Monday, May 19, 2008

Cannon Ball Tree

Introducing the Cannon Ball Tree (aka Couroupita guianensis), which are widely seen in Penang Botanical Garden. Photos are taken with my Cannon Canon camera on the same day when I took shots of Monkeys eating Ice Cream.

The Budding Flower...

Pinkish flower.. Leng Mou?

This is the final product. The gigantic Cannon Ball. Might be can use it for bowling. If not, u can also use it to throw at those homo sapiens or whatever species whom u dislike. But don't throw it at my dearie Ah Boy.

More Klang-klang ~ Ada besar, ada kecik. Pilih mana yang hang suka...

Further info, only for those who are interested to make cannon balls know more about Cannon Ball Trees..


day-dreamer said...

Wah, I never really noticed this thingy in the Botanical Gardens. Hehe.

Happy Wesak Day!

Doreen said...

Can eat one mou? Looks juicy wor.

Chev said...

day dreamer,
Really have to piak u liao..
The cannon ball trees are so obvious leh when u step into Botanical Garden, unless if u went there when the cannon balls are still small in size or not "in season" lah :P

Happy Wesak Day :)

Dunno woh...
it's hard and I presume it's inedible..
Dowan to get "fruit poisoning" leh

rainbow angeles said...

looks like pokok kelapa liddat...

L B said...

Misti will have so much fun swinging about in this tree...

Chev said...

only the fruit resemble the kepala... oops..
I mean kelapa :P

Now u made me feel like drinking coconut water pulak..
Cham, where to find coconut water at this hour? :(

Swinging about @ the tree ah?
Misti sounds like Monkey liao..

cos I cant imagine an ostrich swinging about at the trees :P

mistipurple said...

*shwings over and piaks lb*

me ostrich hor, chevliu? kkkk
*continues to hide head under sand*

fibrate said...

Wow, I'm really learning new things every day from your blog! :)

Pink Cotton said...

what kind of big cannon tree is that...i hope u no big

read my latest post 'x'

Chev said...

now u swing like monkey :P
And u r an ostrich that knows how to swing!


Next time u gotta pay Botanical Garden a visit liao if u never see any Cannon Ball tree before :P

Blogging is educational, right?
We learn new things everyday :)

pink cotton,
Cannon Ball..
Can use to shoot people wan
Don't play-play :P

Just came back from your site..
Wah.. your dom dom very geng leh
so yau yeng :D

giddy tigress said...

I think I also took picture of the cannon ball fruit and the cannon ball flower before...without knowing its name.

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
So, u get to learn something new today too, I meant the name of the tree :P

I saw some nottie fella wanting to throw the monkeys at Botanical Garden using the Cannon Ball fruits..
Really *&^%$#

Btw, I saw your blog pict inside The Star's paper today ~ regarding seeing LGE at New World Park Hawker Stall & taking photo with him :)

Trinity said...

wah so unique ya!! that cannon ball trees! Can we eat the fruit? hehehe

Chev said...

I have no idea, but i presume can't..
since nobody bother to pick up or collecting the fruits :P