Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Superpower Tag

An ocipala Superpower Tag from Yenjai... Good for those who loves reading comics, watching cartoon or fiction stories. :)

1. Superhero power I want
Flying in the Sky.

2. Why?
Syiok mah.. Can fly here and fly there. Summore can save money since flight ticket is not cheap leh..

3. Downside of this power
No chance to Fly Aeroplane or "Fong Fei Kei" liao...

4. My superhero nickname
Mmmmm... u tell me lah coz I lazy to think of a nickname.

5. My motto
"I believe I can fly"

6. Sworn enemy
Err... Dowan to care nor think so much lah.

7. Official vehicle
Flying Carpet?

8. Day job
Doing DHL for the needies... Including delivering Longkang Laksa and Liulian to those in needs.

I wanna tag the followings.. (The "MC MAD")
1) Misti
2) Chen
3) Moz
4) Albie
5) Doreen

23 comments: said...

nickname: Ocipala Birdview

mistipurple said...

hahaha sampat!
you always tag me when i have gone too lazy to blog.
i must go oil my brain a bit okay?

L B said...

nickname: SeaGhost

LOL!!! Heheheh...

Chev said...

Piak and Poke u ah..
笃 笃 笃 :P

Hehehe, must make sure u blog mah..
Hence must tag u :P

Wanna oil your brain with minyak masak or minyak pelincir? :P

or Flying Blood Orange? :P

L B said...

Is it that time of the month already?!!

mistipurple said...

passed up homework! grins.

Chev said...

eating too much bloody orange lately..
Still have 2 left in the fridge..
it's the time of the month, to throw oranges...

Ini Misti memang manyak cekap :D
*touch Misti's superpower nose* :P

day-dreamer said...

Got superpower still can FFK de. LOL!

Chen said...


Chev said...

day dreamer,
If have the ability to fly,
then very hard to FFK liao leh.. :P


angeles said...

when u fly here fly there, pls bring me along, k... i'll lose weight... i pwomise!!! :p

angeles said...

nickname - SuperDoc!
can 'chan' with SuperDog! ;-)

angeles said...

What abt SuperSampatDoc?

angeles said...

*waits for Longkang Laksa & Liulian delivery*

_butt said...

wah, superwoman!! your day job is interesting hehe... longkang laksa for me too! :D

mistipurple said...

looks up the sky for my longkang laksa too.

fibrate said...

What about "The Flying Piakster"? :D

Chen said...

chen#2, hi!

i'm off to laos tonight. will answer ur tag once i am back on 29/4. bye!!! I love you!

giddy tigress said...

I believe I can fly? Do you also want R Kelly's haircut?

jason said...

flying piakster!!! Haha.. i second!
be careful when you fly kay.. dont hit the plane!

Chev said...

Wah.. u wanna sit on me ah?
very tiring liao if lidat..
How about we fly together instead?

Doc and Dog sounds so alike huh?
Ah Boy the wonder dog is now waiting at the door.. Might be waiting for Angeles jie jie to visit him kua? :)

Piak piak piak
what sampat? :P

Kkkk, and how about liulian ice cream? I will show u my liu lian ice cream pict soon. The homemade liulian ice cream is very liulian. Real and good stuff :)

Chev said...

hehehe, that is if i have superpower lah, but too bad I don't. Now i still need to drive to my destination to get my beloved longkang laksa.

How I wish I can fly :D
Then no worry about traffic jam nor unable to find parking place.

Wah.. delivery to all over the world? :D

Say till lidat...
Tomolo i will sure piak u liao :D
Looking forward to seeing u tomolo..

Chev said...

Sure, no problem...

Walao, why u so syiok geh?
Going for vacation every month.
Have a safe journey and have fun in Laos.

giddy tigress,
Hahha, i only want my own haircut. And Ah Boy also wants his own haircut too. Imagine if I perm Ah Boy's hair. :P

Hhahaha... The plane so big, sure can see from afar wan leh.. Unless if i don't wear my spect when flying time lah :P