Saturday, March 15, 2008


I dunno why Peanut has so many different names ~ Ground Nut, Earth Nut, Goober etc and some even called it Monkey Nut. I know monkey loves peanut, but naming peanut as monkey nut? Huh?

Peanuts, anyone?

And my latest favourite is the garlic-flavoured peanuts. Err.. No Flying Peanuts nor Yakking Peanut, as they are in the process of becoming peanut butter on vacation. And rest assured, Angeles, you can ditch away your neck turtle blouse. LOL


Beruang Madu said...

Nope nope nope... no peanut for me... I takleh makan kacang...nanti jerawat..habis lah I tak comel. Satu lagi Chen lah ni yer... Dr Chen jugak ker??

Shah said...

Just discovered your blog after that link from Chen's controversial post recently :-)

Love your macro shots here - all very vibrant and lively. Keep it up bro.

mistipurple said...

*covers angeles turtle neck lobang*
turtle neck still can throw in peanuts ah? the thrower very powderful wor. kkkk

Chev said...

beruang madu,
No peanut, does that means no satay? As the satay sauce contains peanut too ;)

Hehe, i pasti u masih comel lagi leh walaupun berjerawat. Yeah, I'm in the medical profession.

Thanks Shah. I just bought the Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 macron lens last month and busy playing with it at the moment during my free time.
Btw, I'm a gal :)

Hahaha.. no flying peanuts woh, hence Angeles is safe :)

I think the thrower no longer throwing peanuts liao, at least lately :D

angeles said...

kaka.. sampat Ochick :P

*looks out for carcar*

Peanut garlic flavour, the garlic mia flavour is strong enuff bo?

And I still haven't found the Cucumber sauce :(

Chev said...

*I wanna replay the flying peanut & licking crabs video clips taken on 6/8/2006*

Dunno Carcar got throwing peanut or not lately? :D

The garlic made the peanut smells nice, hence i sukak :P

u calling that hot soy sauce as cucumber sauce ah? hehehhe
Good luck in your sauce hunting process. Hopefully u can find it soon :) said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Someone mistaken Chen as a boyyy! :P lol!! peanut peanut. snoopy and peanut.

L B said...

Peanuts are very good, health-wise, correct? I love munching away while watching TV.. so does that mean I am very healthy?

Chev said...

That means my anonnymous status works, LOL.

Err.. the "peanut" in Snoopy & Peanut in not edible wan leh. Ti(p)u mia peanut :P

No flying peanuts while munching?
Flying high high up & then fall down cos of gravity, and.. oops.. drop on the floor
wasted few peanuts liao :P

Tak boleh makan banyak sangat peanut leh.. Cos the calories will accumulate mah :P

So in conclusion, gimme your peanuts so that i can sabo :P

mich said...

macam mane garlic??

Beruang Madu said...

satay... entahlah... makan jugak.. tu dah terpaksa.. kalau ada pilihan I akan makan kuah lain.. kadang tu I makan stay ngan sambal dia jer... itu kalau kacang dia tak halus, besar besar

Anonymous said...

i try b4 garlic peanut n feel very weird the taste...btw if u a fan of peanut like me i stil prefer Tong Garden rather than other brand...

if human nuts cal wat ler? :P


_butt said...

latest favourite is garlic flavored peanut ar? I read too fast liao and almost read it as LEAST favorite!

I was gona agree with you though :P but no, I don't like anything garlic flavored eeek

have a great remaining Sunday! :)

cibol said...

drinking session without poeanuts is boring ...

Chev said...

the garlic smell
nice aroma :)

beruang madu,
satay kalau makan tanpa kuah, sedap juga. Yang penting daging tu jangan bakar terlalu lama hingga keras. Tapi kalau makan bersama kuah, lagi best :)

tapi i suka satay kat Kajang. Boleh refill kuah tanpa had and boleh campur dengan sambal cili. Syiok :)

old man,
oh yeah, Old Man is one of the peanut fan. I remember u used to buy/eat those kacang rebus in Jln Song :)

If human nuts ah..
Mmm.. that's called Klang Klang :D

Chev said...

so ocipala geh? :P

i sapu all types of peanuts, except the rotten one lah, of coz. I love peanut soup too, and also peanut butter :)

u tried the garlic-flavoured peanut?
Nice aroma leh..

Peanut is indeed a handy and nice snack.. When chit chatting, watching tv, drinking etc :)

And the best thing is.. it's not expensive. I mean affordable lah :D

Kok said...

Monkey Nuts or Monkey's Nuts? HAHAHAHAHA!

Chen said...

hi!!! eh!! the beruang madu and shah was also here. welcome onboard, guys!!

keeyit said...

I cannot eat peanut coz after I hv that sure got pimples..

Chev said...

piak Kok for fikir bukan-bukan :P
Btw, have anyone tasted Monkey's Nuts? I know there are people who eat Monkey's brain, and worst still.. when the monkey is still alive :(
*so cruel*

Hi, welcome back to Penang.
I'm sure u enjoy yourself truly in Thailand :D

So cham. u r just like beruang madu. He has pimples too when he eats peanuts.