Friday, May 02, 2008

Dirty Bug

I saw a small yellow bug walking on my table yesterday night.. Hence, I quickly grab my Canon EOS 350D and put on the Tamron SP 90mm lens and took a snapshot.

Following that, I attached my Raynox DCR 250 super macro conversion lens for extra magnification (2.5x). When I look at the photo I took, I almost fainted... My Goodness. I didn't realise the bug was so DIRTY !!! (Btw, this bug is still ALIVE).

When I look at another photo taken using built-in flash, lagi pengsan. hahhahhaa... Ini kumbang manyak kotor lah. Might be he just visited the rubbish dump? He definitely needs a good bath :D


day-dreamer said...


Really nice shot. Although the bug is very dirty. Wahahahahaha!

Happy weekend!

angeles said...

nolah.. he was on top of ahboy earlier.. kkkkk :p

zeroimpact said...

Foam bath will be good for it
And you use a Raynox DCR250 ah... now I know what it can do with macro lens

mistipurple said...

wah piang. next time you must shoot the ka-chwak already.

L B said...

Ah Boy's new helmet!!!


mistipurple said...

lb sure kena piaked when chevliu wakes up. :P

Doreen said...


*rush to toilet and puke*

Back! Oh~~~so yuckssss

*puke the second time*

Chev said...

day dreamer,
hehhe, Thanks. Although the magnified shot is a bit blur, as i lazy to use tripod :D

I never expect the bug to be so dirty. Really give me a shock when i look at the photo. Hhahaha

Happy Sat to u too :)

*piak piak piak Angeles*
U meant Ah Boy is very dirty, is it?
*piak piak piak again* :P

Hhahahhaa, the bug will get a shock out of it's life if being foam bathed. Hhahaaha...

Yeah, the Raynox DCR 250 can do wonders when taking macro shots, and it's not that expensive. Price around RM250 :)

Chev said...

dowan, later i pengsan if i see what are the dirty or yucky stuff stuck at the kah chuak's hairy legs... Kkakaakkak

*piak piak piak LB*
so small how to become helmet woh..
The filthy bug is only around 5 mm in size leh :D

already piak-ed him liao
thanks very muchie for Misti's valuable suggestion :D
*Sayang Mistiliu*

Hehhee, now we will look at bugs in a different way already. Hehehheehehe... said...

thanks for the science class

but piak chen gao gao
I spend money buying my breakfast, ok?

eve said...

Wahhhh...your camera dem terror la... or issit your skill ?..My chapalang camera sure kenot do that ler..

fibrate said...

*mental note to self : new gadget to buy*
OMG, are those squames on the bug's body?

moz monster said...

*sends body shampoo samples to Chev and the dirty bug* ...

faitit go and clean up !

Chen said...

suddenly i feel hungry....

ehon said...

someone got a new pet!! bahahaha. did u clean the bug up or not?

L B said...

Have you ever watched Land Of The Giants? Perfect helmet size for Ah Boy when he kena the Shrinkage Ray!

Chev said...

u r mostly welcomed..

Err.. If u lost yr appetite, u can always gimme your breakfast. I hampalang sapu wan :)

hehehe, there's a difference between chapalang camera and better camera. Else I won't spend big bucks buying DSLR and the lenses liao :P

Yes, another new gadget to add onto your list. But this Raynox DCR 250 is not expensive leh. It's only RM 250 :)

Err.. I dowan to know what are those things on the bug's body.
So geli :P

Chev said...

Wai wai, I'm not EFND woh..
No time to scrub nor clean up the dirty bug. Hehehhehe

Next time I can keep the bug for u..

Err.. Keeping Sago Worm is better than keeping this dirty bug. If I clean up the bug, he will sure RIP liao cos of drowning.. :P

How am I going to hug Ah Boy if he is being shrinked?

Cocka Doodle said...

Looks like this bug just came out of a porn movie ...after someone squirted on her. Muahahahahaha!!!

Pink Cotton said...


must be u too long din clean ur house already lah!!


poor kumbang...throw him into the sink for a good swim!..mwehehee *evil laugh*

Chev said...

This Cocka watch too many ham tai..
must poor Clorox to clean his brain liao :D

pink cotton,
*piak pink cotton*
lu mai cincai kong

I lazy to do community service woh that night, just let it be :)
Anyway the dirty bug disappear within an hour or two. Coz when i went back there, it's no longer there already :D

mistipurple said...

want to take close up of ah boy's hair or not?
wait ah...
i piak myself, you no need to piak me. PIAK PIAK PIAK.

Kenny Ng said...

Did u bath it? :P

Chev said...

pandainya ini Misti
piak-ing herself

Give Misti one gigantic Sotong for self piaking :)

LOL.. The bug is considered lucky as i didn't throw it away inside the dustbin :P

L B said...

Very easy to hug Ah Boy when he's shrunk. Get yourself shrunk too.. Hor?
Just think how long a lormaikai will last then..

Jun said...

hahaha doc, this is not path specimen lar... wanna take measurement summore -__-

Trinity said...


anyhow, I love your shots..really good one! The bug looks photogenic..hehe.. it even smiles at me!

Jason Chan said... dirty.. oh wait? where is the bug from? your table right.. hmm... that's why so dirty la... piak chen for polluting the innocent bug!

Chev said...

Wah.. dowan leh..
shrunk till so small..
later accidentally kena pijak then jialat liao.. :P

Kakakka, I purposely put the ruler next to it to show how big (or how tiny) is the bug mah :P

Thanks Trinity.
Photogenic Bug? hahaha, the dirty bug will have insomnia tonight liao since being praised photogenic :D

*Piak Jason with dirty table cloth*

I think the dirty bug just visited the rubbish dump leh prior to flying to the clean table :P