Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Assam Snack

This is another snack which I lup during school time.. The spicy sweet assam with tinge of sourness. Don't tell me you never tasted it before, as this assam snack is definitely more popular than the so called "King Kong snack.

Nope, nobody is pregnant here.. At least Ah Boy is not preggie (with reference to Angeles' "The Pregnant Man" post.. :P

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day-dreamer said...

Haha. This one I eat before. :P

nyonyapenang said...

ehh....this one looks something like the assam snack from Thailand....coated with sugar on the outside, sourish on the inside and with 2 small stones in the middle and tasted sikit pedas. Right ar?

mistipurple said...

yesterday i bought mango and tamarind sweet. soft soft and no seed, all mixed into one dark brown small bola.
but i gave away all. because someone liked it very much.

angeles said...

kakaka.. i oso got eat this b4.. last time got one time, so siao with this assam.. until i bought a big packet.. really gila wan.. :P

ps: Who is Bernie ah? O.o

kyh said...

hehe i got oso! but din like. i dun like sui buis these kind of things wan. :P

L B said...

What have you done to Ah boy?!!!!

Eh? This is from the Assam Tree, eh? I like!!

moz monster said...

This one I know !!!!

Lower back pain. Tummy cramps. Assam snack. Now I'm just waiting for morning sickness to appear.


_butt said...

oh yeah long time ago at school I remember buying it, small enough to put inside pocket, then I have one biji after another... makan in class... kekeke

my friend told me that this assam snack is good for sore throat too. :)

mudpie said...

i love this lil tit bits .. masam masam and manis :)

eve said...

Pernah tengok , but tak pernah rasa..

giddy tigress said...

Yes! Y-E-S!!! I lup this big time! The sugar on it gives energy too, no? So is this healthy as well?

chen .1 said...

hellloooooooooo chen #2!

greetings from chen #1

Doreen said...

Aha! Definitely ate this before although not in the same packaging. Nice nice!

Jason Chan said...

ahah.. this one i know...
today i saw passion fruit in tesco, but din buy after reading your 'review' said...

No wor
I never taste it before

Chev said...

day dreamer,
Good, u like it, or u don't? :)

nyonya pg,
BINGO, absolutely correct.
I get this from a Nursing Sister last week :)

Sweet mixed into a ball shape?
Btw, who is that someone who liked it very much? Steven ah? :D

Wah.. I really salute u.
Bought till one big packet.
But syiok hoh eating it
The taste is kinda unique :)

Who is Bernie ah?
Neh.. that Birthday Boy loh :D

Chev said...

why u don't like soey boi woh?
So nice, and i lup it :D

Kkkk, Ah Boy said that in response to Angeles' question in her previous post mah :P

U wanna that "Assam Tree" as pressie? :P

Piak u ah for your ocipala thought.
*Throw Assam* :P

Can't remember how much is the price liao in the past..
Is it 20 cents?

Syiok hoh eating the assam :)

Chev said...

masam-masam sikit,
manis-manis sikit,
pedas-pedas sikit,
sedap huh? :)

Aiyak, apa pasal tak pernah cuba atau rasa pulak?
Eve tak suka makan asam keh?

giddy tigress,
Healthy or not healthy also don't care lah. As long as eating in moderation, it's still alright :P

Hi hi, how are u?
if u are a bear, u will be a ..
dunno what bear :D

Chev said...

Huh? Got different packaging one ah?
I only remember this type of packaging.. 3 assam wrapped and twisted in the transparent plastic wrapper :)

Hahha, glad u know this..
U tasted it before?
That Lenglui Eve saw it but never tasted it leh..

u meant.. the Buah Cinta ah? :)

Aiyak, u same species with Eve wan.
She also tak pernah makan :(

But since u don't take spicy food, I assume u won't like it even if u tasted it :)

fibrate said...

This I have tasted. I love anything sugar coated!

zeroimpact said...

Yup, but long time no eat edi ok
And I kind of like sour taste for some reasons unknown

mich said...

this is yummy!!!
i will put it in my mouth and suck it!!!

may said...

I haven't had all this assam stuff in ages. there's this colleague of mine who's Chinese (all the way from China, migrated here when he was 16) and he has a bottle of those assam stuff on his table... I guess no matter where you are, the snack catches up with you! lol!

Hazel said...

hi, a simple Pink Heart Tag for u. Happy weekend!

Chev said...

Finally... u have tasted something that i posted up here :)
Wah, i dunno u have a sweet tooth :)

Sourish taste is nice, adding more urmppph to the food taste :D

Wah.. not chewing it but instead u suck it ah?

And this reminds me of a packet of red dried mango preservative snacks i bought in Miri few weeks ago. Where I put it ah? I have totally forgotten about it :D

Thanks Hazel :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Lokter, How come you're promoting unhealthy food with all those artificial coloring, flavors and preservative geh?

Chev said...

Hahaha, cos this is not a healthy diet blog leh, but Ocipala blog :)