Monday, March 17, 2008

Fluff Easter Eggs

Guess what were Dobbs and Fibrate (including yenjai and yours truly) busy doing for the last few days? *Ahem* Hunting and Collecting Easter Eggs plus accumulating Egg Hunt Points at Fluff Friends. Hahaha, suddenly I feel so young, like a little kid again ~ hunting and collecting easter eggs. So syiok when seeing an egg hidden behind the fence. :P

And guess what? I found one Lucky Egg today while hunting. So syiok can die. Gembiranya aku :)
My Fluff Book is now over-crowded with Easter Eggs !! *No Eye See* It's Time to Change. The Wind of Change is here... Btw, don't cha think my specky Moo Moo looks cute with the Easter Bunny Ears? :P

And yeah, up to date, Moo Moo has collected 8 priceless Victory Eggs aka Gold Eggs. What's more syiok than seeing those blink blink gold eggs? To all Egg Lovers Egg Hunters, have fun hunting and collecting Easter Eggs + Egg Points.

Addendum: To those who are interested but catch no balls how to go about, u can get further details here. :)


yenjai said...

That's what a special egg look like
I had one, and I didn't realise it
I just let it get burried

Chev said...

Dobbs will sure piak u for letting go the special egg. Very hard to find leh.. :D

Btw, I'm as ignorance as u too coz I dunno the presence of this special (lucky) egg till i get one today. LOL

L B said...

Bunny Bunny Hop Hop, Bunny see Peanut.. Bunny throws peanut..
Bunny Hop Hop..
Bunny sees Egg..
Bunny Happy Happy..

Chev said...

Moo Moo Bunny wanna hop hop
abuthen, Moo Moo Bunny too heavy liao
Poor Moo Moo fall terpelanting
Kesian Moo Moo

But since Moo Moo is a cheerful Moo,
and summore got flying peanut
and Gold Eggs...
Hence Moo Moo didn't cry :D

yenjai said...

Don't tell Dobbs
I ...


I gave it away :P

Chev said...

Wah.. I wanna shout loud-loud
Yenjai gave away his...
okie okie..
I will Ssshhhhhhhhhh........


U gave it to your wifey or someone else? :P

fibrate said...

Oi Yenjai you could have given it to me, right? *indignant*

day-dreamer said...

Wah. I saw one and I ignored it coz I duno apa itu. -_-"

Chev said...

I saw where's Yenjai's secret egg liao. At his wifey's place :P

I wanna get the Secret Bunny Egg too. Let's KFC :)

day dreamer,
aiyak.. u ignored the poor Easter Egg ah? Next time if u come across it again, don't forget to collect it. If u dun like the egg, u can always give it to me. I hampalang sapu wan. LOL

Pink Cotton said...

OWH! rupa rupanya itu easter egg di dalam fluff hah???

i cari cari just now ..cannot find it!

ok i wont be bck until easter...


TZ said...

hehehe... my greeny got two eggs too :-> Don't know who gave my greeny... let me find out.

Chev said...

pink cotton,
Hehehe, your sister has been having fun hunting for easter eggs too over the last few days, and she managed to collected few eggs from my fluff site. And I managed to hunt and collect 2 easter eggs consecutively from your fluff site few days ago :)

Have fun hunting. But u can only bring 2 eggs back "home" each day :)

Hehehe, those 2 "mysterious" Easter Eggs are compliment gifts from the Fluff Friender to those fluff owners who hadn't visit their fluff site for more than a month, hopefully can lure them back to visit the neglected fluff page. Hehhehehhe..

That means... u have neglected your greeny for more than 30 days? Poor Greeny. LOL

dobbs said...

Yenjai, no problem, good thing you gave to wifey otherwise sure kena piak one! :P
And there are 4 special eggs -- the blue bunny, pink chick, red bunny and a multicoloured sparkly one! Those you can keep in addition to the 2 you keep per day.

moz monster said...

I can see you very easy to please !!!! =D

angeles said...

i jz eat the eggs lah..

Chev said...

Walao, i didn't know there are so many different varieties of special egg. I have only came across the blue bunny egg once today. In fact I only know about these special eggs today :D

U r indeed Fluff Tai Kar Cher and our Walking Fluff Dictionary ;)

Cos I'm a very simple person :)
Simple is Good ;)

wah.. piak Angeles for eating my Gold Eggs. Piak piak piak kaw kaw :P

Kok said...

I haven't had any gold egg yet! ahhhh!!! And also, how come you can find lucky egg??

Aiyooo... the eggs' adventure continues...:P

mudpie said...

waaaa .. i wannnnt some egg-ie too!!!! how how???

Chev said...

*add oil add oil*
Hopefully u can find the victory or gold eggs soon :)
And thanks for telling me regarding the Fluff Easter Eggs hunt last week, else i will miss out all the funs liao :D

Regarding the lucky eggs, it's just pure luck. Hope u are lucky too :D

See ya soon in Miri :)

Hehehe, log in your Fluff Friend's application and u can start searching for easter eggs from your friend's fluff sites. U can get more details here.

Have fun hunting and collecting the eggs :)

giddy tigress said... Bobo got no Easter eggs yet...

mistipurple said...

you is mean curi-ing eggs from frens' fluffs ah? wah. i very long never log in there to see.. freefin! yes, that's his name, haha

chen #1 said...

wayyy to cute for me....

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
Kekekke, BoBo must add oil liao
still few more days to go to collect those Fluff Easter Eggs :D

not curi-ing
it's just like hunting and collecting
depends on luck
not every fluff profile has Easter Eggs :D

jom Misti, go & hunt for Easter Eggs
very fun wan.. LOL

hahaha, i know
these are not your cuppa tea :D

Jason Chan said...

really got special egg on woh, i thought it was rumour... i want, i want!

Chev said...

there are many types of special eggs, as what Dobbs mentioned. Too bad I don't have time to search for it these few days..