Friday, March 14, 2008

Leaf Insect

Winn asked me in the previous post (Grass Talk) where is the grass hopper. Mmmm... No grasshopper woh, but I have the photo of this leaf insect :)
Green-green tei. Looks like Grasshopper, but it's not grasshopper... In fact, it has the appearance of a green leave. I'll name it as dunno-what-name Leaf Insect.

Too bad this dunno-what-name leaf insect is not so bright (aka low IQ). It is staying happily on the grey concrete surface (instead on a green leave), exposing itself to predators. Luckily I don't eat insects, else sure habislah. As conclusion, this dunno-what-name leaf insect failed to get The Camouflage Degree. Gagal Exam :P


angeles said...

*irrelevant comment*

Winn's new nickname is KampaChick :P

Then she call me SampatChic pulak..

Now I call YOU OcipalaChick. Shortform, maybe OChick? Kkkkkkk...

L B said...

Hhahahaah, angeles' irrelevant comment is relevant!!

Imagine having these in the salad..

Jason chan said...

nice as always.. you used remote flash for pic 1 on meh? or a torch light? try diffuser, more pleasing effect, less shadow, no harsh high light..

Chev said...

*faint kaw kaw*
who is the culprit who starts giving those nick name wan? Winn or u?
Must piak with Sotong liao :D

Kakakka... and imaging ECL eating that.. Somehow, talking about eating grass or whatever green stuff always reminds me of her :P

Yeah, the flash is a bit harsh. I used the built-in flash as i dun have external flash nor speedlight. Thinking of buying one in the future. Nope, didn't use torch light as it's still bright, in the late afternoon. :D

A friend of mine taught me to diffuse the light using styrofoam bowl, but i haven't manage to get one yet to try it out :)

eastcoastlife said...

I'm here!

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! I long life ah! Tok about me only I come! hehe.....

hmmm... winn is KampaChick
angel is SampatChick
chen is OcipalaChick
ok lah, I rugi a bit... I HotChick. hahahaha.......

fibrate said...

Nice! I never really had much luck with insects.

Wyn said...

wah..jiejie, wer u find this kinda insect wor??

i only saw them in those duno wat zoo butterfly farm like that nia...

btw, how r u oh..? lama no see...hehe=P

Chev said...

wah.. really "See Ghost"
talk about u, then u suddenly appear
very long life liao !!

Hehehe, from HotMama now become HotChick? ;)

I guess I was lucky last weekend.
I came out from the elevator, and i saw that leaf insect. Hence i quickly went & get my camera :D

I found it next to the elevator at my place :)
The leaf insect sesat kua?

I'm fine, thanks :)

Ångele said...

The insect has big eyes! o.O said...

i duno msia got or not but here, the orange juice bottles are blur blur tei one. can also use as diffuser.

yenjai said...

You won't eat that insect
But I am not sure if Moo Moo won't savour it :P

Anonymous said...

How r u dr? hope alls fine! Lol at insect gagal test! chialat... poor thing. -Steve

eastcoastlife said...

You are OcipalaChick or kay poh chick? hehehe....

I was eating Prawn Noodles in the public library. Terror ah? hehe....

Chev said...

Yeah, the leaf insect has cute big round eyes. I wonder if the insect stared at me when i took it's photo. LOL

Wah... orange juice bottle as diffuser? o.O

I only play with that leaf insect, just as how I played with my Sago worms. But I didn't keep that leaf insect as pet lah, else Ah Boy will sure merajuk wan :P

My Moo Moo doesn't eat insects wan. She prefers leaves, vegetable or fruits such as leaf medley, cherries and pumpkin. LOL

Chev said...

I'm fine, thanks. Hope everything is going on well with u too :)

That leaf insect dunno sesat from where. Might be blown by the wind (cos it's very light mah), hence landed up near the elevator at my place? LOL

I'm confused too..
Can I choose to become 'dunno-what'? Hehehhehe...

Err.. your prawn noodles look so different from ours in Penang :)
Yeah, u of coz terror lah. If not terror, then u r not ECL liao. LOL

I just realised I haven't post the Photo Hunters post for weeks (or months?) liao :P

mistipurple said...

i moomoochick can bor?
lol at low IQ leaf insect. so sampat, hahaha.

Chev said...

wah.. sounds like confused identity, 2-in-1 animal woh.(temporary assume that chick is ayam lah)

tat leaf insect hoh, never went to insect school. And worst still, the insect mama nor papa never teach it, hence low IQ loh. Kakkaka :P

Bengbeng said...

wow...u got some great pics on this blog...leaf insect pic is great

_butt said...

LOL! gagal exam! but I think hor, Mr GreenHopper is just trying to show off his leafy figure :P

Chev said...

Thanks Bengbeng for your compliment.
I'm still learning :)

Hhahaa, or might be he is trying to show off his nice green coat? The attention seeking leaf insect. LOL

And might be he actually feels very great that someone actually takes his picture? Wah.. he is now a famour leaf insect liao :D