Monday, January 21, 2008

Blog Blop Bloq.. Blurp

Rinnah wanna knows this and that, err.. those ocipala stuff regarding my weblog and weblog related questions. Hence she tagged me with this easy tag ;)

1. What is your blogging name?
Chen Chev

2. When did you start blogging, exact date?
- 25 April 2005 for this blog.
- 24 April 2005 for my first blog which I abandoned after 1-day-old :D

3. What was your first blogpost title?
My first blogpost title is kinda boring. Let's talk about Blog Name instead, it's from Ramblings... to A Journey Called Life... (I changed it somewhere in 2006?)

4. Which post do you feel is the best so far?
Mmmm... Dunno leh as I have posted 862 posts so far and this is the 863th post. I guess the most memorable one is the sampat wordless ... post :P

5. Who promotes / is the source of inspiration for you to blog?
After reading blog for several months, my hands become itchy ... and the rest are now history..

6. When do you usually post entries?
Whenever I feel like doing so, but mostly at night time.. (provided I'm free lah, of course).

7. Where would you prefer to be when you are blogging?
Inside my so called "computer room" (home sweet home)

8. Have you met other bloggers? Who?
Plenty. Let me count-count..
Winn, May, Angel, LB, Carcar, Day Dreamer, Butt, Kenny, Zeroimpact, Nyonya Penang, Sengkor, JL, King's Wife, Cocka, 9393, Ah Tak, Kat, Laundry Amah, Rinnah, Narrowband, Mozilla, EastCoastLife, Wenn, Sin Ling, Ray, BabeKL, Izso, Alicialphh, Will, Wynn, ShookMe, AC, Shackks, Darren, Jellyfish, Cynthia, CooknEngr, Agus, Fish Fish, Sharl612, Black Widow, Yellow Ant, Dayang, Sbanboy, LT, Gasman, NBB, Bernard, Pink Cotton, Red Sponge, Mr Goober, Ben, Papercrazy, Wilson, FH2O, Kristopher, Miracle8, Ah Nel, Slenzie, Dreckker, Liucas.. Err... and not forgetting Ah Boy. Wow, this is a long list. Did I miss out anyone's names? Hopefully not.. And I'm looking forward to meet up with many more of u.. :)

9. How many entries do you make in a month?
Depends. Around 20 or 20+ posts a month? Nowadays I post less compared to those early days.

10. Would you reveal your face or your family in your blog? Why?
No No No. I'm partially anonymous plus paranoid, and cannot see light. I don't want to have stalkers in my workplace. Furthermore, my family members don't like their photos to appear online ;)

11. Would you promote the concept of blogging to your friends? Why?
Some of my friends don't even have emails, and some even hardly check their emails. What say you?

12. Would you feel restless / guilty conscience / incomplete if you didn't blog for a month?
One month? Of course, unless if I'm extremely busy or pre-occupied with something else or if i'm on the road.. err... I mean travelling :)

And what say you? My dearie blogging partners in crimes, namely...
* LB (Italy)
* May (Australia) ~ a yummy yam-yam brekkie
* Angel (Malaysia) ~ Blogger Tag
* Misti (Singapore) ~ Blog Blop Bloq.. Blurp


angeles said...


mistipurple said...


Wyn said...

keke...the title of this post very cute lor..

=P keke...i saw my name i saw my name...!!!!


angeles said...

I'll TRY do afturds... kkkkk :P

Now I want go eat LOKAM.. :P

Chev said...

*screams together*


Nice hoh the sampat ocipala title?
yeah yeah, u name is up there :D

I also wanna eat LOKAM, but i finished my last LOKAM yesterday. Time to top up LOKAM again..
Let's have synchronised buying and eating LOKAM session
*sampat* :P

Kok said...

chen, oppss...chev,
You blogged since 2005? Wow! Sifu!:P

rinnah said...

Waaa... so fast you did this tag! This must be the fastest ever response. Kekeke.

Yes, I must meet up with you again!

mistipurple said...

nah nah nahhhh. pass up chor. :P
sayangz you k? kkkk.

L B said...

