie jie's shopping mall or not? :)

Anonymous said...

the first one is Gurney Car Park.

the second one is no idea

the third one is prangin?


Chev said...

Haha, u get the first and last one correct. I also can't remember where was the second shot taken as it was quite sometime ago.. Might be it's the basement carpark in Gurney Plaza? Dunno.. :D