Thursday, April 03, 2008

King Kong?

I wonder if any of you here ate this snack during your childhood or primary school time. This is one of my favourite snack in the past ~ The brandless "King Kong" mixed "cookies" or Biskut Campuran. Well, I don't have much selection during those days in the late 70's or early 80's. I felt so happy when I came across the snack again when I visited Kota Kinabalu in 2006, as I haven't see nor taste those food stuff for decades. Sort of reliving my childhood once again... :)

All these while, from childhood time up to these days, I still prefer the yellow cookies than the coconut cookies. It's just my personal preference :)

Addendum : From the comments I get, I come to the conclusion that there's a high possibility that this snack is only available in Sabah/Sarawak...


sengkor said...

u sure they din campur anything illegal..? :P

i never see before this biskut tim.. so dem suaku :(

fibrate said...

I've never heard of these too :)

angeles said...

i oso nvr know abt this KingKong biskut... i oso jakun... :(

means it's big big? O.o cos kingkong woh..

welcome back!! *woof*

Chev said...

dunno what ocipala stuff they add inside..

Mmmm... might be this stuff is only available in Sabah & Sarawak kua?

Issit? How come?
Might be it's not available in Peninsular?

u also tarak tau the biscuit ah?

Likely it's not available in Peninsular liao.. Might be it's only available in Borneo Island :)

Anonymous said...

VampireM: oooo... i luv <3 the coconut ones...
i used to trade with ppl the yellow piece for the coconut piece.

VampireM said...

where to find these in penang, if u did find?

Chev said...

I don't think this snack is available here. I have stay in Penang for 8 years and I have yet to come across it, and seems like my friends from Peninsular also never come across these foodstuff.

Might be this is only available in Sabah & Sarawk, huh? :)

Aiyak, u love the coconut one ah?
I should trade mine with u then..
I dislike the coconut one and always eat it last.. :D

mich said...

apa ni??
mana boleh jumpa?
i tak pernah see le~~
*38-ness* hehe

Chev said...

since u all tak pernah jumpa ni makanan, so there is a high possibility that this snack is not available in peninsular ?

mistipurple said...

chev starts eating strange things again.
*cabut before the piak comes*

giddy tigress said...

Will it make u feel like King Kong after you eat it?

Kok said...

I didn't see this biscuits before leh. I think it's not available in Miri. Nice or not ah?

Steve said...

wait... Chev bought those during 2006, and now its, lets see, 2008... Hmm.. *Ping!* no Chev no!! Dont eat!!!!

Mine was chickedees/chickadees or something sounded like chicken lol... or double decker... *Sings "Double decker, double decker, sunguh lazat, istimewa..." in liang zhe lao hu tune (2 little tigers)...
All junk food.

Chev said...

wat strange thing woh?
i ate that for years liao leh in the past..

Hehehe, I only know I feel happy after eating it. And i will feel even happier if someone will trade his/her yellow cookies with my mixed coconut cookies :D

Mmmmm... might be cos u r too young kua? This is one of the "old days" snacks :D

It is nice during those days but nowadays with so many nice food stuff and junk food available, hence it's not so "special" already :)

Chev said...

No lah, I bought several packets back home in the past but some are left forgotten... Kesian those cookies :)

Might be can feed those to the Cookies Monster who hibernates inside the dustbin. Neh, the Sesame Street monster :D

The chickadee manufacturer have reproduced the chickadee again but it is not as nice as the one that we had in the past :)

moz monster said...

I guess by the time I was a child, this was either extinct, or it's only available in Borneo.

Never seen this sort of biscuit before. Hope to try it next time I'm in Borneo.

L B said...

I have missed you so much... :-)
*gives you a BIG HUGE LICK*

papercrazy said...

Eh, lokter, are u sure this is edible??? Look like rat poison wor....cap kingkong summore


i remembered this biscuits too...i used to call it habuk kelapa biscuit!!

_butt said...

coconut one is common, yellow is rare! still, don't like the biskut ler, so hard to bite wan :P

glad to see you back Doc Chen. happy weekend! :-)

eve said...