Aiyo!!! TYS™!!! Hahaha, actually hor... without this silly thing called Blog, life would have taken a different direction. I wouldn't have anyone to call when I am sad. I wouldn't have known the joy of Flying Peanuts. I wouldn't have lost so many Monopoly games. I wouldn't have my bum photo taken. I wouldn't have had Longkang Laksa in PG..

mistipurple said...

LB's bum photo??

L B said...

Yeah, me bum!

angeles said...

kao tim! all for u nia, ok! wah liao.. this tag so zzzz and so kaypo geh.. kkkkk :P

Kopi Soh said...

Wah u long time blogger oso meet so many peepul liao ar? Lucky u :D

may said...

errrr... that would take me 6 months to reply, can ah? kekekeke! no synchronised tagging wan?

papercrazy said...

I saw my name!!! yeah yeah

Chev said...

Yeah, almost 3 years already..
Time really flies..
I’m not sifu lah..
there are many others who started earlier than me

and I still few tags hidden inside my closet
This tag easy to answer mah,
hence can reply fast

Yeah, must meet up with again..
*check calendar*
Calendar on my pda, of coz ;)
Coz I don’t use paper calendar liao

Chev said...

Wah, u r very fast too, Thanks for submitting homework so early
*Sayangz Misti Moo*

Give u one glass of soya bean milk :P

Kkkkkk.. almost ter-type your name as BLog just now. Luckily I realized before I posted it up..
Else very ocipala liao :P

Yeah, without Blog, life will be very much different. History won’t be the same again..

There won’t be so many sampat and ocipala occasions. There won’t be Kkkkkkkkkkk and OMS and ti(p)u, lidi lidi, sot sot and klang klang etc

Must replay back that Licking Crab and Flying Peanut video clips again.. Wait... where did I save it? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….

That classic and sampat bum photo ah? Hahahahhahahhah

Chev said...

Yeah, that photo was posted up somewhere somewhere in this humble weblog long long time ago
Very sampat wan :P

Bum bum bum
How about buying B.U.M T-shirt this summer instead of Giordano?

Bring more salt :P
Hopefully it's not an airy T shirt

Sayangz angeles kaw kaw
"Open night car" to do this tag woh, so kam tung liao ;)

u very zzzz ah after doing this tag? Then u can have a good night sleep loh yesterday night.
Have fun Zzzzzzz..

psssssssss.... I guess u r still zzzz in bed at this hour. So syiok

Chev said...

Kopi Soh,
I haven’t meet up as many as Angeles leh.. She met up with the most (I think lah)
Angeles is the champion..

*start sing song, while drinking kopi at Kopi Soh’s kopi-tiam*

Kkakaak.. no problem..
One year, two year or 12 years also can.. :P

Next time, let’s have a synchronized answering tag session.
Really sampat, huh?
Lidi lidi..

Yeah, your sweet sexy name is up there.. As sweet and sexy as that name’s owner

When is our next pom chak chak session? :P said...

I look forward to have my name added to the list.

Maybe after the fluff meeting? ^-^

Doreen said...

Wah~~~meet up so many bloggers. Must be quite fun especially when meeting those for the first time. haha.

Giddy Tiger said...

I'm still reeling over the fact that you got so many comments on that wordless post with only 3 dots.

Chev said...

Yeah, sure. Would love to meet up with you all too. Our first Fluff Frienders meet. Hehehhehhe...

Yeah loh. And the most memorable and crazy meet up was the one on 6/8/2006 in Hakkan Restaurant. Meeting up with Angel, LB, May, Cocka, Winn, Carcar and Zeroimpact for the first time :)

giddy tiger,
I can't believe it either.
That was my most ocipala and sampat post. LOL

mistipurple said...

i remember the nippled LB pic. kkkk

Jun said...

wah lau... ah boy also considered blogger eh? methinks the wordless post was written by him then :D

Chev said...

hahahhha, how come u can remember the nipple pictur but not the bum picture? LOL

Yeah, Ah Boy has his own blog at, hence he is also considered a blogger loh. Hahahahahhaha

Yeah, Ah Boy is capable of writing wordless post. He is very good in pressing the spacebar continuously. Might be that post is really posted by him huh? LOL

mich said...

mana saya punya nama???

Chev said...

Why your name is not up there ah?
Cos i never meet up with u before mah.

mich said...


may said...

homework finish liao.