Sunday, January 20, 2008

Belated New Year Resolution

I don't or never made any New Year's Resolution as I won't keep it or I won't remember what are those resolutions as time goes, so no point making. But since Giddy Tiger tagged me on the New Year's Resolutions, so I will made one just for this tag. Kkkkkk...

Mmmmm... My New Year Resolutions will be.. I wanna travel and visit more places if time and money permits me to do so. So far I had visited Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, China, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom. Hopefully I can visit Medan or Bali (Indonesia) or Singapore or Phuket (Thailand) or.. might be Australia this year. Anyway, my next destination will be Sarawak (going back home for CNY).

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock ...


Cocka Doodle said...

Faitit! Faitit! Go Bali and post your pictures in bikini for us to see.

Chev said...

hahaha, i'm the one who hold camera leh, so i won't be inside the photo :P

L B said...

Oi, you don't want to visit KK ah?!!! Why? How come? I hold camera for you!

Chev said...

KK in Malaysia mah, so not counted..
Else i have to list down a long list liao.. Kkkkkkkk..

KK and Kkkkkkkkkkkk
so many K :P

*Smile, u r on Candid Camera* :P

angeles said...

wait me go Australia!!!

i oso can hold your 37651 cameras... kkkkk..

moz monster said...

I think you should go and take a trip around the world ! =)

And put me in your luggage so I can be your cameraman !

sbanboy said...

I wanna travel too ... but too broke now ... must start doing locum ... :)

mistipurple said...

i wanna see you in bikini. kkkkk. that's 5 k's only. :P

Doreen said...

eh how about New Zealand? Very beautiful one wor....if you going to Australia, might as well drop by. So close mah. said...

been to so many places

Leonard said...

i also hope to travel more lei..but no vitamin M!

come singapore, then drop me a note..then go makan!

eastcoastlife said...

To angel and doc : Let's go Australia together! Go kacau May and have hornidays!!! Wheeee.... I got people to hold my camera liao!

eastcoastlife said...

Oops... forgot. Must drop by New Zealand to kacau Doreen and roll in her front yard.


may said...

me this year! me me me! Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!

and next year too... and the next... and the next...

_butt said...

my new year resolution: to visit you in Penang!

seems I've been talking about planning to go to Penang for ages, but never got to the execution part. so this year, must! :D

Chev said...

Let's fly to Kangaroo and Koala Bear Land :)

Kkkkkkkkkkk... Thanks for holding my camera. Wait !!! I mana ada so many cameras woh. Very kua chiong liao :P

LOL, u wanna be the portable camera man? Kekekkekek

I wanna hide inside your luggage too since u fly around the world so frequently ;)

GA locum can earn big bucks !!
Much better than GP locum ;)

Chev said...

This is how many k?
I malas kira liao since so many k

It's better to see Winn in bikini lah. If not, u can see Kokokai in speedo too :P

Yeah, New Zealand is beautiful. I would love to visit NZ too, but then have to take longer daun liao (leaves mah) and spend more $$$$. Kkkkkk.. Will think about it when the time comes :D

Hehehhe, btw, u can go travelling also mah. It's just whether u wanna do it or not ;)

Chev said...

Hehhehe, might be u have spent too much on your new car? I drive the cheapest car, hence i have more Vitamin M to play around with. Hehhehehe..

Thanks. I will definitely inform u all if i visit Singapore :)

If no one to hold camera, can use tripod too. Hehehhe, but i lazy to carry around the tripod :)

Yeah, and don't forget to kacau her little adorable piggy too. Kekkeke

Kangaroo Land Kangaroo Land
Koala Bear Land Koala Bear Land
*I believe I can fly*
syioknya.... :D

Really ah? U coming to Penang this year. Yeah.. Finally Butt coming to Penang liao. KKkkkkkkkkkkkk...

rinnah said...

Come take pictures of me and you? *grin*

Mr.Goober said...

any open house for us poor wandering bloggers??

Chev said...

hahhahahha... reminds me of the sampat photo shooting session again inside the Inner Mongolia Restaurant after the "Mandarin Duck" steamboat. LOL

Sure.. And my peanut butter container is still empty. U wanna stay inside there? *grin*

Zara's Mama said...

I visited your blog long time ago, when you liked to talk about coachroaches and medical terms..

Now.. so many photos and very nicely taken. Especially like the Angkor ones.

Some shots are really sampat though. haha.

Chev said...

zara's mama,
Hehehe, yeah, those were the days. Nowadays i seldom or hardly talk about work related stuff :)

Glad u like the photos. Now u made me think.. which are the sampat photos u were referring to.. LOL

giddy tigress said...

I was just about to bug you on this tag! Hey, you haven't visited SIngapore meh?

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
I have visited Singapore once, but that was more than 20 years ago (in 1987).

Hence I wanna revisit that small island again. And furthermore, I have so many friends working there, including my ex-classmates, ex-schoolmates, ex-coursemates, ex-colleagues and not forgetting the bloggers ;)