Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dried Figs

I get to know about the so-called orgasmic mouth watering Fresh Figs from Albie but up to date, I still haven't get the chance to try it out.

So, the easiest solution is to indulge in the Dried Figs. Beggars cannot be choosy mah. Tiada oren, limau pun jadi lah :)

The California black Mission Dried Figs...

And the brownish Waitrose Dried Figs.

Mmmmm... and I still wanna taste the Fresh Figs. Angeles told me she sold saw the fresh figs inside TESCO woh in the past. HOW CAN? HOW COME I DIDN'T NOTICE IT??? I WANT !!!!!!!

p/s: Angeles also told me that Figs is known as Buah Tin in Malay language woh.. What? Buah Tin? What a name.. o.O


Cocka Doodle said...

Now that you've eaten the fruit, let's see you wear the leaf now. LOL

L B said...

Truly, truly orgasmic, just as the Cocka believes, so hurry! Wear the leaf!! No See Ghost? No need Ghost! Have Fresh Fig & Fig Leaf, will travel!!

rainbow angeles said...

Kakakka.. sampat fruit again :P

U can also come to KL's Le Meridian Hotel for the buffet cos they also got serve some dessert (tapas lookalike) and got fresh figs!

The blek dried figs, i nvr see before leh...

And u forgot to add that in malay, it's called buah tin :P

coolingstar9 said...

I have not tasted it before. This is the new thing to me.
Have a wonderful day.
From: coolingstar9

ehon said...

fresh figs are GOOD!! :D your fresh figs are darker than the one i bought for my parents!!

_butt said...

are figs available all year round? or that it's a seasonal fruit thingy? don't mind the suaku me. would love to try them someday :)

happy weekend!!

Doreen said...

I saw supermarket here got those brownish Waitrose dried fig too but never bought any. Emm....may be I should get some to try also.

Josh said...

Oh ya, fresh figs are REALLY nice. But the dried one sweeter ma.
Never tried the black one oso. In fact, my first time seeing it.

a^ben said...

eeee~ always got in six flava dessert one hehehe :D

Chev said...

Wah.. if lidat, after eating durian then have to wear durian leave?
Apa lah u :P

I wanna know how orgasmic it is...
It's definitely more orgasmic than eating Bloody Orange, right? :P

Pass the fig leave to Ah Boy, and he no "hiu" the leave :P

R Angeles,
And u have tasted the sampat fruit liao..
*cry 1/2 bucket of croc tears* :P

Wah.. travel so far away to eat the fresh figs ah. If go all the way there, and then tarak figs, really kek sum liao :P

That is the first time I ate the blek figs too. Beli kat Brunei :)

Okie.. will add the name Buah Tin in my post :)

Chev said...

Thanks for dropping by.
U should try it out :)
The brownish dried figs are readily available :)

Eeeee... fresh fig again :(
Err.. The picture in the post are not fresh figs leh.. Those are dried figs woh.

I wanna taste Fresh Figs!!! :(

Wah.. tanya I pulak..
I also not very sure leh, but I heard from LB that the season is somewhere in July.

Must look out for the fruit in Tesco in 2 months' time liao :)

Chev said...

Yeah, the brownish dried figs are readily and easily available, but mostly are smaller in size wan. The one I show in the picture is 3 cm in size :)

Do buy some and try it out :)

Wow, u also tasted fresh figs before? :)

That was the first time I tried the black figs too. Bought it in Brunei. I dunno whether it's available in Malaysia or not..

Err.. six flava dessert got dried figs wan meh? Or yours got special ingredients wan? :P

Pink Cotton said...

ohhh six flavour?? not 5 flavor meh???

ngo mee therng rite?

sounds like my distant relative 'x'

Chen said...

A tin of buah tin!

fibrate said...

Lesson #1001 : Figs aren't just figs, there are several types and they have different names! Seriously, I've been munching those brown ones for a long time, but didn't know they are called..what was that..waitrose? :D

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, without my 老花眼 specs I the fig looked like over-BBQed bird of some sort.

CK Lam said...

My hubby loves this dried ones and are usually available during the puasa time. Have not tasted the fresh ones yet.

moz monster said...

I dig caramelized fig flavor from Gelatissimo, but I have only tried the dried ones, haven't tried the fresh figs before.

Chev said...

pink cotton,
Abuthen, Nowadays huh..,wanna have how many flavours also can wan..
One good example is the Teh C Peng.. More and more layers as time goes :P

Kakakaka, lidat also can
Good lah u :P

Yeah lah, so ocipala :)

That's true..
Different countries will call it by different names :)

The brown one i ate for long time already liao, but the size is much smaller than this waitrose dried figs, which is huge.. (that is the brand i bought lah..) :P

Chev said...

Hahhaha.. lidat also can? :D
Wow... now u made me hungry..
Thinking of BBQ-ed stuff

Thanks for dropping by :)
the dried wan should be available all year long, as I see them in the supermarket and also inside the chinese medicine shop every now and then :)

Ocipala lah u :P
Must look out for the fresh wan then.. Cos those who tasted it says the fresh wan is very nice woh..