Saturday, April 05, 2008

Missing Number Plate

I didn't realise my car number plate was missing till this morning when I visited the petrol station. After paying at the cashier counter and walking toward my car, to my horror, my car has no number plate! The screws for the number plate were there except the whole number plate was missing. I dunno when did that occurred either. Who vandalised or knocked my car? Wondering how long had I been driving around without the back number plate?

And it costed me RM 14 for the new number plate. Is that expensive, or cheap?


angeles said...

Kakakka... uMissing number plate.. iMissing my "W" on the front plate haha... a few wks liao but notchet ganti yet... iLazy... :P

angeles said...

psstt.. i now in Opis.. O.O

goin' for dinner liao.. tata!! XOXO!

Chev said...

Wah.. your "W" ran away ah?
Why so lazy woh?
I went to made a new number plate half an hour after finding my number plate missing.. Dowan to kena tangkap polis mah, riding a car without number plate. :P

Poor Angeles..
I still remember your pin chui face in opis u sent me yesterday :)

Enjoy your dinner. I saw a coffee shop selling homemade durian ice cream and ice cream ais kacang leh.. But i didn't buy lah :)

L B said...

Don't worry. I lend you my scooter number plates! Kan? PG37T3S..
You like?

Chev said...

so complicated geh your number plate?
sounds like some sort of password nia
Hehehe.. can use this combination as email password liao. :)

rinnah said...

Aiyo... why did they take your number plate? *scratch head* I can only think of one reason...

angeles said...

yalor.. my "W" ran to WINN liao, iThink...

iLazy becos... becos iTiredest ma... :P really tired.. and the 'worst' was, iWoke up so early today (Sat). Aisay! On the day I can sleep in, I got up so early pulak... but after 1 hr plus, iTido again haha... until afternoon O.O

Then went to opis for an hour, chk on some stuff, then went dinn wt frens...

Ya, you sure will kena tangkap polis without number plate! Me still ok.. oni the W missing.. if polis tangkap, i going to 'blame' Winn kakaka... *waits for winn to cum piak me*

Durian ice cream?? Mana? MANA?? :P

Doreen said...

Your number too beautiful lah till people stole it away. Did you report that to police? People may use your number plate to do bad things leh.

Chev said...

Might be it's done by notti monkeys?
i dunno leh...

Most of the time i will wake up early during holidays too, si beh sian hoh? but at least u can zzz back 1 hr later, so still not so bad lah :)

Driving with missing letter is still not so bad if compared with driving with missing number plate. I was in shock when i found out my number plate missing yesterday noon. Luckily I went to pump petrol, else I won't notice it also.

That durian ice cream at the Kek Seng kopitiam in Penang Road, nearby the Maxim Cake House. It's an old kopitiam. According to 5xMom, Kek Seng produce the best-est durian ice-cream in the world. U can google for kek seng, durian ice cream and see the reviews.

Wah.. need to report to police one meh? o.O Don't scare me lah regarding using the number plate for bad stuff..

My number plate is not pretty and it's just a plain plastic number plate with an ordinary number :(

may said...

your Kancil missing number plate ah? aiyo... well you can do what this April Fool's joke recommended - all vehicles should have their car reg numbers painted at the top of the roof, for easy aerial identification ;-) kekeke!

coolingstar9 said...

Yes, plate nos can be dropped probably due to screws loosen.
Have a nice day. said...

That is damn bloody cheap for a number plate

Chev said...

Yeah loh, dunno who bully my little car.

hahaha, too bad our police force are not so hi tech huh? :)

Thanks. But i don't think that is the case cos part of the screw are still tight and there are remnants of the number plate seen surrounding the screw.

I'm driving a small (made in Malaysia) car hence i don't need the expensive car number plate mah. The most basic one will do. I get the number plate done at a small motorbike repair shop ;) said...

sometimes if u drive too fast past a puddle of water, it can crack and go missing too. RM 14 ok lar, much cheaper than the fine you might get. :P

Chev said...

Yeah, my front car number plate cracked and broken into two pieces few years back after i drove past a poodle of flood water (heavy rain mah) on my way back home from work.

But these few days I only drive on dry surface leh..

I was worried while driving to get my number plate done, hopefully no traffic police will stop me :P

mistipurple said...

king kong took it lah.

runs far far before the piak comes again.

day-dreamer said...

Wah, so geng! LOL.

Kok said...

The price is considered reasonable!:)

angeles said...

ohh Kek Seng, i know that shop.. very narrow inside.. i went a few times b4 but forgot makan apa liao..

zeroimpact said...

Like this also can ah???
I must check see my number plate still there or not
May be this time don't only screw, but use superglue
Sure won't come out edi

jason said...

huh, only RM14, a paper postcard the same size in KL probably cost the same! mesti bersyukur for not being caught by our 'anti rasuah' policeman!

Chev said...

Aiseh.. lidat also can?
your King Kong ah?
or the king kong in the previous post? :P

day dreamer,
Next time must pay attention to the number plate liao. I didn't even know the number plate was missing...

I think so too, but previously it's much cheaper. I heard from my sister in law that it's only RM 8 few years back :)

Chev said...

Yeah, it's an old kopitiam.
Still has the old days chair inside there... I even see a signboard on the wall, mentioning if u don't order drink, u have to pay 40 cents too.. LOL

u didn't eat the durian ice cream in the past ah? It's famous for the home made durian ice cream.. with hand drawn signboard leh.. :P

Hahha, using superglue plus screw is a good idea. Double protection :)

Of course cannot compare with KL lah. KL everything also expensive. Here in Penang, I can still can a bowl of tasty laksa at RM2.30. In KL, it's triple or quadruple the price :D

plus a letter "N" infront of anti..

Chen said...

i am sorry, chev. i admit i took it, you know, just for fun! ;)

eve said...

Pssstt...bagi next door got magnum... lol

mistipurple said...

sent you new number plate already lah. kkkk. computer glitch becomes sent twice. :p

Giddy Tiger said...

Well, it depends on the type of number plate you got. But RM14 is pretty reasonable for a number plate la

moz monster said...

I think the plate decided to go on horriday !!!! So, when do you think it will come back ???

So Ocipaklah !!!

Chev said...

Wah.. teruk lah u..
Don't tell me u pass my missing car number plate to the monkeys. :P

Lidat also can meh?
btw, my car number very cantik wan..
and very easy to remember too :P
Hope u manage to win the prize or second prize then :P

yeah yeah yeah..
i saw it already..
the Kentucky KFC number plate
thanks Misti :)

Chev said...

giddy tiger,
My number plate is just a basic number plate. Nothing unique and nothing special. Just a simple plastic plate. Small made in malaysia car mah, don't have to use those expensive number plate :P

Wah.. what else will go on holiday following this? I hope none liao..
Dowan any more things missing in action :D

Will your newly bought tripod take holiday and visit me some day in the future? :D

Jason Chan said...

Nanti rasuah! LOL!

nyonyapenang said...

The back mia or the front mia? The front one was there on Friday loh.

Chev said...

yeah loh...
most of the time, that's the case mah.. And it happened more frequently during festival time :)

nyonya pg,
It's the back number plate.
If the front one, I will notice it :)

Chen said...

was it some malicious patient who didn't get what they want who took it? or revengeful staff? or playful staff?

Chev said...

I don't think so lah... :)