Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sashimi Haven

This is what I called Real Stuff ~ thick, juicy slices of fresh sashimi.. Unlike those pathetic, thin sashimi slices served in Sushi K*ng :)

Really Value for Money. See liao also lao hao sui... Don't forget to pay Excapade Sushi a visit if u happened to visit Brunei :)

p/s: Photos taken with my handphone Nokia N73.

p/s/s : I HEART sashimi, and I LUP sashimi.. yum yum...


Pink Cotton said...


first!!! =)

yeah!SK sashimi sucks! :P

L B said...

2 more months... two more months... even Sushi King also wallop... Two more months... two more months.. Tic Toc Tic Toc.. 2 more months..

Chev said...

pink cotton,
Err, I thought u likes the sashimi at SK woh.. Cos u wallop so many plates of sushi that day :D

So fast time flies...
I can still remember the scene at Gurney Drive in July last year. Wah.. that's almost a year already..

And the most nostalgic wan is the invalid woman in G Hotel. Ngek ngek ngek :D

2 more months, and the world is yours... :D

L B said...

My world is your world is my world is yours..

L B said...

What happened two years ago?

L B said...

Got salt?

L B said...

No more lump on my back...

Chev said...

wah.. so cheem geh? :D

Two years ago ah?
Hehehhhe... got one lenglui suddenly climb on top of a chair and started taking photo from the top inside the Hakka Restaurant. We were all amazed by her sudden move.. LOLOLOLOL

And someone licked the crabs in a hiao hiao way, and not forgetting the fabulous flying peanuts. Kkkkkk... Must replay back those video clips :D

The salty Giordano.. too bad no free salt with the Tee :P

Yeah loh, no more 3rd nipple on your back. And Ah Boy missed his char siew pao :D

mistipurple said...

chevliu, how come eat raw fish won't stomach ache geh? we humans must eat cooked mah.

mistipurple said...

oso raw beef. why why why huh? :)

mistipurple said...

*ahem* i checked. so many parasites can be present wor.
*runs before kena piaked by all the sashimi lovers here*

zeroimpact said...

I see octopus
Big fresh octopus
Yummy yum yum

Chev said...

hehehe, depends on your immunity also lah. Some people phobic of eating raw food, including sashimi, raw oyster etc.. But i sapu lah.. Life is short :P

I didn't eat raw beef woh..
but i do eat medium cooked steak lah :P

Err.. cannot be so kiasi wan mah, else cannot enjoy life to the fullest liao :P

Yeah, gigantic octopus..
yum yum..
but i prefer the salmon more :D

angeles said...


kakakaka @ all the Sampat Moments®

less 2 more months tick tock tick tock...

i forgot the japanese restaurant's name that i went.. must go see my pics first :P


Chev said...

Yeah, Sotong is there..
Sotong kena makan liao?
No wonder MIA for so long lah..
who ate the poor Sotong?

at the moment, i'm waiting for end of this month first..

I also can't remember the jepunkia restaurant name.. I have to refer back to the name card to see the name :P

I heart & lung the sashimi too

sbanboy said...

I love sashimi too :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Message for guys only: I'm here to promote alternative sex....try using the octopus' tentacles and determine if it's better than a blowjob by a woman!


Kok said...

You went to Excapade sushi? Wahseh! You really know how to enjoy hor? haha!

Chev said...

and it's low calories and non fattening too.. :D
eat it with lotsa washabi & soy sauce..
Heavenly :)

*faint kaw kaw*
So this is what u always do when u r desperate time ah?

I went there few months back....
Miss the food there leh
The sushi and california rolls as well as other foodstuff there is nice leh.. Including the mochi :)

Misha said...

thank you for visiting my humble blog :)

i love sushi (tuna only) but not sashimi because because Mum said that I cannot eat :)

happy weds to you!!!

_butt said...

oh my... what an octopus!!

Trinity said...

eeeikkkksss.. don't like it!

giddy tigress said...

I haven't stepped into Sushi King for at least 4 years now. Your sashimi looks droolicious! They should have it in Penang ma.

Chev said...

Hehe, u mother is worried about your healthy and immunity level cos u r still young. Mum knows best ;)

Wanna wanna?
Btw, bila Butt nak mari Penang? :D

Sashimi is a love-hate relationship. Either u love it or u hate it...

giddy tigress,
Same here. I haven't visit that place for quite a while too.. Too expensive with small servings and not worth the money spend :)

Doreen said...

Wah, very thick leh. Does that mean thick cash for it too? Juicy juicy... *pick one and put in mouth, then another one, and another....*

ehonchan.com said...

wahhh!! reminds me of the 6 palm sized raw salmons i had at this japanese restaurant in melbourne!!!

Chev said...

the sashimi is thick, juicy and most importantly, it's freshhhhhhh...
not that thick for cash lah,
i will say it's value for $$$ :)

Syiok lah u
always get to eat good food
if not always, also most of the time u get to do so..
hehehhehhe :D

may said...

I love sashimi too but not a fan of raw octopus leh. a bit like... rubber... kakaka

Chev said...

hahaha, if the raw octopus is too rubbery, then can use it for other purposes.. as piaking tool !! LOL

Pink Winnie said...

wu.. i love it.. it's really thick o.. yummy yummy..

Chev said...

pink winnie,
I feel like eating sashimi again..

mich said...

i wan can ah??
yum yum

Chev said...

Abuthen, this shop is in Brunei woh :)