Friday, May 26, 2006

Hatyai, Thailand : Durian (榴槤)

We can't get this all year long.. (what else?? Durian or 榴槤 or better known as liulian by our dear fellow Malaysians :P )

But, at least, when the fruit is not available, we can get this - the Vaccum Freeze-Dried Durian.... Bought this in Hatyai, Thailand out of curiosity, cos I have read several reviews about this product and never tasted it before. So, I wonder how the Freeze-Dried Durian tasted like :) Of course.. the fresh durian is still the best ;) But if the fresh one is not available, this one can do the job as well - can eat this crispy dried durian as snack or dessert ;)

or this... The Durian Cake (榴槤糕) at 25 baht. This one is widely available in Malaysia too. The Thai version is not as sweet as the local ones.

I bought all the above products from Hatyai, Thailand. There are durian sweets as well, but I didn't buy that. And talking about durian liulian reminds me of .......... tempoyak :)


may said...

durian. sometimes I like 'em, sometimes I don't. best eaten with a spoon on a plate. ;)

Kristopher said...

i like lurian..but i don like those from Thailand lo... look nice but the taste nor smell is nice... :)

Chen said...

eating durian with poon on a plate? That sounds like eating tempoyak ;) Durian taste better when eat with fingers leh... cos can eat all the germs in the finger as well --> making it more delicious & more nutritious :P

i agree with u local liulian taste better than the thai liulian.. I like the Sarawak jungle liulian too.. those with yellow & orange coloured flesh :P Can't get it in Peninsular.. I miss those liulians..

ck said...

I like durian.Those that we get from Asian supermarket are shipped here from Thailand. Don't know if they arrive by air or sea. Take a day to defrost. If I'm lucky enough, some are still quite ok after they travel across Pacific Ocean. Still,I like those fresh ones from Sarawak.

carcar said...

liu lian i like!!!

thai liu lian really ichiban!!! nice nice!! i can smell liu lian now!! oh no!!

jonboy60 said...

jaga o. later ur nose bleed o...

Chen said...

frozen durian? I tried frozen durian before.. putting the durian inside the frozen section in the fridge. I eat the durian when it is still hard :) Nice though :) (didn't defrost it)

now can smell liulian everywhere liao.. liulian season on the way :P

why I nose bleed?? I didn't eat all that one shot leh.. :D

dino said...

durian... so delicious..
i like...

L B said...

I am so late today!! Due to waiting up for the Tuk Tuk that never came!! But durian pie!! Or cake!!...

It's also true, isn't it? That you mustn't eat durian and drink lots of beer at the same time? Doctor? Your esteemed opinion, please?

FH2O said...

Is the last pic inspired by KennySia's latest posting? keke ;)

Chen said...

hi long time no see.. Hehhe, I can see u are a liulian lover

give u one piece of durian cake as compensation for letting u tunggu kosong :P

durian & alcohol ah? mmmm... what i know is alcohol is not compatible with several things... better not take the risk loh :D

My post is clean post leh..
And all the picture here is clean picture..
Grade "U" - suitable for all age groups :P
unker ini really fikir bukan-bukan. I no eye see :D

Cynthia said...

Chen.. you really really 'boh liong sim'. YOu know havent eat liulian for YEARS!!!! and u post this.. play me out???


may said...

no lah... dun like the lingering smell wor. I know what they say - wash your hands from water running from the shell, but aiseh, so the mahfan. spoon lah, better... *Grin*

hmmm... what's tempoyak? don't recall eating it before...

Chen said...

aiyak, kena scolding by cynthia pulak.. must find some place to hide for the weekend :P

Next time when I fly to Perth, I will bring lotsa lotsa liulian cakes for u, okie :P

lingering smell of durian in the finger huh? kekeke... I have one of the worst encounter previously.. One young chap took durian prior to accident. And he came to the operating theatre in the middle of the night for emergency surgery.

When the surgery had completed, I reversed him from all the anaesthetic drugs and gases given earlier on.. and upon awakening, he vomited out large amount of half digested durian !!!!

