Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sotong Ball

Haven't talk about Sotong related ocipala stuff for a while. Let's crap about the infamous Sotong Klang Klang Balls or Octopus Balls or Takoyaki Balls or Bola or whatever lah. Topped with mayonnaise, seaweed flakes, teriyaki sauce. Taste wise, can't remember liao lah since I had it almost a year ago at the crowded Hawker Food Court in Jalan Song, Kuching.

Yeah, ni gambar lama tetapi belum lapuk lagi :)


rainbow angeles said...

takoyaki batu!!! (rocks kkkkk...)

i lurve takoyaki...

day-dreamer said...

I belum ada chance cuba takoyaki lagi. Mana punya nice?

L B said...

I also belum cuba ini dish!! It definitely looks great! Can bring to KL in July?

yenjai.net said...

what is klang klang?

babe_kl said...

wahh sedapppp!!! LB, KL oso got this dish la kekeke

mistipurple said...

i like the prawn tako, and the bacon and cheese. sotong also boleh lah, just that it is sometimes a little too hard to chew. ya ya...
Burong kakak tua
Menclok dijendela
Nenek sudah tua
Giginya tinggal dua.

Jason Chan said...

hmm.. sedapnya... tolong tolong, tolong beli sotong!

fibrate said...

I think Chen will think twice before piak-ing anyone with these...they look yummy!

Leonard said...

being some time i ate takoyaki..last time i always ate the one with prawn!!

Doreen said...

Sotong balls! Had it once also in Singapore, long time ago. Nice!

Chev said...

R Angeles,
very batu indeed..
Hopefully can eat that again in 6 weeks time :)
Hopefully the stall is still there

I tak tau mana punya nice woh..
Itu perlu tanya orang yang suka makan takoyaki liao leh..

Wah, LB pun tak pernah makan ni takoyaki? Kkkkk... Next time must bug Angeles to bring u makan takoyaki liao.. :P

Wonder if there is any Longkang Takoyaki or not? :)

Chev said...

Klang klang is "bola"..
Neh, the klang klang sound produced when the balls hitting each other :P

Babe KL,
KL has almost everything huh? :)
I had it in Sarawak.
Haven't search for takoyaki in Penang yet :)

Walao, u tried so many different varieties of tako before ah?
I kalah liao..

"menclok" di jendela?
Hehhehe... I can't help but to laugh when I read that..
So farnie !!! :D

Chev said...

Ini nak beli sotong mentah keh or sotong BBQ? :)

clever lah u.
I won't waste nice food wan... :P

Prawn one is equally nice too.
I love both :)

It's available in Sarawak too :)
I had mine in Kuching :)

mistipurple said...

HAHHAHAA. i copy paste, knew something was not quite right. but didn't know what. hahahaa

Chev said...

hahaha, no wonder lah..
i tot u purposely changed the word "hinggap" to "menclok" :P

The correct version is..
"Hinggap di Jendela"

Still wondering wat is "menclok"..

rainbow angeles said...

kkkk.. maybe it's "muncul" instead of menclok? kkkk..

chen, maybe can try to find it at jusco, queensbay mall? i think shud hv lor...

aisay, dd and lb tak pernah cuba? KL everywhere oso got leh... Jusco at Midvalley... Jusco at Sunway Pyramid... there's even another takoyaki shop at Sunway Pyramid (which i'm gonna sampat abt it in my nxt entry kkkkk.. thx to u la :P)

L B said...

I very shy ma.. I scared of all these weird food.

moz monster said...

Is it food blogging month ?? hehehehe ...

Chev said...

Hehehhe... menclok just sounds so not right :D

psss.. paiseh to tell u up to today, I still haven't step my foot into Queensbay Mall yet. I think I'm the only one in Penang who haven't been to Queensbay Mall :P

I'm also suprised LB & DD never tasted Takoyaki Balls. Kkkkk... sounds like u r a fan of Takoyaki Bola too :P

LB very shy wan meh?
Next time must feed him Camel Ball liao :P

Mmmmm... dunno ah..
At least not to me lah
cos out of 8 posts that I posted this month, only 2 of the posts are related to food :P

mistipurple said...

steven my colleague says maybe that writer thinking of woodpecker, so clok is the sound of the klock klock, and 'men(clok)' is the verb.
malay is not my strong point. i is the anyhow squat longkang melayu.

mistipurple said...

what is camel bola? kkkk

Chev said...

*faint kaw kaw*
lidat also can????
Steven really very ocipala leh

The phrase "squat longkang" somehow reminds me of the primary school days when we squat near the longkang brushing our teeth.. LOL

Camel Bola is camel meatball..
jangan salah faham..
not camel klang klang

sbanboy said...

Can be found in Penang ah ? Looks yummy

Haizum said...

Argh! I love takoyaki! Now I'm hungry. :(

kyh said...

sotong oh sotong bola... can i use u to piak someone? :P

Chev said...

I didn't look out for it, but I think it's available. And it's definitely available in KL & PJ :)

Thanks for dropping by :)
Hope u get your share of takoyaki too :D

Yalah yalah.. I know u cannot eat the sotong ball cos u r vegetarian. But don't lah waste the yummy food by using it to piak others :P