Monday, April 07, 2008

?? Fruit

Anyone knows what is the name of this seasonal tropical fruit? Had it few times in the past but never get to know what is the actual name...

It's sourish with tinge of sweetness... I know, I know.. Some of you might name it as ~ The Ocipala Fruit :)

Addendum : Btw, this is NOT apricot nor plum...

Addendum : Thanks to Nyonya Pg and Josh for enlightening me with the name of this fruit, which is known as Buah Kundang in Malay Language and "Lam Na" in Hokkien dialect. The other name for Buah Kundang is Buah Sta' (pronounced as Buah Stak)


mistipurple said...

hahhaha. chevliu always manage to find strange things for us to see. at first i thought was egg wor!

nyonyapenang said...

I think it is called 'lam-na' in Hokkien and incidentally, 'lam-na' also means the colour MISTIPURPLE mia colour lar.

Chev said...

I have photos of several other so called "strange" fruit according to your standard leh.. But haven't post them up yet :)

Egg? Woh........

lam na? the name sounds like olive. I saw the fruits few times inside supermarket, in Chowrasta market and also at the fruit stalls :)

btw, the seed looks purplish too, just as Mistipurple mia purple-ish :D

angeles said...

Lamna? Maciam Lamma Island :P

I shall call it 'orange grape'... what? Orange mia grape maa.. :P

Sean said...

I have no idea, never had it before~

mich said...

apricot hor??

L B said...

*agrees with mich ~ apricot?*
*or plum?*

nyonyapenang said...

errr...olive is 'kan-na', no?

alexander said...

Interesting. This is new to me as well.

Alex's World! -

_butt said...

hmm... egg yolk fruit? color looks like egg yolk ma. okok sampat answer

Kok said...

Anything with no name means Ocipala? hahaha! I also don't know what fruit is this leh...

mistipurple said...

i am lam-na shade ah? hahahaha
sounds so so.. laam so lomantic.

giddy tigress said...

Never seen it before first I thought it was the persimmon, but the seed is not like that....let me taste it and I will try to guess what it is.

Chev said...

Angeles, lei hai tak geh...
hopefully we don't have to wait lama-lama at Lamma island for Lamna fruit :P

I took the photo a month ago.
Lately I didn't see the fruit liao..

The first time I had it was recently too.. I think in 2007 :)

No lah, this might looks like apricot but it's not apricot :)

Chev said...

Although it looks like Apricot & Plum, but the DNA analysis shows it's neither Apricot nor Plum :P

Piak the flies who wanna contaminate my fruit :)

lam na sounds like kan na,
cos both also hv "na" mah :P

Do try it out if u come across it in the future :)

Chev said...

lidat also can meh?

u get it right
Ocipala is such a useful word, huh? :)

cantik huh your name..
i also likey :)

giddy tigress,
I saw it in the Sunshine supermarket and Chowrasta market in the past. I took the photo a month ago :)

Jun said...

i haven't even seen this type of fruit before, let alone know wat it is.. -_-

fibrate said...

Don't judge me after it not a ciku?

moz monster said...

I know ! I know !!!

It's called ....


*faitit run ...*

day-dreamer said...

Really tak tau apa itu.... LOL.

Josh said...

Hi Chev. Found your blog from Beruang Madu's.

This fruit is known as buah kundang by the locals. Yes, Lam-na is right for hokkien. It's a relative to the mangoes. Now getting rare, and most likely to be listed as vulnerable, or even endangered species soon, if nothing is done to save them.

Doreen said...

Emm.....looks familiar but can't remember the name and even the taste.....Ocipala fruit it is! Hahaha

Chev said...

Hehehe, u are not alone here.
Apparently there are many others who never see this fruit before ;)

*faint kaw kaw*

I feel like throwing Ciku at u :P

*flying slipper*

I finally found out the name of the fruit. It's buah kundang.

Chev said...

day dreamer,
now i know the name liao.
It's buah kundang.
Thanks to Josh for enlightening me :)

Thanks Josh for dropping by. And thanks again for enlightening me with the name and info of the fruit :)

Now it's no longer known as Ocipala fruit liao since i have found out the name :)

mistipurple said...

Lam Na! got fruit with my name!
*feels proud*
sampat. hehehehe

Chev said...

yalor, u so femes liao.. :)

papercrazy said...

Cina punya apricot kot?

I tasted that before...very juicy rite?

Jun said...

oh buah kundang i've heard before, but i din know it looked like this ;p thanks for enlightening :)

Chev said...

great u tasted it before,
but it's not that juicy..
as the seed is quite big :)
the skin is kinda crunchy

Hehhe.. earlier on, i know the fruit but not the name, but u know the name but not the fruit :P

Blogging is educational ;)