U can imagine that??? The whole operating theatre was stink with durian smell !!!

My assistance nurse couldn't stand the 'scene' and she herself went to the sink behind and vomitted out few times... leaving the poor doctor behind (me loh, who else?) cleaning up the yucky mess... sucking the remaining durian debris from the mouth, wiping and cleaning his face. My goodness, I really have to stand my breath when I did that task :(

Really a disaster !! I have written the entire story in my old post vomiting durian. I can still remember the incident up to today although it occured more than 5 years ago !!

Tempoyak is the fermented durian loh.. U should have eaten it before, I presume :)

Dragon City said...

my fav again... = )

a^ben said...

Liu lian~~~ and the super sweet liu lian kuih~ wahahahahahah!!! pun teh liu lian nicer ~!! Vote for Pun teh liu lian!!! eh.. no more elections.. ahhaha woops~~ :P

may said...

EWWWWWWWWW to that puking patient story!! *runs and barfs in the toilet*

ewwwwwww to fermented durian!! (actually, I don't know if I've eaten it before, but I'm not in a hurry to try it either... LOL!)

Kampungkai said...

my 1st impression, it doesn't look like durian at all! it looks like white chop chicken! seriously!

even the second pic, it looks like chicken chopped into piecse, ready for the chopsticks to be gripped!

L B said...

Ho Ho Ho, I remember reading all about your Durian from a patient story! Poor thing!!

Chen said...

Cool :)

Hatyai liulian kuih is not super sweet leh.. The pun teh one is super sweet :D

Got voting session for liulian ah? Last time I remembered buying pun teh liulian from Satok Market during those days when I was working in SGH :)

aik,I hope u didn't "puke out" what you have for dinner today :P It's disgusting but it's real story :D

Chen said...

hahaha, u really loves "kai" very much till the durian also looks like kai to you :) Giving me the idea of cooking chicken meat together with durian or... tempoyak? Mmmm....

Poor thing? Aiks, who is the poor thing ah? Me or the patient? :P That is indeed a tragic incident... Even though it happened so many years ago, I still remember it freshly in my mind ;)

boo_licious said...

I love tempoyak! Just had some last weekend with lots of chillies.

Winn said...


i wan durian lemak , durian satay, durian kwoy teow, durian sandwich, durian juice and durian porridge....

Chen said...

that's nice. The last time I have tempoyak is a year or two ago :)

wah wah wah.. 12:37 pm liao u still haven't have your breakfast? Time for lunch liao leh.. or u just wake up? or too busy with work till no time to makan breakfast? :D

durian lemak , durian satay, durian kwoy teow, durian sandwich, durian juice and durian porridge bla bla bla ....

mmmmm.... Good creative ideas. I have tried durian sandwich before. Actually, that's tempoyak sandwich loh.. We sapu the tempoyak on the Gardenia white bread. Slurp... That was delish :P

Might be I will open up a stall to sell those products later on in the future? kekkekek....

slurp! said...

thai durians were to starchy for me not to mention they were expensive as well!!! but my thai friends always say good good good. beer also recommend leo, singha, chang only ... *shrugged*

OT, the malaysia durian were tastier for me. less starchy & creamier with variety of taste available, sweet, sweet-bitter, red flesh etc

is there anywhere i can find famous durian plantation in malaysia?

durian mousse, cream puffs ... yum yum!

Chen said...

Thai beer is much cheaper than our beer but the taste is not as nice as our beer (well, this is something subjective, everyone has his/her own preferences) ;)

Yeah, I do prefer local durians much more than Thai durians. Balik Pulau durian farm in Penang produce nice durians :) We always go there to shop for durian during durian seasons.

Thao said...

foods look so yummy!! I bet Thai dessert is the best ;-) Well, maybe for me as I love coconut milk a lot hehehe

I love durians very much, especially when they are served cold

Chen said...

yeah, there are lotsa nice dessert in Thailand, but most of the dessert are sweet :) If you have a sweet tooth, you will like it :)