Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blood Oranges

Guess What?? After all the huh hah regarding the Blood Oranges in LB's recent posts, I came across the bloody Blood Oranges today in Giant Supermarket.

Thanks to LB , else I might thought those are EXPENSIVE ROTTEN ORANGES (RM 1.99 per orange). LOL. After eating and taking few snapshots of the Blood Oranges I bought, it's time to sms and inform LB, my discovery. :P

The sampat LB took a snapshot of our sms-es and posted it to me :D

I choose two slightly "more normal looking" Blood Oranges, instead of those dark purplish oranges, and not those normal looking orange-coloured oranges (as you can see from the first photo). Kiasu and Kiasi spirit mah. LB's Blood Oranges are TAROCCO and mine's are MORO.

The seedless Blood Oranges with crimson, blood-coloured flesh and sap. Nope, I'm not sucking nor eating blood. I'm not dracula nor vampire either. I'm just me, and I am who I am. :P

*Showing Fangs*

p/s: Blood Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and the red pigment (anthocyanin) is an antioxidant


L B said...

Hahaha, truly sampat! Sampat to the factor of n! Finally, proof that I wasn't making it all up, eh? Phew!! LOL, now, all you Penangites make a beeline to Giants for the fresh BO!!!

Chev said...

U have poisoned us all with your BO, not Body Odour but Bloody Oranges. LOL

Giants' employee might wonder how come so many people buying those awful looking "rotten" oranges.


L B said...

I am going to get another bag of BO afterwards! It's good for long life liao!!

Chev said...

very long life liao..
so much anti oxidant..
really cheong meng pak sui :)
mang sui mang sui mang mang sui :)

day-dreamer said...

Hahahaha~ no need to ask LB to smuggle in for me... go find you can get bloody orange liao! :P

day-dreamer said...

And yeah, really looks like rotten oranges from the outside.

水果不可貌相 eh? LOL.

Happy weekend!

L B said...

Yes, one less thing to smuggle back!!

Chev said...

day dreamer,
yeah, don't hv to susah susah smuggle in liao..
can get here in Malaysia too
just that we overlook the "rotten" orange in the past :P

The purplish orange indeed resemble rotten orange (minus the rotten smell).. Hhahahhaa

So... next time can smuggle more fresh figs back to Malaysia?

angeles said...

kakakaa... and u know what u made me do?? my entry coming out in a bit :pPppP

*bloody bloodier bloodies sweeeeet*


Chev said...

And the BO Mania continues..
Not the Body Odour
Not the Bowel Output
Not the Big "O"
but the Bloody Orange..
oops, I mean the Blood Oranges :D

How come yours got discount geh?

angeles said...

BO is the Fruit of the Month!! No See Ghost.. no Sampat... :p

Eh, Giant should pay us advertorial fees, hor? ;-)

angeles said...

Oops.. dunno why our Giant here got discount... discount 50% summore.. kekekeke...

ps: Fresh figs here oso got geh.. just hv to open eyes big2 to find hehee...

pps: U know or not, the dried figs are called "buah tin" in malay? I saw it at Mydin many times liao but forgot to tell anyone :p

ppps: I no tutup blog... *wink...*

kyh said...

wah must go and line up to buy liao! wanna try the bloody taste ma... :P

L B said...

Have you all noticed how the sampat iDoc trims off the backside and the frontside of the orange first, before slicing them up?

Doreen said...

Aiks, blood orange here also? Wah~~suddenly a rave about blood orange..Chev and LB now a qualified vampires liao. Hehehe

Chev said...

Earlier on I thought Mangoes can become the fruit of the month, mana tau being take over by the Bloody Orange :D

Yeah loh, I think so too.
Else no one or not many people will bother to take a look at those awful looking "rotten" oranges. Kakkakaa

Good leh the BO in your places was sold at the same price as in Italy (LB told me the BO there was sold at RM 1 per oranges too after conversion). Might be cos nobody buy those oranges earlier on, hence the discount? Kekekke

My Goodness... U mean there is fresh figs in Malaysia too??? I have only tried the dry figs and preserved figs. I wanna try those fresh ones !!!!!!!!!!!

What a name. Buah Tin. I couldn't believe that :P

Chev said...

Go Go Go...
Don't miss out the chance
As those BO are seasonal oranges ;)

btw hoh, vegetarian shouldn't taste bloody thing leh..

*piak LB*

Have that habit since young liao mah. My parents used to do that in the past, hence I also follow trend loh :P

Yeah yeah yeah..
Might be it's available in New Zealand too. Just have to open your eyes big big and try your luck. Who knows u might be lucky too? ;) said...

bahahahahaha!! lb has spread the bloody oranges syndrome. everyone's getting those bloody oranges!!

mistipurple said...

laff die me! all the vampires at work whilst i sleep. i must go find those bleeding oranges today. even though i scared sour. must have must join the vampire clan. since it's sweet i think i can take a bite.

Neo said...

Wow... must be nice. Next time i go find in Giant, haha...! :)

L B said...

*piak you back*

I think my parents used to do that too!! How come? What was the reason? Doesn't that make it harder to peel off the rind?

fibrate said...

Are they sweet? Man, they do look like oranges with hematoma!

angeles said...

ya hor... why trim the back n front side leh? my parents nvr do that woh... how come? how come??

eh, i jz noticed, they put the BO in btwn brocolli and onions?? eh?? they think it's vege ah? :p

fresh figs in m'sia, i think i remember someone mentioned got see b4 at tesco.. but i tarak pay attention.. cos i oledi had mine in london mar... :D

Chev said...

