Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Black Shop"

The 黑店 or "Black Shop" in Kung Fu Martial Art Chinese Novels (武侠小说) are synonym with shop owners that cheat customer's $$$$ :D

And I came across this "黑店/Black Shop" some time ago. What a name! This photo was sometime back, in December 2006. Somewhere in Georgetown, Penang on Sunday morning (hence the shop was closed). Now I cannot remember the exact location of the shop liao... I wonder what the shop sells... :P


L B said...

Blek Hearts?!!! Noooooo........

mich said...


rainbow angeles said...

sell food?

thick face, black heart :P

ps: when r u flying?

day-dreamer said...

I also wonder what it sells too. Haha. said...

Can I add a word?

meimei, the original Black shop not only rob you of your money

They will have drugs into your tea / liquor

Once you lost consciousness, you are pretty unlikely to see another sunrise

Doreen said...

The black shop in 武侠小说 not only cheat ppl's money but also kill people's meat to make buns. Eeee.....

fibrate said...

Chen, why not venture into this place and do an investigative feature/blogpost? Well if you don't show yourself online over the next few days we'll know what to tell the cops LOL

zeroimpact said...

Anything black in colour?
Or may be sell nui yi hong and later sell meat

Cocka Doodle said... all mistaken liao. The shop is owned by Samy Vellu.

Kenny Ng said...

Must be selling 'tong tong chiang' stuffs :P

Kok said...

I think sell everything black? Sell is as expensive as they can? :P

_butt said...

it's a 7-11 shop for hak seh wui wan. everything a hak seh wui member need also got sell.

ok let's hope I'm wrong. :P

most probably, night club? snooker bar?

eve said...

Gambling den?...Hahahah...It's just like telling the authoities to come raid them...hehehe...

mistipurple said...

interesting wor. now really wonder sell what.

Wyn said...

hehe...its located at the sri bahari road laa, jiejie....normal days also din open 1...

duno what shop is that...keke

keeyit said...

ooo.. cool name

Arfi Binsted said...

kung-fu is another story :) what's the special food served at that cafe?

moz monster said...

A check with the Companies Commission and Registrar of Companies showed up blank.

I guess it's really a Black Shop after all. Black Hole that is !

fibrate said...

Gosh, Chen is MIA...could she have...ventured into the void? ;)

Jason Chan said...

LOL fibrate.. helloooooooooo chen are you alrite?

mistipurple said...

@.@ spooky.
chev went to check the black shop out and she has not returned.

L B said...


*sends Ah Boy to the rescue*

pitter patter of little feet dashing into the Black Shop....

Chen said...

never heard or seen this shop la

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

it must be a restaurent...
restaurent for ghost....

open at "yin" time.....

no accually i oso dunno

kyh said...

i think is either coffin or food. :P

L B said...

The Truly Sampat Chen sends her warmest regards to everyone from somewhere in darkest.... CHINA!!! Riding camels, apparently!

fibrate said...

Now Ah Boy also missing liao!

Redsponge said...

hmm...u no more active huh?

hmm...just to drop u a msg to let you know I am still here with u ;p

mistipurple said...

knew it. she has 'underground connections'. so she has to go to china to open another hei tien branch. she is away so she won't piak me. safe.

moz monster said...

Heard the camels in Vietnam me telling me that a very sampat Chev was spotted in China, looking out for Black Shops in the desert !

Chen said...

hello helllooo!!!

Hazel said...

ohh...this type of name hah quite strange.happy weekends

L B said...

Happy International Lormaikai Day!

TZ said...

i saw this shop before in Penang... just curious what kind of biz... Anyone?

Forever28 said...

Apparently, they want to keep the customers away from them, haha!

cibol said...

wondering also sell what .. black coffee?

_butt said...

Doc Chen where are yooou??

*saw Misti's comment*


mistipurple said...

lol _Butt! doc chev is safe now. back with camel hide and all. *runssss*

Chev said...

Black heart, like the black karer heart of your profile pict? Kkkkk..

Dunno leh..

R Angeles,
Eeeeeeeee... I won't want to eat there if it sell food :P

p/s: I'm flying here and there already over the last few days.. Will fly again end of the month, balik Sarawak :D

day dreamer,
Me too :D

Chev said...

and made into yan yuk char siew pau?

okie okie..
I confess i hardly read 武侠小说 :P

Thanks, Doreen.
I presume u loves reading 武侠小说 too :)

Mmmmm... Too sibuk to venture into this shop since I terbang here and there the last few days.. And now I'm too tired and exhausted to venture into this Black Shop liao. Kekekkekee :P

Chev said...

wah.. selling nui yi hong and later sell meat?
what type of meat ah?
Sounds kinda fishy :P

Ini Cocka manyak pandai..
graduate dari sekolah mana? :D

tong tong chiang can meant two different things..
One is CNY stuff
and the other one is..
u know i know lah :P

That would be interesting.
Although i like black colour, but i'm not interested to step into that shop :D

Chev said...

Kkakaka, cute lah u
but i like the way u rationalise things :D

and it still remain as mystery to us up to this day ;)

it definitely won't sell rainbow karer stuff :P

I see.
I hardly passed by that area..
Thanks for the info :)

So it still remains as a mysterious shop up to these days :)

Chev said...

very unique indeed :D

Thanks for dropping by.
I absolutely have no idea what the shop sells :)

Sounds like a point of no return liao once stepped into the shop? Hehhehe

choy choy choy..
I MIA for 10 days nia..
Now i'm back in action again..

p/s: I didn't step into that shop :P

Chev said...

*piak Jason for the Ocipala thought*
I'm alive and well..
except tired niah..
and i definitely need a good massage :D

Piak Misti for the Ocipala thought too :P

Ah Boy is such a wonder dog :D
Suddenly Ah Boy sounds like a little hero, dashing to the rescue

it's located somewhere out there in Georgetown :)

Chev said...

pisang goreng,
Hahhaha... u all indeed have creative minds leh to come up with all sort of imaginations :)

A "black shop" which sells food sounds spooky :D

Thanks LB for informing everyone and spreading the news that I'm not lost inside the Black Shop. LOL

Ah Boy sleeping lah,
hence no sound and no woof :P

Chev said...

red sponge,
i'm still active, but less active than before :P

Thanks for being with me :)

Since I'm back, I can piak u again
*piak piak piak*
*piak kaw kaw* :D

I dunno the camels in Vietnam are so sampat wan :D

Hi Hi, I'm back in action again :)

Chev said...

Indeed. If i own a shop, i definitely won't name it in such a way :)

Happy Bak Chang day :)
The clock has struck 12
And I haven't eat any bak chang yet :(

Hehehe, u spotted it too..
The shop still remains as a mystery to everyone here..

Kkakakka.. cham loh if lidat :D

Chev said...

black coffee
black tea
black sugar
black beans
everything in black?
I dunno... :D

Thanks Butt for your concern
I'm fine :)
In fact I received few sms-es too while I was away...

I'm back with few camel photos and camel toys, but no real camel lah.