Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Moon Moon

When I looked out of the window yesterday tonight, I saw a beautiful scene.. Mr Moon is so bright and round... Hence I cannot resist but to bring out my cameras and took few snapshots.. The pictures are not perfect but consider okie lah :)
Taken with my DSLR camera Canon EOS 350D (Sigma 18-200mm lens), using manual mode. (f/16, 1/15 s, ISO 1600)

Taken with my DSLR camera Canon EOS 350D (Sigma 18-200mm lens), using manual mode. (f/25, 1/200 s, ISO 1600)

Taken with my Prosumer camera Canon S5IS (with optical zoom 12x), using manual mode but different settings (f/4, 1/125 s, ISO 800).Both photos were taken without using tripod, but I supported my arms on the windows for stabilization...

And I can vaguely heard someone singing Theresa Teng's 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represent My Heart)... Nope, I'm not hallucinating :P


rainbow angeles said...

no star?

how come one is orange, one is white geh?

*stares at the moon...*

Chev said...

R Angeles,
No Star cos the star are being threw by many already.. Hence tarak bintang left in the sky :P

that's a very good question.
Homework for Rainbow Angeles ~ to find out the answer :P

Don't stare at the moon for too long. Dowan Angeles to transform into werewolf leh

Btw, I kaypoh and went to take another few snapshots of the moon at 1 am just now.. The second photo is fresh from the oven and newly added :P

zeroimpact said...

I vote for the second one
Looks more natural

day-dreamer said...

Nice, nice.

L B said...

They look like misti's moons, but then how come got three?!!!

ehonchan said...

aiyer!! Chev, you serious or not you hear ppl singing? spooky ler.. full moon and someone singing theresa teng!!

mistipurple said...

your camera so powderful, machiam telescope already.

*piaks lb on the way out* :P

Doreen said...

What? You considered these shots okie only? They're excellent shots and very professional! And you took them without a tripod! Wow, you are a natural born photographer!

yenjai.net said...

mama say: cannot point finger at the moon
Later finger become crooked :P

rinnah said...

The first picture of the moon reminds me of the egg yolk in mooncake... hungry now...

Very nice n professional shots there chev! Ever thought of becoming a microstock photographer? Can earn moolah wan, you know...

_butt said...

great shots of the moon. sure not hallucinating? :P

Chev said...

I like the second one the most too, and that shot is the additional shot I took subsequently, around 1 am. The other two shots were taken around 8 sumthing or 9 pm :)

day dreamer,
Terima kasih manyak-manyak :)

Misti's moon?
Wah wah wah...
u mean Misti's moon cake?

Good things all come in 3 mah
Hence there are 3 Moons :P

Chev said...

Now u hear it, now u don't :P
Nothing spooky leh..
Might be the singing come from radio gua?

Not that powderful leh..
Got more powderful camera, mine is just the lower end nia :P

Pass Misti few Sotongs to piak LB :P

Thank u thank u :)

I very lazy to use tripod wan :P
Hence I seldom use tripod. Most of the time I use other things for support such as leaning on the wall or the windows etc :P

Chev said...

wah...you so good boy wan ah?
Still remember what your mummy told u up to this day :)

LOL, I had similar thought regarding the egg yolk @ mooncakes too ;)

Thanks. Microstock Photographer?? Never heard of that before leh..
I will read about it one of these days. Thanks for the info :)

Terima kasih...
Ah Boy said I didn't hallucinate woh, and I trust him :)

fibrate said...

You have very steady hands, lady! Nice, nice. Sigma lens with OS?

Chev said...

Not 100% steady lah :P
It's challenging to take night shots..

Yeah, mine is with, OS which helps..
and the lens is more heavier than the one without OS (which weighs 600g+, which is 200g+ heavier than the lens without OS)
But taking night shot is still challenging despite with OS, hence have to take few shots as not all the shots will turn up well :)

moz monster said...

Wah !!!! Sigma 18-200 OS !!! Since when did you buy so many new lenses ??

OS helps up to around 3-4 stops of light. It doesn't make it possible to eliminate blurring at night, but it helps you somewhat. There is also a limit to the blurring it can tolerate.

Cocka Doodle said...

*drop pants and moon at Chev*

L B said...

We are the Champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the Champions -
We are the Champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the Champions - of Europe -

keeyit said...

Yeah.. I saw the big orange too... very nice !

lynnx01 said...

Whoa.. many wonders with dSLR.. all the more of convincing me to get one.

Pink Cotton said...

yerrr so round so hot!!!!!!

Chev said...

i received the lens end of March but didn't use it for quite a while cos of the heartbreaking event that happened at that time...

I just started using the lens recently after buying it for almost 2 months..

Piak your moon ah..
or I can ask Ah Boy to bite your shinning moon too !!

Wah, LB very happy today :D
*Yum Sengggggggggg*

Chev said...

That's great.
That means the moon is the same everywhere (Referring to the famous chinese quote regarding "The Moon Oversea is Rounder") :P

Hehehe, dSLR definitely can produce better picture than the compact point & shoot camera. However, it is a very expensive hobby. The camera itself is not that expensive but the lenses and other accessories are expensive. And most of the lenses cost few thousand bucks!!

pink cotton,
cute leh the Moon...
reminds me of the round "Moon Face" :P

Chen said...

u sure u're not hearing voices?


Chev said...

That "voices" might be from the radio :P