Friday, March 21, 2008

Where Am I?

Guess where was I over the last few days?

Yeah, at the Land of Sea Horses (somewhere at the Land of Hornbills). The house of Mi Mi and Ri Ri. Sea horses statues are seen every where but I had yet to see a real sea horses there :)

And I had the opportunity to meet up with Kok, having flat Kolo Mee and boiled sugar cane drinks at one of the stalls inside the old market. Nice meeting you, Kok. Too bad Doreen fly few days earlier back to Kuching liao...


angeles said...

Sea horsey chup!

angeles said...

If got sea horsey, got sea doggie ah?

giddy tiger said...

Nice seahorses! So that's where you were.....

L B said...

Why you never invite me along wan? :-)
We can play monopoly by the lake..
throw peanuts into the water..
sing love songs to the fish..
ride horsies..
fly in the sky..
dip toes..

TZ said...

I know I know ... you are in Miri, Sarawak :->

Kok said...

Nice meeting up with you too! Hope the food and the company wasn't too bad. Come back another time and I'll bring you to crocodile farm. haha!

By the way, you come out with this Mi Mi and Ri Ri? Kakaka!

Hazel said...

hi, some awards for u. Have a nice weekends!

Chev said...

next time Sea Horsey Meal, Deal?
btw, I saw the dried sea horse when i visited Kota Kinabalu in 2005. So ko lian the sea horses :P

Liucas is sea doggie loh
since he swam inside the sea
Ah Boy dislikes sea water
hence he is not one :

giddy tiger,
Yeah, and I saw Sea Horses everywhere... Too bad no sea horses dishes, but there are sea horses restaurant lah..


KKkk... so ocipala geh?
next time must bring our sampat monopoly gang here
i wanna fly in the sky
I believe i can fly...

and I wanna see Angeles flying too, since she has WINGS :P

Chev said...

hahahha, Bingo & 101% correct

Thanks Kok for your company and ride around town and the food too.

Regarding the Mi Mi and Ri Ri, no leh.. I didn't come up with that name. My hubby's friend's wife told us the name. LOL

But that name was cute hoh? Mi Mi and Ri Ri for the sea horses for the name Miri :D

I heard we can get to eat crocodile meat/drink crocodile soup in the crocodile farm too :D

Thanks Hazel.
Hope u have a nice weekend too :) said...

You meet up with the famous KOK ?

Kok said...

Not a problem. Come back again for a longer holidays! Can bring you around again. :)

Oh mi gosh! I'm ashamed as a Mirian. I didn't know the seahorses were named Mi Mi and Ri Ri if not you told me. hahaha!

Errr...I can bring you to crocodile farm but can I not eat the meat/drinks? hahaha!

I am not famous lah. :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah you balik kampung?

mistipurple said...

wah so fun! *plays with mi mi ri ri*
no longkang laksa there ah? *sampat*

chen.1 said...

is the sea horses pregnant?

fibrate said...

Holiday again? :)

mistipurple said...

happy easter chev!! and to everyone here too!
*distributes eggs*

moz monster said...

Gee ... wah ... second trip back to Sarawak already this year !

When's the next trip ?

mich said...

i always drink sea horse soup...
yummy yummy!!

Chev said...

Hahahha, yeah loh. I finally get the chance to meet up with the famous Kok. But too bad i have yet to get the chance to meet up with the famous Yenjai yet :)

Hehehe.. Thanks. Mi Mi and Ri Ri are nice name, aren't there? :)

LOL, I have eaten crocodile meat in the past, few years back. Why u dowan to eat those delicacies? :D

day dreamer,
Not considered as balik kampung woh, since not going to my so called "kampung". Only going back to the state of origin, and Sarawak is a huge state! :P

Chev said...

Got poke poke Mi Mi and Ri Ri's protruding tummy or not?
*Poke Poke*

Tarak Longkang Laksa here leh.. :(
But ada Miri Laksa
wanna wanna?
And the laksa here is much more expensive than the Longkang Laksa leh.. And I still prefer the Penang Longkang Laksa. :D

Might be? Hence explaining the protruding tummy. Hopefully it's not Pot Belly. LOL

And now how I wish I can take one month off. LOL

Chev said...

Have a Blessed Easter, Misti :)
Thanks for the eggs.
Any bunny choc? ;)

Hehehe, u fly more frequent than me leh.. But the difference is u don't have to pay for the flight ticket and i have to... :P

Haven't confirm yet when will be the next trip. Might be in June kua? :D

Huh? always drink sea horse soup ah? How come? :D
I never drink sea horse soup leh..

may said...

ahhhh... got land of the crabs or land of the lobsters anot? starfish?

Chev said...

Land of Crabs = Pulau Ketam?
Land of Lobsters... Wait, I will show u the lobster I had few days ago. Kkkkkk...

mich said...

vr sweet one...
u have to put hung chou and then u go to those chinese medical hall go ask for hoi ma~
yum yum

Chev said...

i saw those dried sea horse when I visited Kota Kinabalu market some time back, but never know sea horse can be used to cook soup or made into drinks :)

mich said...

oh drink for leng leng one...