Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Durian Spread

Photo taken with my Nokia N73

Imagine having Toast with Durian Spread. Anyone interested? I know Angeles will lift up both her hands ;)


angeles said...

EH???? LIULIAN????


*angkat both hands and legs*


angeles said...

Aihhhh.. dunno if can get here anot.. here where got "Supa Save"?? :(

Chev said...

yeah, Liulian..
product from Singapore..

err.. don't lift up both hands and both legs leh..
later u jatuh & PK then I no eyes see liao :P

Bought that in Brunei some time ago leh..
Penang also dun hv Supa Save mah :P
Might be can ask Misti to buy since she is in Singapore :P

TZ said...

Aiyo... since when they have Durian Spread... i just wondered how its smell and taste :->

day-dreamer said...

Nice bo nice bo?

If nice I also lift both my hands! Hahaha~

L B said...

I wanna lift everything up too, one more than angeles..

L B said...

oops, no, cannot!!

L B said...

but I still want!! BBBBBB!

Chev said...

I also dunno since when this product is available :)
Err.. it taste like sweetened durian.

day dreamer,
Can consider as nice lah, especially to those durian lovers. They can now taste "durian" all year long. Hehehheh...

O.o again..
Luckiy Ah Boy didn't BBBB as he always do :P

ehonchan.com said...

is it salty or sweet? wahh.. imagine your breath after that if u have it for breakfast. durian and toast - sounds bizzare eh! lol

yenjai.net said...

I agree with ehonchan
The breath after your breakfast ...

_butt said...

goodness! Durian is going international eh?? wonder what's next hmm...

Moz might be interested in this... haha

papercrazy said...

liulian spread ah?? hmmmmmm...sound very questionable...any other flavour?

N73's quality not bad hor

Doreen said...

I tried once. Got it from an Asian grocery store here, different brand though. So yucks! Not nice at all!

Chen said...

sounds yucky!

Anonymous said...


everything made from durian made me vomit if smell it...

original more beter...all n everything must original... :P


Jason Chan said...

i like luilian too...
but lilian spread? yuck! puikkkkkkkk!

Chev said...

The durian spread was sweetened spread.

Hahahaa, I don't have the toast with durian spread for breakfast lah. I didn't even bring the durian spread back to Penang :)

*piak yenjai*

I didn't have that for breakfast lah. Most of the time I drink Moo Moo milk for breakfast :D

nowadays we have lotsa durian products, including Vaccum Freeze-Dried Durian, durian ice cream, durian ice kacang, durian mooncake, durian tau sar pneah, durian popiah, durian cake, durian pancake & all the others ocipala durian stuff :)

In the future..
who knows...
might be durian jam? ;)

Chev said...

why questionable woh?
Didn't see other flavours woh..
Only noticed the liulian :)

N73 photo quality is quite good
up to par with those point & shoot digital camera :)

Hehehe.. too bad the brand u tried tasted horrible.
This brand was quite good :)

Real stuff is still the best :)

Chev said...

old man,
old man dun like durian ah?
I only remember u don't eat rice but eating potatoes & u like peanuts :)

Original of coz is better
Real stuffs are always better :)

Wah.. so big reaction geh?
Never eat already puikkkkkkkk liao?

How about durian ice cream?
or vaccum freeze-dried durian?

Cocka Doodle said...

*Cocka pass LB the diamond-shaped blue pill so that he can lift 3rd leg without any problem*

fibrate said...

Pray these won't make it to the supermarket shelves in my town. Hubby sure to want it! Eeeeww!

Chev said...

teruk lah u :P
Later LB piak u with lormaikai

LOL, I presume Mr Fibrate loves liulian but Ms Fibrate dislikes it? :P

Wyn said...

wah...i wan...i wan...

mistipurple said...

noooo have here!!!!!
why liddat keh? cheh, made in singapore somemore.

mistipurple said...

so i kenot get for angeles also. cheh cheh cheh. i see made in singapore i got so excited.
*stomps lb's feet*

babe_kl said...

*raise arms and feet*

would be great for bakings!!!!

moz monster said...

*pengsans* ... how can one ??!!! I hope it has a resealable flap to prevent durian odour taking over the fridge !

Iml said...

Still trying very hard to imagine!!! Available in Singapore???? Must keep my eyes wide open the next time I go supermarketing.

lynnx01 said...

Wah! People are getting more and more creative these days. Ice cream durian I bought home that day also no one wanted to eat, I think I shouldn't even think about this. Tehehehe

alexander said...

Hmm... I wonder how does it taste like?? Anyway it is something new for me. :)

Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

Chev said...

Can try and search for it in Penang.
Dunno got or not... :)

u sure not available in Singapore meh? Weird leh if Product of Singapore is not available in Singapore. It sounds.. so wrong.
It's just so wrong.

yeah, great for baking or bakery fillings too :D

Hehehe, don't worry
The durian odour is not that strong :P

Chev said...

Should be loh, since it's produced in Singapore. U can look out for it the next time u do your grocery :)

That's true. Durian candy, durian tau sar pneah, durian pancake, durian popiah, durian mooncake, durian ice cream...

Hehehe, sounds like your family does not craze abt durian related stuff :)

It taste like.. sweetened durian :)
And of coz the real stuff is still the best ;)

Jun said...

product from spore?? whr whr??!!! *gan cheong* :D

Chev said...

hehehe, that is what is written on the container :P

Have fun searching for it, and hopefully u can come across it in Adelaide (which I doubt) :P