Sunday, April 13, 2008

Monkey & Ice Cream

Nowadays monkeys also get to eat ice cream...

"The spoon is kinda disturbing, ka ka cau cau, I will remove it"

"Lick the ice cream on the spoon first before throwing it away, don't waste food mah"

"Lick the spoon till berjilat-jilat & clean liao.. Too troublesome lah to eat with spoon, i prefer eating straight from the ice cream cone."

Now the monkey can truly enjoy eating the chocolate ice cream.. Noticed the spoon on the floor? Ini monkey cincai and simply throw rubbish wan. Should we fine the monkey RM500 fine for littering?

"syiok habis.. yum yum"

I have no idea where the monkey gets the chocolate ice cream from, whether someone gave it to her or she picked it up from the floor or she stole the ice cream??? The monkey was half way eating the ice cream when I stepped my feet into the Penang Botanical Garden yesterday evening...


L B said...

Haha, it probably stole it off some poor little girl!!

L B said...

Summore banana flavor!

Chev said...

Hahhaha, I guess so too earlier on.

Abuthen, I didn't see any little girl crying nearby.
Only that I saw many people surrounding the monkey and looking at her eating the ice cream..

It's Chocolate flavour lah :P

angeles said...

Super(ah)Boy din come to the rescue???

I'n 330% sure the monkey curi fr some kid!! The monkey there veli notty.. veli heong wan... last time they oso got curi fr me... but lupa wat liao... :p

Chev said...

Ah Boy might fight with the monkey for the ice cream, since he loves ice cream. hahahhha

Might be hoh, the monkey steal the ice cream from an adult, cos adult won't cry mah... hence i didn't see anyone crying nearby :P

last time hoh, a monkey jump on my back and hug me from behind leh.. Give me a shock out of my life at that moment, in Taiping Zoo summore. LOL

TZ said...

The monkey must have been observed how human eats ice cream... smart monkey eating ice-cream like human :-> I think the monkey has scared and chased the child away then grab the ice cream from the floor... poor little child :-p

Anyway, Monkey could not pay RM500 for littering but he/she definitely could pay with Bananas... so we should fine him/her 500 bananas... LoL :-p

day-dreamer said...

Wah, really can eat ice-cream like that. Geng!

Jason Chan said...

I hate monkey!! there are at least 20+ monkeys terrorizing ppl like no body business in my neighborhood. AND i stay in KL lerr... Chen, can pinjam some anesthetic drug gah?

kyh said...

wah so clever! *clap clap clap*

fibrate said...

Very cool, Chen!

Doreen said...

Aiya, monkey always very naughthy one, sure stole it from someone lah. Eat till so enjoying somemore! Cannot tahan!

_butt said...

cheeky monkey! said...

chen, you really bring your camera everywhere hor?

moz monster said...

Aiyar ... how come the people let monkeys have ice cream ? It's high in fat !!!

You should have asked the monkey to eat gelato instead ! It's got much less fat !!

Leonard said...

nowadays monkey also so fortunate, got free ice-cream.

sigh! why me dun have? said...

bahahahahahaha!! u harassing monkey or stalking the monkey? no good lar u!

ÅnGe|e said...

Hahaha. The monkey seems to be enjoying the ice cream so much!

Many people have been complaining about monkeys in natural sites and botanical gardens here. Monkeys have been stealing people's food and purse! Hahahha

Chen said...

hi. r u based in penang now or where ah? back for holiday?

doc said...

i've always suspected that monkeys at the botanical gdns are the best-fed in m'sia, bcos if we are not feeding them intentionally, we leave food around for them.

hmm..btw, was that a baskin robbins??

mudpie said...

botanical garden??? i have had bad experience there .. the monkeyzz took my lil bag with water, food and some tit bits away .. BAD monkey!

mistipurple said...

if ah boy meets monkey, don know what will happen hor? better not.

Chev said...

That's true.
Monkeys are very observant.
They are good in snatching food and tit bits, especially from small kids.

Hence I won't bring food into the Botanical Garden to avoid being attacked by monkeys :)

Hahhaa, the monkey will be extremely frustrated if the banana fine was imposed on her :D

day dreamer,
very clever hoh?
just like humans :)

There are monkeys at my place too. While driving into the parking lot at my apartment, i saw one monkey grabbing some leftover food from the ground and ran to the tree..

what u want?
Sodium thiopentone or muscle relaxant? :D

Chev said...

applause means..
u were encouraging the monkeys to "steal" more ice cream in the future? ;)

I had taken shots of other monkeys too, but didn't post up here. One of the monkeys was licking ice cream from her fingers. One was busy eating mango and another one eating bread crumbs :)

Hahaha, monkeys know how to enjoy good food, just like human. I saw a monkey throwing away the bread crumbs cos.. it was not tasty :D

so like human ;)

Chev said...

I didn't bring my camera everywhere lah. I only bring my camera out when I want to take photos. I memang planned to take photo inside Botanical Garden last Saturday wan :)

*faint kaw kaw*

I also never tasted Gelato before leh.. If someone feed monkeys with Gelato, I will grab the gelato away from the monkeys :D

Why u don't have free ice cream ah?
The answer is very simple....

Cos u are human beings and u r NOT monkeys!! LOL

Chev said...

Kkkk, mana ada woh..
There are so many people looking at the monkey leh.. In fact there was a small crowd surrounding the monkey :D

And they were laughing at the monkey when they saw her licking the spoon and subsequently throw the spoon away :)

This was not the only monkey eating ice cream at Botanical Garden. There was another monkey further away eating and licking the choc ice cream with her fingers. I took photo of that too, but didn't post it up here :)

Monkeys are good in stealing food.

I'm working and based in Penang :)

Chev said...

And the monkeys there were quite choosy too. They won't eat food that doesn't taste nice, such as dried bread crumbs. I saw monkeys throwing away bread crumbs :D

I dunno what ice cream is that but it looks like expensive stuff :)

Hehhe, u shouldn't bring food inside Botanical Garden, else there is a high chance that the monkeys will grab and snatch it off from your hands :)

Wah.. Might be there will be a Dog and Monkey fight?
Better not then..

Dunno who will chase after who liao.. :P

nyonyapenang said...

Was told that the macaques at the Botanical Gardens can be very aggressive...they snatch food straight out of the visitor's hands.

agus said...

Hey there Chen. Nice set of pictures! Looks like the monkey was not the only monkey monkeying around the garden....

Chen said...

hope u don't mind, i 'borrow' ur photo!

Chev said...

nyonya pg,
Yeah, they can be ganas. Hence it's safer not to bring food or drinks into Botanical Garden, except plain water lah :)

Who is the big monkey then? :P

sure, no problem :)

Mr. Goober said...

maybe the monkey snatched it off from someone??? :P it's kinda funny how they even know how to use a spoon

Jun said...

ooiyoh!!! scchoooo cuuuute!! :D

btw i finally summoned the courage to try chili hot choc. i have to say, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be! :D

Chev said...

And that is not the only monkey eating ice cream inside the Botanical Garden. I spotted another monkey eating ice cream too half an hour later.. but the latter eating with it's hand and using fingers :)

As long as the monkeys don't snatch our food or belongings :D

Yeap, the chili hot choc is not that spicy :)

Chen said...

hi. can i use one of ur pics here for my blog?