Err..King Kong ke , Chimpanzee ke , or Orang Utan...tak pernah tengok...and of course tak pernah rasa..hehe..

Jason Chan said...

i never heard that before.. generation gap kut!

Anonymous said...

the sugar contain inside can used to make 1 big pot of sweet...


Chen said...

eee... all the colouring!

Beruang Madu said...

Hi Chev... no lah... I ada makan lah masa sekolah dulu... bukan favourite tapi memang ada... kat Johor sana

Gasman said...

is this the almond cookies? Forget about the trade mark... you can get those in AirItam...

Doreen said...

OMG! Haven't seen this for sooo loonng. One of my favourite childfood snack too. I was trying to find it in Kuching this time but to no avail. I miss it so much. I also like the yellow ones. The coconut one very dry, don't like! said...

i used to loathe it, esp the coconut ones! i duno ler. it's wayyy too dry and feels like sticking a clump of sand into my mouth.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I have not ever seen it. Heh. said...

I think, the variant here is less yellowish

day-dreamer said...

I never seen or heard of this food before. Hehe.

Happy weekend, Dr Chen!

Chev said...

Hahaha, don't lah talk till u sounds so young. You are just slightly younger than me :P

It's not that easy to find in Borneo too. Depends on your luck, I presume. Might be you will come across it in those small towns or villages..

Hehehehe, suddenly u sounds like Ah Boy. Ah Boy always lick my toes when I come out from the bathroom after bathing :)

Apalah rat poison :P

U ate this too? Great..
I only like the yellow portion, not the mixed coconut portion. At times I even throw it away or ate half only.

Chev said...

u ate it before? Wah.. many others here in Peninsular never hear nor see it before leh :D

Thanks Butt, Happy weekend :)

How about Monkey leh?
Just wanna ocipala with u for a while :)

Walao.. generation gap apa?
piak u then u know !!
We grow up in the same era leh..
And summore in Borneo island.
Just that u r in The Land Below The Wind and I'm in The Land of Hornbills :)

Chev said...

wah.. oldman also eat it before ah?
I wonder how the tea will taste like if we use this snack as sugar supplement instead.

Yellow tea? :P

At least yellow colour is better than blue or purple colour. Imaging if they use the blue colouring... Nobody will dare to take a bite :D

Bagus u pernah nampak dan makan snek ni kat sekolah dulu. I rasa pelik mengapa ramai kat sini tak pernah tengok snek ni.

Chev said...

Nope, this is not almond cookies. The ingredients are something cheap and simple : Flour, Egg, Sugar & Colouring..

U ate this before too? Great !!

Hi five for liking the yellow ones.
Sometimes I throw away the mixed coconut one as I cannot finish eating it :D

Wah, I can't believe u ate this before too. And I can't believe we are 'from the same era'. No more generation gap liao. Hehehhe

Chev said...

I see.. So, this snack is not available in Singapore too.. :D

Huh? U saw it before?
Have u tasted it? :)
Or too yellowish or powdery for your taste?

day dreamer,
I know I know..
u ate some other different snacks or crackers :)

Happy Weekend Day Dreamer :) said...

Too powdery for me
But it still brings back childhood memory

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Well, when I was growing up in the seventies, I didn't see that in school. Primary school that is.

There are lots of snacks from Malaysia on the shelves of the supermarkets these days though.

Anonymous said...

I know this biskut king kong. Yaa.. ohh... really reminded me of my childhood. Do you still remember where exactly in KK you bought it? Me too.. I used to love eating the yellow biskut only, while the brown one most of the time kena tong sampah.

Chev said...

and many times, what is nice to us in the past is no longer that nice nowadays.. Likely cos of the limited selection in the past :D

Malaysians like junk food or snacks, hence there are such a huge varieties and selection :D

I can't remember the exact location of the shop already. It's not exactly in KK itself but on the way to KK, as we were travelling by car on the road. Sold in one of the town on the way to KK :)