Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spicy Choc Drink

It's nice to have a mug of hot chocolate during cold weather or rainy seasons. And it's even nicer to have a mug of spicy hot chocolate, to give the extra urmphhh.

Anyone wanna join me for a cuppa? :)

26 comments: said...

wahhh.. reminds me of how long i haven't had the chilli hot choc from chocolate bean. so going there soon. winter's almost here!! wheeee~ more reason to put on the weight. :D

Ångele said...

Never tried spicy hot chocolate.

But I just *heart* the regular hot chocolate. ^^

fibrate said...

You mean these things are on sale? I usually have my Aztec Hot Chocolate (spicy one also) from in Chozs in KLCC! Yummilicious!

L B said...

Gimme Teh Tarik!!! Alos Teh Ais kurang manis!!

Happy Easter, Doc!! *throws a flying bunny*

mistipurple said...

i glass less chilly prease. :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah. Can't imagine how it taste. >.<

Chev said...

I still remember u were mumbling regarding the hot weather in Oz, and now winter is almost there :)

Solid reason to eat more :D

The spicy taste adds more urmphhh to the drink, provided if u love spicy stuff. LOL

Yeap, it's available on the shelf @ the supermarket. And the brand name is SHIOK. Available in few different flavours, and one of it is this spicy choc :)

Chev said...

*Flying Aik Cheong Teh Tarik*
Oops.. hopefully the flying teh tarik won't accidentally spill on anyone :P

Happy Easter
*Throwing a flying choc peanut*

Aiyak, lidat also can?
u wanna add ice cube inside the drink anot? :P

day dreamer,
U gotta taste it yourself :)
It's something different :)

Kok said...

I saw this on the shelf of the supermarket too! I don't have the gut myself to buy one of those. What does it taste like? Chilli+Milo kind of drink? Eeeee! hahaha!

Berberboo said...

how spicy is spicy? o.0 cili padi spicy? lol... ^^

mistipurple said...

chev always eat strange things wan. now drink strange drinks pulak.

angeles said...

I'm having hot chocolate at Oldtown Kopitiam now! Becos my house blackout.. :(


Jun said...

we have chili hot choc here as well but i've nvr had the courage to order one for myself o_O

Chev said...

yeah, something lidat
Milo or Coklat pedas :D
Not that spicy but syiok loh drinking it, especially during cold weathers :)

Not as spicy as cili padi.
But hot drink plus tinge of spiciness gives the kick :D

*piak Misti*
might be.. cos i'm special mah.. hahahaha

Chev said...

Poor Angeles..
very cham hoh if without electricity..

Remembering the old days of using kerosene lamp whenever there was blackout in my hometown... And the blackout occured quite frequently.. once in few weeks.. Really *&^%$#

Enjoy your cuppa hot chocolate @ Oldtown kopitiam :)

Mmmm... Might be u can try it out the next time during winter season. Or have a cuppa together with that sampat Ehon :D

may said...

reminds me of the chili chocolate I've eaten before. I still prefer normal taste ler... no spice... just all else that's nice ;-) said...

pengsan with such drink

eve said...

Tak pernah try ler..first of all..kopi..i tak gian..cos i can tremor tak habih habih one..then spicy samo..ishh...gastric... Can I have Milo ais kurang manis then?

Wyn said...

huh? really spicy 1 ar?

never try before. Nice kah?

moz monster said...

This is really EFND and ocipaklah ... what's next? Kopi Cili Padi ? Tandoori Tea ?


Chev said...

wah.. u eaten chili choc before?
Wonder how it tasted like...
Btw, I bought few boxes of liquer choc when I dropped by Labuan free duty shop this morning. No chili choc though :((

i know u dun take spicy stuff
This drink not that spicy wan lah
u can still drink :P

u tak gian kopi too?
*Gimme five*
gua tarak minum kopi too
i minum susu instead :P

wai wai wai..
ini bukan kopitiam lah..
tak boleh order minum kat sini :P

Chev said...

not very spicy
but if u drink it hot, then the spicy effect is there, but not as spicy as cili padi lah :D

worth the try since it's something different :)

Kkkkk... but good for those who are freezing inside the air conditioned office.

Tandoori Tea sounds so.. yucks

L B said...


inevitable said...


mich said...

mai mai tummy pain pain..
i want teh o ice limau!
my favourite~

Chev said...

How about BBBB & BBBM?

Not that spicy...

Err.. i thought u like spicy stuff woh?