Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grass Talk

One EFND afternoon when I was in Kuching, I took photos of grass in the Land of Hornbills. (On one of the rare occasion whereby it didn't rain. Well, it rained almost daily during my stay in Kuching during the CNY period).

Who cares what's the name.. I only know it's Grass. Let's call it Grass #1

Grass #2, The Spikey Grass

Grass #3, The Fluffy Grass (Reminds me of my Fluff Pet)

Grass #4, The Pariah Grass (Oops....)

So, the final conclusion is ~ Grass can be Beautiful... as long as they don't grow inside my garden. (macam lah i have a garden in real life) :P What say you? KFC and hopefully nobody here need to eat leaf medley eat grass. LOL


L B said...

Isn't that marijuana?!!

L B said...

Wait, marijuana doesn't look like that! Poppy?

L B said...

Wait, wait!!! ECL's salad!!

mistipurple said...

moooo.. i eat grass every month. :P

angeles said...

Mana itu Rumput Ocipala?

yenjai said...

chen jiejie
Can I have a large version of those photo, to use as my wallpaper?

_butt said...

the pariah grass reminds me of... some name of herb I can't remember...

Doreen said...

Kuching still rains everyday. Quite sien actually, very incovenient but quite cooling lah. I have a love-hate relationship with grass too.

Chev said...

Hahahha... what a good laugh
Yeah hoh, ECL ate grass in the past..
Wonder which one will she choose as her salad liao..

*laff die me* :P

Wah.. another grass eater?
*Feed Misti Moo some leaf medley*
produce more milk for us, okie? :P

Rumput Ocipala ah?
That one i deleted liao, cos too ocipala

ehon said...

macro lens!! =/ *jealous*

I WANT RAIN LAR! haihs. here in South Aus, u want rain also don't have ar. once in a month u can be thankful liao..

Chev said...

Wah.. i wanna cry liao..
yenjai wanna use my grass photo as his wallpaper woh..
what an honour :)

Can, of coz can.
I will send Yenjai kor kor the large version of those photos tonight :)

got such ocipala stuff wan ah? :P

Huh? Still raining daily up to these days? Very inconvenient huh for outing. But to console ourselves, at least rain is better than haze :P

*Imaging Doreen rolling on the grass field*

Chev said...

Ehon, u can get one too, after u start working lah.. :P

Hehehhe, your rain dance didn't work ah?
U need to ask Angeles to perform the dance, cos she brings rain wan..
No joke :P

If not, LB can bring rain too.
Reminiscing the 21/7/07 night

mudpie said...

hahahah where is the spikey type of grass .. heheheh .. love the #3 grass .. fluff fluff

alexander said...

Lovely capture! Great close up shots.

Alex's World! -

fibrate said...

Nice grass! See, didn't I always say that the grass is indeed greener on the OTHER (across South China Sea) side? :D

Chen said...

err. why is the last one called pariah grass? just curios :)

Jason Chan said...

ah chen.. you really make full use of your tamron.. very nice lor! make me want to go out too.. :)

Chev said...

Hehehe, hopefully u won't find those spikey grass nor fluffy grass or whatever grass in your garden. :D

Thanks alex.
Those shots are not perfect yet :)

Wah.. lidat also can?

But true also hoh, the grass there looks greener and healthier. No wonder u wanna go back & work there again in the future :)

Chev said...

cos i see liao beh song, hence i called it pariah grass :P

no special reason lah,
i simply name it just for fun :D

Have to many my $$$ worthwhile mah, hence must use the lens kaw-kaw, since I just bought it not long ago.

Hehehe, u take nice pict with your camera too. Btw, u don't have to go far away to take photo mah, since u have a nice garden @ your house :)

chen #1 said...

bye. i'm off to my holiday

Winn said...

where is the hopper?

Chev said...

Wah, so syiok...
just came back from Indonesia & now u r going for another vacation :)
Have fun & enjoy yourself :)

Itu hopper ah..
tengah on vacation..
eat wind somewhere nearby your house.

Hence his brother Leaf Insect is taking over the duty :P