Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oz-Msia Food Talk

Something memorable happened tonight. *Ahem* My First Synchronised Cooking and Eating Session together with MayMay in Australia. It all started with some sampat and unrelated ocipala conversation on yahoo messenger that leads to food. Guess what we cook? The simple to prepare and yet delicious dish..

Yeah, it's none other than the Assam Laksa Maggi Mee. Hahhahaha...I malas to add in other ingredients. So it is just plain assam laksa maggi mee without vegetable nor prawns. Still taste good. But I didn't lick the bowl till clean lah (unlike the maggi mee advertisement) :P Wonder how Maymay's maggi mee looks like. I'm pretty sure her's is more delicious.

And the cute and adorable Ah Boy is interested with my bowl of noodle. Nope, I didn't feed him the maggi mee. I sapu all by myself. ;)

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may said...

kakakkakakaka! so sampat! so ocipala! poor Ah Boy... got feed him at least one strand anot? must do more sync cooking and eating! simple-simple ones lah, of course... no 8 course dinner la!

yerrr, I notchet finish my composition lehhhhh...

*types faster*


Chev said...

hahahahha.. very sampat and very ocipala indeed. Ah Boy tengah merajuk and go tidur liao cos I didn't feed him even a single strand. LOL

next time can have sync sandwiches session. LOLOLOL

*waiting with great patience for your coming post*

Slurp the last drop of the assam laksa soup ;)

L B said...

So sampat ocipala lidi lidi liu liu throw your star klang klang!!

moz monster said...

haiya ... apasal didn't count me in the synchronised maggi mee makan one ?

mistipurple said...

chuppppp first then read. u all really sampat! hahhahaa

mistipurple said...

ah boy really looking at your mee leh.
know what? i just asked my maid cook maggi mee tonight. later when i reach home after midnight, got maggi mee also! see lah, so sublimal you both! i just told maymay, hahah.

Chev said...

wah.. sounds like tongue twister lidat. LD LD and lidi lidi liao..

Cos didn't yak with u on ym earlier on mah, that's why didn't think of that loh. Hahahhhhaha

yeah, next time when u wanna eat maggi mee time, u sms me. Then we can have synchronised cooking and eating session too. LOL

yeah loh, the poor doggy..
he looks at me eating leh..
so i pretend didnt see him watching and i continued eating. LOLOLOL

Yeah, Misti also gets to eat Maggi tonight. Wink wink ;)

Selba said...

Aiiiiii.... the pic of ah boy so cuteeeeeee!!! can he eat that noodle? is it assam? never tried before... must find and try it! :D

rinnah said...

Have you ever fed Ah Boy maggi mee before? o.0

angeles said...

Why your assam laksa redder than maymay geh?? O.o

Kesian ahboyyyy...
*throws a char siew pao to ahboy*

Chev said...

Hehehe, Ah Boy is an adorable doggy. Nope, I didn't feed him the assam laksa noodle. The instant noodle is not suitable for him.

Yeah, do try out the assam laksa flavour noodle :)

Nope, didn't feed him the instant noodle. But i fed him other types of noodle, including pasta and spaghetti :)

Kkkkk, your eyes very tajam huh?
Mine one is redder a bit mah, cos i ka liew a bit on the soup :P

Ah Boy sayangz u liao. He is very busy munching cha siew pao... LOL

Doreen said...

Ah~~~~Maggie mee....haven't had that for a while. Love their curry and asam laksa ones. Like ah boy, me also interested in your bowl of maggie.....

Mr. Goober said...

the pic looks as if ahboy is able to read food signals through his ears..look at it!

Anonymous said...

oh gosh got me all hungry & craving for maggi assam laksa now tim! rats! i don't have any in my larder! dang!! hungry summore...yerrrrrrr

Chev said...

Hehehe, Ah Boy had been staring at me for quite a while when i was slurping my maggi. Luckily u didn't look at me too when i was eating, else there will be 2 pairs of eyes watching liao. LOLOLOL

Kakakkakka... This sounds familiar. U share the similar thought as your other half, huh? LOL

And someone has always wanted to pull his ears too.. Poor Ah Boy :P

laundry amah,
Hehehhe, hopefully u already have your breakfast by now.
Must stock up maggi mee !!
Especially for rainy days. I always have few packet of instant noodles or instant bee hoon in da house.

mistipurple said...

ah boy is very adorable. i would have problem trying not to look at his eyes if i were eating maggi mee.

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Synchronised cooking. That's so cool and fun!

But doc, instant noodles is not exactly healthy le.

Now go to the naughty corner :p

Chev said...

Hehehehe, this ah boy will always plead for food with his pathetic looking big round eyes whenever we are eating. LOL

Kekekkee, yeah instant noodle is not healthy food, but I don't take it regularly lah. Only during those "rainy days" or lazy days. Yeah, i have few packets of instant noodles and instant beehoon on the shelf :)

plink said...

Come, I cook Black Skin Cow Duck fravour Maggi Mee for AhBoy!

Chev said...

LOL again at the Black Skin Cow Duck.
Ah Boy is very happy liao :)

Now still not too late to wish u and Skunkie a "Belated Black Skin Cow Duck", right? kekkekekkeke

Sean said...

No no... I must add something into instant noddle... I can't eat plain one, hahah~~
Btw, I have so long time didn't eat the Laksa flavour liao...

Chev said...

u r very hardworking ;)
at times, i'm just lazy and end up eating purely plain noodles :)

and now.. talking about maggi mee, i'm hungry again! LOL

padi_friends said...

wow, i used to love assam laksa maggi mee when i first came to malaysia. heehee, to substite msia laksa ma...

Chev said...

padi friends,
Hehehhe, i still prefer the real authentic assam laksa, but the packeted instant noodle will do when the real one is not available ;)