Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tweet Cloud

Reminiscing the Twitter Craze several months back.. Or was it a year ago? or was it 1.5 years back? Can't remember when was it liao.. Mmmm.. Never mind...

Get to know the Twitter Cloud aka Tweet Cloud from Rinnah's blog post. Hence I gatai tangan and checked mine too.. Hahaha, apparently Misti is the word I used or twitted most frequently in Twitter.. And the Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk........ And surprisingly I even see "See Ghost" inside there.. Really 见鬼 liao.. :P


rainbow angeles said...

kkkkk.. sampat! and i see me there :p

now, can also twit from gmail ;-) i feel like i'm rediscovering twitter hehe!

kyh said...

sampat betui!!! my twitter got angie wor... kkkkk

rainbow angeles said...

my cloud refused to form :'(

L B said...

Angeles' cloud has too many rainbows... too heavy!
Twit Twit!! LOL.. Yes, this Rinnah Twittercloud is very sampat! said...

I have never use twitter :P
You lar. Never teach me how to use :P

may said...

I prefer tweet rain wor...

rinnah said...

Really my twitter-ing so keng meh? Suddenly everyone got revival of semangat liao! Kekekekeke!

Doreen said...

Er.....I am completely blank here. Another sampat topic?

Chev said...

rainbow angeles,
wah.. since when u change profile name to rainbow angeles woh?
And your profile pict so rainbow
Really sampat :P

Yeah, u were there
your big big name is up there
I saw too !!!
summore at the first row :D

Huh? Can even twit from gmail wan ah. So canggih wan?
Normally I only twit from Twitterrific :)

Hahah, I haven't twit for quite a while already.. Few months i think?
But then I start twitting again few days back

Angie is too femes liao, hence she is always being mentioned in twit. Hehehhehhee...

Chev said...

rainbow angeles,
Too much rainbow liao..
till the tweet cloud unable to handle

Poor Angeles
*Pet pet shoulder & Hug Hug*

Hehehhe, Cos Angeles' cloud has too many sampat words, hence very hard to form :P

Rinnah revive the twitter craze again, which was once being forgotten.. Especially after the Facebook craze. LOL

Aiyak, i thought u very internet savvy wan woh.. How come u never use twitter? :D

Chev said...

Hehehe, so sampat
Wonder if anyone prefer tweet star or tweet sun?
Hopefully nobody will throw that tweet star.

Yeah loh, u very keng
The forgotten twitter (especially after the facebook craze period) is revived once again.

cos u dunno us yet during the twitter craze period, which happened more than a year ago :)

This is my Twitter website :) said...

ah angel.. eat ghost.. :o !!

angel eat ghost! u keep seeing ghost ar so twit so many ghosts! :P

fibrate said...

Eh, didn't see "ocipala" there!

Chev said...

cham loh u..
why u ask Angeles to eat Ghost?
u wanna kena piak issit? :D

See Ghost and No See Ghost is a famous phrase in the past mah, Thanks to LB.. :P

why no ocipala there ah?
cos i didn't use the word "ocipala" in twitter in the past mah :P

btw, i see the word "cham" over there.. Hehehehe

rainbow angeles said...

yaya, piak ehon! i eat u! :P

ya, can twitter from gmail.. just add (i think! lupa liao.. cham...) also hv to edit the settings at yr twitter account, to enable the device update, choose IM.. ;-)

rainbow angeles said...

oh, i changed my "identity" 2 days ago :P fatt kwai hao... kekekeke..

i must go seed my cloud liao..

mistipurple said...

lol, i mind-commented here this afternoon. now sudah fly away in cloud already. hehe, my name big big. *feels proud* kakakaka. :P said...

chen, probably I don't bother to let ppl know what I am doing?

Chev said...

rainbow angeles,
Thanks for the info :)

so panjangleh your new name, i malas wanna type the whole thing.. but cannot use the abbrev RA woh, cos that is reserved for Rheumatoid Arthritis :P

Show us your new cloud..
see got rainbow karer anot :D

yeah loh, your name big big there.
That is the first thing i noticed when i looked at the cloud

Hahaha, Imagine if Yenjai writes on his twitter.. "Do No Disturb, Busy petting Fluff pets".. LOL

rainbow angeles said...

i knw why my iCloud kenot form... cos... my iTweet is a protected account.. got wear femidom wan... so that ppl cannot simply pokepoke kkkkkk.. :P

Chev said...

rainbow angeles,
Wah... your Twit Twit account is so protective wan ah..
Ada siapa kacau u woh?
So bad, must piak that person kaw kaw :)

How many layer of femidome it wears ah? LOL