Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My "Dream" Gadget(s)

Albie wanna know what is/are my dream gadget(s). Mmm.... I would say the next gadget I wanna get is the zoom lens for my DSLR Canon EOS 350D ~ The Sigma 18- 200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC with OS (Optical Stabiliser) lens. Something that I wanna get but haven't do so yet :P

Sigma 18- 200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC with OS lens

At the moment, I only have 2 lenses ~ The Canon EFS 18-55 mm kit lens and the Tamron AF SP 90mm f/2.8 macro lens. Hence I need a zoom lens to complete the lenses list (temporary). And yeah, photography is definitely an expensive hobby... I will need to get a speedlite also (in the future lah). Cos now pocket dah koyak and berlubang already. :P

Angeles and Fibrate, since I wanna know what is/are your dream gadget(s). Hence, both of you are tagged :D


angeles said...

Sampat Ochick kakakaka... my dream gadgetsssssss ah? Too many leh... how how?? :P

Wait I slow slow go dream first ahh... :P and thx for the tag!

Chev said...

heheheh... i know u have many
iphone lah
dslr lah
and all the ocipala-s :P

psss... when u wanna get a new camera?
come, we go take pict together :D

L B said...

haha, we go Penang to buy that lens soon? :-) I come, we go, we squat, we eat!! Hey, no 1800mm lens? Donut!!

Thanks for doing homework! Will prepare sumore for you.

Doreen said...

Photography is indeed an very expensive hobby I must say. There are so many different kind of lenses and accessories. Unbelieveable! Well, I hope you get your dream gadget bely bely soon (^_^)

Chev said...

wanna buy soon
soon, very very soon
can hear the clock ticking
tick tock tick tock...
Oops.... :P

yeah, we gotta squat by the longkang and eat laksa again. Make sure Misti will squat together with us too. Kkkkkk

if there is 1800 lens, that might weight few kilos. So heavy can die :P

more homework?

Chev said...

very very expensive indeed.
The camera body is not expensive but the lenses are !!
I can only buy the 3rd party lens instead of the Canon lens since the 3rd party lens are much cheaper :P

hehehe, must piak doreen for coming back so soon from Miri :P

moz monster said...

Very ocipaklah lar your dream gadget !!!

Since you have a lens in the 18-55 range, why not get something like 70-300 instead ? That way, there is no overlap in focal range ...

Having said that, 18-200 is a darn useful lens to have in hand ...

moz monster said...

That's why some people buy Nikon ... their lenses cheaper compared to equivalent Canon ... since Canon got so many L series lense ! :P

mistipurple said...

hehe. *finds longkang to squat*

Chev said...

why ah? cos i dowan to carry so many lens around.. it easier to just carry that single 18-200 mm lens when go travelling instead of carrying 2 lens :)

why why tell me why..
why canon lens so expensive geh???

don't squat at the wrong "longkang"

giddy tigress said...

Without your dream gadget also can take such breathtaking pictures wor...

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
Different lens for different purpose mah.

without the zoom lens, i cannot zoom in the subject from the far distance to take photos leh.. hence not syiok mah. Feel like missing something :P

fibrate said...

I love my Sigma 18-200 mm zoom too...but mine's without OS. Could really do with that feature as my shots always fall victim to camera shake :(

Chev said...

That OS is a fabulous feature.
But the same sigma 18-200mm lens with OS is much heavier..
610 g compared with the same lens without OS which is approx 200 g lighter..

angeles said...

Eh, today so pree ahhh?? :P

Wah... how cum i no understand all the lens' tok geh... how to dream my gadget liddat? :(

Jun said...

fish eye lens!!! ;p okok i know, it's expensive, and u dun reli use it much, but still, effects are nice :>

rite now, saving money for the 40D... hari-hari makan roti... sigh.

Chev said...

I pree cos i on "daun" mah :P

after u get your camera and doing some reading and researches and asking around, u will get to know about the lens liao. Well, it is not difficult to ask around since so many of us are using dslr :P

hehehe, the effect of fish eye lens is fantastic, but as u mentioned, it is expensiveeeeeeeeeeeeee......

wah.. 40D is around RM 4k just for the body woh.. All the best and hope u can get it soon :D

Wyn said...

wah...i wan also ler...but no money buy...so expensive...

*drooling* hehe...

Chev said...

But then hoh, u need to buy the camera body first before buying the lens :P

chen #1 said...

i want a masturbating device which fits....

the one i got now is too big ley, for caucasian penises

Alicia said...

BUY BUY BUY!!!! u know hor.. leinok + tamlon sp90 veli stim wan.. leinok not xpensip wan :D

jellyikan said...

leinok good.
pi my flickr gallery tengok tengok kekekeke

Alicia said...

see.. jello oso said leinok bagui.. veli pang leng jeng.. 2nd hand from tu hunled .. first hand at tu fifti.. :D

u wan delivery? stim.. can wan.. sasinki kasi felee deliveli

Leonard said...

that's surely one dream gadget!

if i get it, might not know how to use it!

Anonymous said...

wuahhh...lokter manyak syok when u get it hor...

big,long,takat-takat sumore...

*can vibrate kar* :P


Chev said...

Hahhah.. might u can lelong the current one u have at ebay or lelong.com.my mine liao since it doesn't fit :P

yeah, that Raynox lens u both talking about lately is definitely not expensive compared to the other lenses. Thinking of getting one but haven't do so yet :)

Kekkeke, i know u r poisoned kaw kaw by th raynox lens. Will look at your flickr album when i get back home. Sekarang i kat luar "negeri" leh :P

Chev said...

if buy from shasinki have to wait for a while before getting the stock leh since they don't have stock with them, and need to import from Japan? :D

Will consider about it once i get back to Penang :)

if u get it and dunno how to use it, u can always give it to me. Hahhahaha.. i don't mind second hands or third hands lens :P

walao this old man..

if the lens can vibrate, that means... the lens is possessed liao. Ada hantu kat dalam


mudpie said...

*taking out sewing kit* *sewing lubang lubang in the pocket* .. can you feel the coins now?? :)

chen #1 said...

offered to sell the toy to my friends, but they say they have to autoclave it first!

Chev said...

Hahaha, how thoughtful of u
i very likey !!!
now i can keep more coins and more money liao inside my pocket liao :D

Yeah, most people will think twice (or thrice?) when buying those used personal items :D

Anonymous said...

Get EF 70-200mm F4L IS USM
around RM 4000 + from FOTO EASYCAM, KOMTAR

Really yummy lense

seefei said...

if your like OS, you can get either pentax or olympus camera body if you are changing. The OS is in-built into their camera body.

that tamron 90 lens of yours is a good macro lens. you can check out this link. there is some very good pic of macro taken with that lens from a pentax camera body.


Chen said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I have bought this 18-200mm lens with OS for RM 1600+ :)

Thanks but it's too expensive to change the camera body leh especially after buying all the canon mounted lens. I have bought the sigma 18-200mm with OS for RM 1600+ and the tamron 90mm for RM 1400+