Bloody Orange Syndrome
aka as BOS
Luckily not a deadly syndrome :P

Have u get yours? :P

Misti miss out the fun while we were eating Bloody Oranges.
Must go & look out for it liao
Must exercise the kiasu & kiasi spirit ;)

Do look out for it.
Something new and unique :)
It's a seasonal fruit by the way :)

Chev said...

*double piak with BO peel*

Hahaha, your parents also did that?
How come u didn't follow geh? :P
Dunno why ah..
Monkey see, monkey do
although I'm not a monkey, but i follow trend also :P

The bruised oranges..
The BO are sweet and seedless :D

How come your parents never did that? How come? Must be cos your grandparents never did that in the past kua? How come?? :P

*Piak Angeles*
Angeles need to wear spect liao :P
Those are not onions lah, those are dragon fruits. Kkkkkkkk...

Wah.. I will look for those fresh figs liao in the future. When is the figs season ah? :D

eastcoastlife said...

Do your teeth get stained red after eating it? I will try to get some to juice it and then play a trick on Chris. hehehe....

L B said...

I didn't know what purpose it was for, therefore I rejected that move! LOL!! No monkey here..

Chev said...

Hahaha, don't worry
No staining :D

wah.. what u wanna do to Chris?
telling him that he is drinking blood? :P

No monkey here too..
As all the monkeys are busy eating ice cream in Botanical Garden

mistipurple said...

lol about the dragon fruit. better not say anything wrong. chevliu in a piaking mood.

TZ said...

How it taste like? What kind of benefit compare to regular orange... higher vitamin C?

I'm going shopping tomorrow... let's see whether i could get it in KL :->

_butt said...

looks like the color of grapefruit :D

babe_kl said...

din know can find in msia worrrr... sedap ka?

Chen said...

ooo.... Apple iPhone!

giddy tigress said...

Nokidding! I see them sometimes too, but didn't even give them a second glance.... are they labelled as such?

Chev said...

even if u don't say anything,
I can also piak u.
Piakking u for being quiet mah :P

It is sweeter than the normal oranges, and seedless.
Rich in Vitamin C and the red coloured pigment (anthocyanin) is an antioxidant :)

U can try your luck in Giant Supermarket.

Hehehe.. Might be the Blood Orange is Grape Fruit mia relative kua? :P

Chev said...

Babe KL,
Yeah loh, earlier on I thought it's only available oversea. Mana tau sini pun boleh dapat :)

The Blood Orange is sweet, and it's also seedless :)

Made me catch no ball liao
Why suddenly Apple iPhone?
Any hidden meaning ah? :D

Giddy tigress,
Wah.. u actually noticed them before this :D

The Giant Staff labelled the Blood Oranges as US Moro Oranges. Moro is one of the subtype of Blood Oranges. The blood oranges are sold at cheaper price (RM 0.99 per orange) at Giant in Prangin Mall compared to Giant in Penang Plaza (RM 1.99 per orange).

I just bought another 5 oranges today, since I'm on leave. :)

mich said...

sweet rite??
i think i had once too..
mummy nearly threw away..
cause mummy tot busuk jor..
its given by my fren btw

L B said...

Wahahaha, another 5 more?!! You're on a roll!!! Ah Boy gonna have so many helmets to choose from..

Chev said...

yeah, it's much sweeter than the "normal" oranges :)

Hehhehe, can't blame your mum lah..
If I were her (before I know the existence of blood orange), I will have the same thinking too. Cos it indeed resembles rotten oranges :D

kekeke.. Kiasu kaw kaw mah

since it's only RM 0.99 per oranges, so I buy another 5 loh.. Won't get to eat bloody oranges frequently mah :P

Ah Boy merajuk cos I didn't feed him any bloody oranges :D

keeyit said...

I havent try this blood orange before.. yeah I get to know that from LB post too..

mistipurple said...

i went looking for rotten fruits and veges in NTUC just now. dont haveeeee. *pout*
actually quite funny. i picked some up which vaguely looked like the BO but also dark purplish red, and then see at different angle. found many strange fruits at the supermart just now. but no BO. :/

Chev said...

u should try it since the blood orange is now available in the market. I bought it from Giant Supermarket :)

Hahaha, so there are strange and extra ordinary fruits in Singapore too. Just that u need to look out and search for it, right? ;)

Might be other supermarket will have the bloody orange kua? :P

Beruang Madu said...

Erkkk... dari luar nampak macam rosak... dari dalam nampak macam sedap... apa rasa dia tu?? macam best jer...

Chev said...

beruang madu,
memang betul.
Dari luar nampak macam oren rosak, cuma tak ada rasa busuk.

Rasanya sama macam oren, tapi tak masam, sebaliknya rasa manis. Dan oren ini tiada biji. Senang nak makan :)

Redsponge said...

aiyer...scary 'x'!!!!
taste like blood?

papercrazy said...

never see one...sure u din make it up by photoshop the oranges??? heheheh

Chev said...

red sponge,
heheheh, cos we r too used to orange flesh or sap which is orange in colour.

Taste like normal oranges, but sweeter :)

now u see loh..

Piak u with blood orange ah..
*piak piak piak*

I mana ada so free to photoshop & change colour of the oranges :P