Monday, April 21, 2008

Bike Mania...

Suddenly.. I have the urge of wanting to ride a motorbike...

My Good Old Yamaha Y100 Sports Motorbike (my mode of transportation from 1996 till 2000)

If not, a mountain bike also will do..
I miss those 2-wheeled vehicles
I miss my mountainbike and my motorbike...


angeles said...

vroom vroom... can sit on ahboy... hehe..

L B said...

I was wondering where you kept your bikes the last time we were there! Ah Boy's seating area is too cool..

kyh said...

i miss cycling! long time din do liao... now no bikey summore...

_butt said...

take the mountain bike! happy world earth day! :D

mistipurple said...

can i hitch a ride? grins
later you must change new tyre, cos i sure puncture them when i on it.

Jason Chan said...

i tarak motorbike license.. during 2nd year medical school, we went to one ulu kampong for community service.. adopted family gave me their bike but i tarak tau how to ride.. so mensiasuikan.. so i was so determine to learn and i did and vroom vroom to kota bahru town without license.. he he..

giddy tigress said...

I can ride but dunno how to brake...

Chev said...

walao.. u wanna bully Ah Boy ah?
why u wanna sit on my poor doggy?
He is so small woh..
Sure penget wan if u sit on him :P

My poor bikes no more with me liao..

My parents had sold it few years back since I left it back home and nobody riding it for long..

Ah Boy's sitting area is very airy.
And comfy too (to Ah Boy lah) :D

Me too.
Miss my mountain bike.
I think the last time I cycled my mountain bike was.. almost 10 years back....

Chev said...

I wish, but I don't have one with me now..

Can, of coz u can.

Walao, don't need kua?
u r not that heavy..

Aiseh, Mat Rempit tanpa lesen on the run.. :D

I got my motorbike license in 1996 and following that, I bought the Y100cc Sports and vrooming it around in KL city :)

giddy tigress,
Faint kaw kaw..
very scary liao...
Then how u stop the bike ah? :P

Cocka Doodle said...

You mean you suddenly got the urge to put some fun between the legs isit?


Psst! teach you a increase the level of fun, try riding on a bumpy stretch. LOL

Anonymous said...

u no like riding horse liao kar? LOL


Chev said...

*Throw Bloody Oranges at Cocka*

Wah.. riding on bumpy stretch is not my cuppa tea leh. I'm not that adventurous. Have had the excitements on riding downhill on a hillside slope already. :P

old man,
Nowadays I don't have "Steel Horse" liao mah..
Do u have one?
Can lend me ah? :D

mistipurple said...

LOL! cocka had BO thrown at him! hahaha. better than piaked by sotong hor? kkkkk

day-dreamer said...

Wah you seemed to miss your bike at least once per year... :P

Chev said...

Should be throw Bloody Orange Peel at Cocka. Dowan to waste my precious Bloody Orange :D

Sotong now still hibernating..
Cannot disturb nor wake up the poor Sotong, unless if there are obvious reasons :)

Missing something or someone dun need special timing one.
Can be anytime or anywhere :D

Kenny Ng said...

Y100 rocks! I was riding that bike for so many years too, no my younger brother use it. I miss my racing bicycle which store in my hometown.

mich said...

dowan dowan~~my leg got one big big scar bigger than 50 cents coin..itu thanks to bicycle.. said...

it's been a thousand years since i last rode any bicycle. but i tried riding a scooter few months back!!! :D damn exciting!

fibrate said...

Chen, how cool it'd be, putting Ah Boy in a basket and riding around town with him! I miss my mountain bike too...gave it away to the grocery shopkeeper when I left uni.

Hazel said...

so smart hah can ride motorbike?

Chen said...

how about this bike?

Chev said...

Bingo. I prefer Yamaha Bikes than Honda Bikes. Now I dunno who rides my old Y100 since my parent sold it few years back, as nobody using it at home..

Poor Mich. Falling down from bicycle is quite a norm leh during those days. I fell down from bicycle and motorbike too in the past. Luckily no scars :)

Wah.. I dunno u r one thousand years old liao. All these while I thought u r only 16 years old leh.
Kena ti(p)u kaw kaw liao :P

Nice huh riding on vehicle with 2 wheels compared with 4-wheeled vehicles :)

Chev said...

Hahaha, Ah Boy will feel very syiok too. But I dunno whether he will get too excited and jump out from the basket or not :P

I really want to ride mountain bike. I want I want I want..
Feel like buying the bike liao..

It's quite common for folks in my hometown to ride motorbike :)

Hahahha, what a bike.
Thanks but no thanks.
I will sure lose balance and fall down :D

may said...

yer, I was just talking to my friend yesterday about mountain biking. I miss my bike too. wanna buy but no place to put here wor... sigh