Friday, May 16, 2008


When someone talk about Dom Dom, what is the first thing that comes to you mind?
Dom Dom, the beautiful-iest puppy doggy.
(The handsome-est one of course is Ah Boy).

DOM, the liquor (aka CH3CH2OH)
(2 bottles of DOM = DOM DOM)

Dom Dom, the balloon rubber
(these are not from LB's expired collections. LOL )

Or the boring ocipala DOM (aka The Document Object Model).
(yawning.. Zzzzzzz)

What Say U? Which Dom Dom?


zeroimpact said...

Wah... so many dom dom
I like the multicoloured one
Can use as a lot of rubber related things like balloon and protection
Good rubber dom dom is always good

Doreen said...

I would definitely go for the liquor Dom Dom! Dom Dom so cute! Come here, come here Dom Dom.....I give you yummy cake want?

ehon said...

bahahahahahaha!! so sampat. :P lol!!

mistipurple said...

dom dom is handsome.
liucas is also handsome.
ah boy is the handsomest of them all. kakakakaka. (the mother here mah better say the right thing) :P
*runs before the sotong comes*

rainbow angeles said...

kakakkaka sampat!

sampat batu!

iHeart the first DomDom!

*admires the kalerful iDoms...*

L B said...

"....Malaysia ... Truly Asia..."

Now, we bring you back to Chen's regular transmissions..


Chev said...

so u prefer the rainbow dom dom?

Yeah, and can use it to "protect" the handphone and other gadgets too (by tying up the gadgets inside the rubber) when u go kayaking or fishing. LOLOLOL

Wah.. Doreen loves the liquor dom dom? :)

Ah Boy jeles liao,
cos u only give yummy cake to Dom Dom.. :P

Sampat is not a Dom Dom leh :P

Chev said...

Hehehe... it's acceptable to tell white lies, so Sotong will spare u :P

Err... Dom Dom should be pretty and not hensem leh, cos she is a gal gal doggy mah :P

R Angeles,
The first Dom Dom now very big liao hoh? Dunno whether she still go sampat with Liucas or not? :)

wonder if there is rainbow karer iDom anot? :)

I haven't write ocipala post for long long long time already... Reminiscing those sampat liuliu sotsot days...
No See Ghost :)

giddy tigress said...

Any one will do, as long as it's not "dumb dumb" ...

Kok said...

So many dom dom ah? *Scratc head* I dont know which one to choose lah. Which you wanna give me then? hahahaha!

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
Dom Dom do sounds like dumb dumb in a way :P

Dunno which one to choose ah?
Just close your eyes and point your finger loh..
Kekekekkee :P

eastcoastlife said...

It doesn't matter which one I choose.... All I don't use. kakaka....

Pink Cotton said...

wah....i vote for the 3rd dom dom 'x'

got pink dom dom

Chev said...

Now I wonder..
if u have the first Dom Dom,
how u gonna use it

Pink Cotton,
Walao, u r really hardcore Pink lover
ada PINK apa-apa pun boleh :P

fibrate said...

I have no preconceived idea of Dom Dom...but somehow after reading this post only the condom sticks! Ha ha!

moz monster said...

I thought Dom Dom was some new snacks name somemore ...

Chev said...

Wah.. how come lidat wan?
btw, Dom Dom kinda reminds me of the drug Domperidone :P

Hehe, so the next time when u yakking about Dom Dom, I will know about what u r referring to now

Hahaha, who knows might be in the future.. there will be a new snack by the name Dom Dom? :)

rainbow angeles said...

who's the mad moron who made u mad?

*comes prepare with sotong*

happy winnwinn barkday! :p

Jason Chan said...

LOL.. condom?!
"hmm.. arh... uh...hmm... lo kong, dom dom ler????"

Chev said...

R Angeles,
Thanks Angeles. Appreciate it :)
I'm okie but geram lah..

Hopefully Liucas didn't bark so much during Winn Winn's barkday. LOL

Happy Holiday-ing
and Happy Wesak day :)

U should have lotsa dom dom hoh?
Might be can get supply from u next time... LOL