Friday, April 18, 2008

Veggy Crisps

Introducing the Original Taste Mixed Vegetable Crisps (without artifical flavouring or preservatives).

Mixture of .. Potato slices, Carrot slices , Pumpkin slices and Long Beans. What's unique here is the crispy long beans. :D

This is the first time I eat the crispy and crunchy long beans leh.. :D


L B said...

Hahaha, I think these long green crispy beansticks will go very well with a pair of blood oranges..

angeles said...

misti is right la.. u owes eat extraordinary food.. :p

i also want try.. haha :p mana beli???

day-dreamer said...

I want!!! Got keep a packet for me or not? LOL!

kyh said...

wah sounds yummy! omg i hungree liao!

moz monster said...

Reminds me of some funny comments about lemon ... how in the 80s, every snack claims to have artificial lemon flavoring, while every washing liquid claims to have the real lemon !

How come you always find these out of ordinary food ??? said...

ah chen seemed to have unending supply of snacks :P

_butt said...

nice! very crunchy! I like! have you tried the mushroom wan? I'm sure you do hehehe

eh, why the pumpkin on the pacakage is blue?? blue pumpkin? :P

rinnah said...

Have you tried the oyster mushroom crisps? Those are yummy too...

fibrate said...

It's kinda eeeky, eating crispy mushrooms. The potato strips are okay though, like eating fries.

Chen said...

usually healthy things r not delicious!!

Chev said...

Hehehe, I guess so
Let's exchange food stuff :D
*throwing few crispy long bean to Italy*

Hehehe, must try out new stuff mah
We only live once :)

I dunno whether available in Malaysia or not woh. I bought that in Brunei. There are different packages. Another one is mushroom and garlic. It's manufactured in China, and should be available in Singapore.

Day Dreamer,
Still have one packet left.
U better come fast before Ah Boy sapu-ed all. My dog eats vegetable one, but he is not yet a vegetarian dog lah. LOL

Chev said...

I'm sure u will love it.
100% vegetarian stuff
no artificial flavouring
and it's not oily :)

Wah.. Ocipala Lemon Talk
That will made an ocipala entry with that lemon quote :P

Why ah? Cos i like to look around for new stuff mah :)

*piak Yenjai*

Too bad no one sponsor me all those food stuff.

Chev said...

yeah, have tried the shiitake mushroom and oyster mushroom crisps too :)

dunno why ah.. Might be different species of pumpkin kua? :P

yeah yeah.. I have tried before :)

*Piak Fibrate*
why eeeky woh? :P
at least not eating Sago Worms..

Hehee, although usually but not always mah..
There are exemptions :P

giddy tigress said...

Looks delicious! I also wanna try! Will these replace my daily intake of greens?

Jason Chan said...

Intersting! Sedap kah? berapa harga nya? later go tesco and look for one! Piak Chen for eating a lot of snacks!

may said...

hey that actually looks yummy wor... something different. tastes as good anot? maybe available in some weird Korean store here...

stay-at-home mum said...

My kids still wont eat their vegges that way!!

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
Hehehe, this snacks are nice to munch once in a while, but I still prefer eating the real green vege :)

Quite sedap IMHO lah.
I bought this in Brunei..
If convert to our currency, around RM5++ kua? Can't remember the exact price liao...

Piak Jason for simply piaking me :P

Taste quite nice actually.
Made in China wan, but manufactured for and imported by Singapore :)

Hhahaha.. your kids adores meaty stuff? My colleague's kid loves vege :)

mistipurple said...

also expensive the healthy stuff wor, when freeze dried packed, or whatever process it's called.
lol at my char bor kiah about saying u owes eat extraordinary food. :p

L B said...

I catch your crispy long beans in slow motion, just like the six million dollah man...

alexander said...

Are they dry/preserved food?
That is unusual.

Alex's World! -

Doreen said...

Tried it before(different brand), very nice leh. Seems very healthy so can keep eating with no fear of getting fat. Kekekek

Chev said...

Healthy stuff are good stuff, hence more expensive... LOL

I have many more encounter with "extra ordinary" food experience. Watch out ;)

Can I press fast forward to make the motion faster? Kekekkee..

Those are dried food, and it's natural without preservatives.

Yeah, today I saw another different brand in the supermarket here in Penang. This time I bought a packet of lady fingers crisps :D

Berberboo said...

I LOVE THEM... but i prefer the dried fruits one... and the mushrooms!!! during cny that time banyak le in kuching... lol

Chev said...

The dried fruits one..
the jackfruit crisp is nice
the banana crisp is kinda common
the yam stick crisp is yummy too..
(oops, this is not fruit)
and not forgetting the durian crisp :D